Alpha Grayson

Alpha Grayson

By:  Midika   Ongoing
Language: English
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Lexia has been held captive for most of her life. Until one day, when a young, attractive Alpha appears with an offer she cannot refuse. Why he chose her, to come live with him in his lavish estate, she didn't know. Until, she begins to open doors she shouldn't. Until she begins to question why he leaves the house every night, and does not return till morning. Until she discovers exactly what bond they share, when touching.

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18 Chapters
~Prologue (In Lexia's Point Of View)"Cross him off the list."My assistant turns from where he was facing the board, looking at me sardonically. He's not really my assistant, in fact, he hates when I refer to him as that. But I wouldn't go as far to say that this man, Adrian, is my friend. "Why?" He questions, balancing a red permanent marker between his fingers. Rolling my eyes, I back up a few steps and sit on the edge of my desk, mindful of the papers scattered on it. "You think the Alpha of Love is my mate?" I question jokingly. He tilts his head. "Possibly. I kick my feet together as I stare up at the board mounted on the wall. We are here in my office, trying to narrow down who my ma
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~Lexia"You look great," Adrian murmurs, fixing the collar to my dark outfit. My jaw clenches, as his fingers fiddle with the thick fabric. A massive crowd of people stand on the opposite side of the thin curtain, and the sound of them mulling around is making me nervous. Adrian pauses, as he notices my gaze wander. "Be careful out there," he tells me, stepping back. I frown, crossing my arms over my chest. "Why?" It's just another speech I'm doing to the portion of the Pack I lead. Mainly about Alphas, and how I plan to take them down. Sure, I agree with my own words, but I'm watched carefully by Kaden at all times. "People are starting to g
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~LexiaI've never been so terrified in my life. Not only was it the fact that an Alpha stood inches away from me, but that he stared directly at me as if unaffected by the words I just uttered out there on stage. So impassive, is his expression."What are you doing here?" I question, surprised that words could even come out of my mouth around him without them stumbling over themselves. His sensuous mouth curves up into a slight smile. Why am I looking at him like this?"I wanted to talk to you," he says smoothly, tilting his head ever so slightly. Adrian suddenly steps forward, grabbing my arm gently in his hand. He is the complete opposite of me in this situation; calm, professional. My bet is that I am probably still bright red. I mean, I can't even get my hands to stop quivering by my side.
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~Lexia"You look beautiful, by the way," Adrian murmurs, helping me out of the car. Ignoring him, I smooth out my dress, gazing around at the beautiful view. This party is being hosted by Isaiah, the Alpha of Passion, in his Pack. Despite his Pack not being in the best condition, he still holds the most lavish parties every year. "You don't mind, do you?" I ask anxiously, still looking at Isaiah's estate. People were mulling around, finding their way in at their own pace. Guards stood post in nearly every shadow I glanced out, watching us with careful eyes."Mind what?""What I have to do tonight?" I say, folding my arms across my chest. Looking around, I take in what a shame it is that Alpha Isaiah's Pack went rogue a few year
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~Lexia"Listen, you shouldn't be here," Grayson insisted, glancing around as if someone might see him talking to a negligible such as me. I roll my eyes, brushing past him, only to be followed closely. He grabs my arm, forcing me to give him my full attention. "You could at least tell me why you're here."I narrow my eyes at him. What business is it of his what I do? Sure, it's obvious I am not wanted here, where Alpha's mingle with other high bloods, or richer families. That is my backstory; the daughter of a rich businessman who lives in the hills of the Discipline Pack. That way, no one would question my eye colour iconic to my original Pack.But my back story doesn't work with Grayson. He knows who I am, and what hatred I have toward Alpha's. He knows I am a risk, so any excuse I can conjure up is sure to be useless."Why I am here, is none of your business," I snap, narrowing my eyes on the hand still firmly clutching my arm. His gloves are similar to what other men here wear. I
