Saving The Alpha's Triplets

Saving The Alpha's Triplets

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“No,” Jason growls, shaking his head. I take another step forward and try to hold his hand but he quickly moves out of my reach. “You can’t be my mate!” My lips part on a sob, knowing what he is about to do. “You’re my mate, Jason. Please.” I whisper, desperately needing him to stop looking at me with the emotion I saw on everyone else’s faces, never on his. “No!” He snapped. “You’re not. You can’t be. I reject you as my mate.” He growls out, his voice cold. Jenna's life changes when her only friend rejects her as his mate on her eighteenth birthday. She leaves the pack not wanting to stay and watch him make another woman his Luna. Finding out she was pregnant soon after didn’t make her return to him, vowing to keep her babies away from him, thinking he wouldn’t want them. Years later, when her triplets get kidnapped, she knows only one person can save them and bring them back home. If he decides to help. With a fiance and his wedding on the way, Jason has to decide to either fix the mistake he made when he was eighteen and get the woman he loves back, or will he let her go back to the life she built without him.

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Just started. Loving every second of Jason and Jenna... hope they find the triplets soon. My heart breaks just thinking about them...
2023-12-18 14:32:16
177 Chapters
1: Rejected And Broken
JENNA“No!” Jason growls, shaking his head.I take another step forward and try to hold his hand but he quickly moves out of my reach.“You can’t be my mate!” He yells again. “Y-you’re not even part of the pack.”My lips part on a sob, and I start shaking my head in disbelief.Jason has never said that to me. He was always the one reminding me I was part of the pack. That it was my home, even if I wasn't born into it.“You’re my mate, Jason. Please.”I whisper, desperately needing him to stop looking at me with the emotion I see on everyone else’s faces, never on his.Jason’s face hardens and he doesn’t look like the boy I grew up with. He didn’t look like my best friend that I’ve known all my life. Not like my best friend that kissed me two weeks ago. Drunk and unfocused but we liked it. He wasn’t the boy I gave my virginity to because I was sure we were going to be mates.He looked disgusted.“No!” He snapped. “You’re not. You can’t be. I reject you as my mate.” He growls out, his v
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2: Leaving
JENNAI ran up to my room, not stopping even when the luna called me back. I didn't stop until I was safely in my room, the door locked.I tore the dress I was so happy to wear just a few hours ago, off me. With tears rolling down my face, I pull out the pins holding my hair up, tossing them to the floor with angry force.I changed into a t-shirt and jeans then pulled on a hoodie over my head. It was too big on me. It took only a second to realize it was Jason’s. He’d give it to me that night, one week ago when we were out by the river. I was cold before we went to sleep. Right there on the river bank, naked bodies tangled and arms wrapped around each other.My heart aches when I think of seeing him everyday. Having these memories forever. Both the good ones and the bad ones.I couldn’t handle that.I started removing the hoodie with trembling hands, but his scent kept me warm and made my insides flutter. I hated that he brought this pain upon me, but just his scent acted like a balm
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3: Trespassing
JENNAIt was early morning, probably five in the morning, when I finally felt like I’ve gone far.I reached a highway, though there were no signs of life or a car. I’m hungry and tired and my clothes are ruined with dirt from the woods.Pausing on the side of the road, my shoulders give out and my duffel falls to the floor. My knees wobble and soon I find myself following my belongings.The ground is cold and hard, but it was a great relief. I lied down until I was on my back, then I breathed out through my mouth.Tears rolled down the sides of my face, hitting the ground beneath me. Thoughts of my life, the luna and alpha, and even Jason makes me miserable.Leaving had been painful and hard. But I knew it was the best thing for me.I stayed lying there for hours, probably. I was still there when the sun came out. There was still no sign of a car or a living being on the road.One on hand, it was good. It meant I wouldn’t run into rogues and risk being hurt. While on the other hand, I
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4: Knocked Out
JENNAI nodded and gave the man my best innocent look.He curses under his breath, his eyes losing focus like it does when you’re mindlinking.He rushes out of the cafe, probably off to deal with an emergency. I don’t wait until the door closes before I gather my stuff, the lady isn’t by the counter, so I just drop a bill for her.I head to the door, looking for the nearest opening to the woods then I run in that direction.I don’t make it far before I hear someone shout for me, then they start following me.I’m tired from last night and the tea and pie only satisfied me to some degree but I keep running.We’ve gotten into a darker and thicker part of the woods. I have to look around and be careful so as not to hit myself or end up tripping.I’ve put a bit of distance between me and the men that were following me. It isn’t so far that I could take a moment and rest. I need to keep moving.Something hits me out of nowhere and it makes my ankle bend in the wrong way. I bite my lip to st
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5: Pregnant