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~LexiaNo. It's not possible. Jasper stares at me, waiting for some sort of reaction, but I keep my expression impassive. Because it can't be true. He has to be lying to me. Because mind readers don't exist..."We do exist, quite frankly," Jasper murmurs casually, raising a darkened eyebrow at me. I flinch. "Listen, I have many powers, and the reason why is something I can't discuss with you right now. Which is why-""You're a Phantom Wolf?" I blurt out. Instantly Jasper's face darkens. I don't know why I mentioned it, but it seemed to be the only possible way to get a reaction out of him. And my reasoning behind it, wasn't just the mind reading business. "I said, we can't talk about it here," Jasper repeats, his jaw clenched. So I was right? And no matter how hard my conscious, realistic thoughts tried to tell me that they don't exist, something in the back of my mind hinted the opposite. Like I was supposed to feel that way..."I know it's hard to believe, but trust me, you ne
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~LexiaThe first breath of consciousness I had was beyond comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that at first I believed I was floating on a cloud of softness that I never want to escape from. Instead, I'm lying on a bed that's damn well close enough to it, with sheets wrapped around me so soft and silken, they might as well have been tendrils of the sweetest dreams. I don't remember my bed being this nice...I sit up abruptly, but a pain stabs the upper right half of my brain, forcing me back to the pillow. I'm hung over. But I don't remember drinking last night? Actually, now that I think about, I don't remember anything from last night. Or maybe I do. Violet eyes. Silver eyes. Green eyes? What the hell did I manage to get myself into?Groaning, I force my wary lids open, glad the curtains around me are drawn. It's light enough outside for me to see the room I'm occupying. Nope, I've never seen it in my life. Lifting the sheets, I glance under. I'm not naked...Just mildly strippe
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~Lexia"We could go out now, if you would like, to see the Pack," Grayson offers, after I had accepted the plate of bacon again, and finished it. He took the empty plate from me, and slid it into the sink. I glanced outside, shaking my head. "I don't think I could handle the heat."It's true. One step outside, and I'm positive I might faint. It's not because I can't usually handle the heat, but I'm still coming down from the effects of the drug Jasper gave me. Thank the Moon Goddess I didn't stay around to find or what he wanted. "What about this evening?" I ask. Instantly, it's as if I've pushed a button labeled don't touch. He stiffens, his gaze growing cold and rigid. "I don't think that's going to work," he says softly. The way he speaks the words, it's as if he's in pain, like he's fighting off an inner demon. "Maybe tomorrow, I'll be over this drug, and we can go," I say nervously, hoping I was pushing to far. I had accepted his offer as a way to continue my mission to take
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~Lexia The moment I stepped outside, I was hit in the face with heat. I know I told Grayson I couldn't go out, but this meant answers from Jasper. I'm going to have to deal with it. Aimlessly, I wander around the side of the main building. If I wasn't concentrating on not fainting from the harsh sun beating down on me, I might have been admiring all of the native tree life around me I've never seen before. I think I circled the house four times before giving up. Jasper isn't here. He said outside, and I'm here, yet he isn't. Annoyed, I rest my back against the side of the building, ignoring the fact that the humidity probably has my hair looking like those native bushes. Suddenly, a rustle in those exact bushes catches my attention. Everywhere you look, there's trees, with Grayson's backyard basically being a forest. Clearly it was too much trouble to remove at least some of the trees, so my assumption is they must be protected. Either that, or people are too scared of what lives
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~LexiaMy closed fist hovers tantalisingly close to the wooden door. If I had any confidence in what i am about to do right now, I would be knocking. But I don't, because I have never had to face something so terrifying in my life. Every ounce of my body tells me not to do it. Not to knock. But I do. "Come in," I hear him murmur. Heart in my throat, I turn the knob and wander in. Grayson sits behind his desk, pen between his fingers at he writes on a piece of paper. He looks up when I close the door behind me, the most prominent specks of silver glinting in his eyes as he caught my gaze.His office is impressive. More impressive than mine back at home. Is it even my home anymore?"I know," I say, although my voice comes out breathless and hoarse. Grayson's eyebrows furrow together in confusion, not knowing what I am talking about. I force my eyes to the ground."Sorry?""What...What we are," I tell him, trying to force my voice into sounding somewhat controlled, but instead it shak
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