JENNAMy eyes moved to the elderly woman who also looked tense, waiting for me to move. I don’t know what pushed me to respond, maybe it was the worry in the woman’s eyes.The look reminded me of the luna and it broke my heart.I tipped my head up in a nod. The woman’s shoulders visibly relaxed. I could see that she was glad I’m fine.I felt a little bit of relief at that.“Great.” The doctor smiles. “Do you know what day it is?”I thought over it for a bit.My birthday was Friday and I left the pack. It should be Saturday today, unless I don’t know how long I was walking for.I shake my head no.She hums, pressing her lips into a thin line.“Do you remember your name, age?”I nodded and she urged me to tell her.“Jenna.” My voice sounded hoarse.“Great Jenna, what is your surname?”She asked a few more questions after that which I replied. She left minutes later after telling the woman I’ll be fine and I just need some rest.“Would you like something to eat? I know the hospital food
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6: A Mother
JENNATears trailed down my cheeks as I silently cried.Both Indira and Lisa tried their best to get me to stop crying but I couldn’t. I did try, but the tears kept pouring down my face like a broken damn. Or nirvana.I didn’t want to believe the test was true. After the moment of clarity I had, realizing I’m an eighteen year old having triplets. A single teen mother.The pain I was feeling from the labor cramps was nothing compared to the burn in my heart.“Shhhh, deep breaths.” Lisa tried to calm me down, stroking my arm gently.I bit my lip, trying to hold back my wolf’s angry growl. She didn’t want anyone touching, she only wanted her mate.Somehow knowing we were about to have our baby made her forget said mate rejected us. And we were on our own.A cry tore from my chest and I ball my hands into tight fists. The sharp pain I felt in my palm made me moan in agony.My wolf was getting stronger and gaining over me as my human body became weaker. I felt like I was being torn open fr
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7: Baby Brain
JENNAOne word to describe the house right now is total chaos.I check the bottle in my hand, staring at it confused for a second before I recall what I was about to do with it.I was feeding Kai, when I heard Ryan crying. I went to check up on him because he’d been napping when his brother woke up. Only to find out, Nina, their baby sister had rolled down the other side of the couch.I left the two of them sleeping and went to the other room with their brother so he wouldn’t wake them up. I guess he did after all.Nina starts wailing loudly. Her cute little face scrunched up in offense when I didn't pick her up immediately.I drop the bottle and pick her up, balancing her on one shoulder. Ryan has stopped crying now and he seems to be nodding back to sleep.If I’m able to get her to nod off again, I can finish with Kai and—The doorbell rings almost immediately. I cry out in frustration. But thankfully the door opens before I could start going there and Nana rushes in.“Oh you poor c
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8: Stranger Danger
JENNAThings got easier when the kids were eleven months old. There was less night crying. They slept through the night five out of seven times a week.They were active in the daytime, crawling and making an absolute mess of everything.I loved them regardless. And I have to admit, I loved the little messes they left. Even if it drives me insane to walk out and see all the throw pillows on the floor. Or the remote in a different part of the house.We kept our routine of Nana coming to help me. On days Lisa doesn't have to open the store early, she also drops by.Meeting Nana was the best thing that happened to me since I left my pack.I was so scared of what would happen if they found out the truth about me, but she’d helped me keep it a secret.I knew I couldn’t hide it forever. But there was no way to hide when my wolf had taken over during childbirth. It was easier and the biggest secret I struggled to keep came out in the best way.Turns out Nana has heard of wolves, seen them and
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9: Stalker
JENNAMy heart was beating erratically in my chest. Claire saw me when I entered the kitchen and she rushed after me.“Are you okay, Pen?” She asks gently, placing her hand on my shoulder.I knew it was her but I still flinched. She moved back, which made me feel guilty. She was only trying to be nice.“Yes, yes I’m fine.” I cleared my throat. “I didn’t get enough sleep last night.”She nodded in understanding. Her face twisting in worry.“You should rest. I can cover for you for a bit.”I checked the time again. “But your shift is already over.”She has been here since morning. I heard her talking about how she couldn’t wait to get off so she could go home and repay the sleep she missed in the morning.“Doesn’t matter.” She waved to the chair in the backroom. “Take a moment for yourself. I have nothing to do back home anyways.”“Claire, you don’t have to.”“I want to,” she shakes her head.I threw my arms around her and gave her a tight hug.“Thank you so much.” I whispered. “I owe y
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10: Progressing
JENNAI was rattled by that man’s visit.He only threatened me before he pretty much disappeared from sight. I didn’t even turn to get a good look at him because of how much he scared the fuck out of me.I left my apartment instead and went back to the diner. I didn’t feel safe in my home.I called nona and told her to stay back with the kids. If he already knows where I live, I don’t want to think of what he would do. I didn’t want any type of harm to come near my babies.So I decided staying away from the house will be the best thing to do.Lisa had to come back, leaving her mum with her kids and mine. The latter had called the sheriff and told him everything that happened. He immediately sent two cops to stay close to the house.Not very close so it wouldn’t be alarming, but close enough to intervene if anything happens. I hope it doesn't come to that.He also has another person stationed by my apartment. In case the man comes back.It is almost eight pm now and there are no signs
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