Alpha Jasper

Alpha Jasper

By:  Midika   Ongoing
Language: English
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In a small town where no one leaves, and no one comes in, a myth lives. In a town that is surrounded by a legend of cruel, murderous wolves that kill the innocent in command of an Alpha. An Alpha, centuries old, that is said to be the cruelest man to ever live. Thea doesn't believe the legends for a second, until a handsome stranger with violet eyes appears, and people from around town start going missing. But what Thea doesn't know, is that this man is someone she never thought existed...And the bond they share when touching, is one of a kind.

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Bronwyn Beswick
quite different, loving it.
2022-06-20 04:27:15
36 Chapters
~Thea"It's not funny anymore," she insists, glancing over my shoulder, desperately trying to insinuate that my need to come inside is greater than any sense of humour I could muster. I face my best friend, my back to the edge of the forest. "I'm enjoying myself," I muse, glancing around, as if I had a magical ability to see in the darkness. Quite frankly, the light from inside the house doesn't do much. June, my best friend, hops from foot to foot, anxious to rescue me from whatever danger she thinks is out here, but can't bear to risk crossing the threshold of the doorway. "Thea please...I'm being serious when I tell you to get inside," she says, he voice shaking, and not from the cool breeze.
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~TheaI swing the dog's leash back and forth as I walk, watching the fake leather gleam in the dull light. Above my head, vicious clouds swoop in, looming over me with threatening shadows in it's wake. It makes me sigh irritably. The Devotion Pack is situated centrally within the Pack Quarter. It can get warm here, but the weather remains typically gloomy and dull. It doesn't put you in the best mood when you look up and see a darkening cloud overhead that never results to anything.I've decided to return June's stupid dog today. Might as well do it today and walk home in the daylight. After last night, June made me walk home with the small dog she thinks is protective. I decided to take the long work through the town, rather than delve into that forest. I nearly lost Squiggles...or whatever she calls it. The village is
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~Thea"We are going to die..."I nestle my head between the cushions of June's beaten up old couch, wishing it would completely drown out the sound of her insistent voice. I had shown up here believing fully that she wouldn't find out about Jessica going missing. She never leaves the damn house-I even have to buy her groceries for her-and I assumed her parents wouldn't tell her either. "Missing? No one ever goes missing here," she says, sounding so distressed I almost felt sorry for her. Too bad she thinks it is a fictional character that is the cause of the disappearance..."She hated everyone here," I try to convince her. "It wouldn't surprise me if she just up and left."June doesn't look convinced. Her fingers fiddle with the bottom of her shirt, which she does when she is nervous.
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~TheaI lay under my covers, listening intently to the sound of heavy rain pattering against the roof. It's an addictive, lulling sound that has me wanting to stuff my head into my pillow and sleep for a few more hours.But I had promised to meet Luca at the diner for lunch before my shift. I glance over at my bedside table to see I have to be there in an hour...I'm out of bed in a second, and into the shower. Luca hates it when I am late, and personally I do to. Unfortunately, I am not the most organised person in the world. So when I am finally dressed and towel drying my hair, I guess the knock at the door is Luca hurrying me along.And I keep thinking that, until I open the door.My towel slips from my fingers, pooling at my feet. Eyes wide, I am stuck staring at the most attractive man I have ever seen. No one got close to contesting that thought. Not Luca...No one."Good morn
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~TheaThe diner has been a special place to me since I was a little girl. Having milkshakes after school with June was a ritual, and I always told the ladies at the counter I would work here when I was older. Fast forward ten years, I am living the dream.Except the dream is hardly what I thought it would be. Sometimes, it's more of a nightmare."Four hours late..." My boss, Janet Dupree muses, arms folded over her chest. "Four hours I had to spend doing you work."I sat meekly behind her desk, head hung low. I'm no stranger to embarrassment, but the looks the other two waitresses gave me as I walked in was enough to have me hold up a white flag.Janet's office is a tiny room tucked into the back of the diner. We always refer to it as The Cave, because sometimes our boss hibernates in it. In the unlikely event you did something foolish, or against one of her rules, we would have to sit beneath the p
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~Thea His hair slips through my fingers, that tangle around the light brown strands.  Luca is mad. Furious actually. So irked by Casper's comments, he had taken it upon himself to prove that he could make me climax. I think he was proving it to himself more than anything.  But as I lay there, feeling the assault of his tongue against the most sensitive part of my body, I didn't feel anything but uncomfortable. Fuelled by anger, not love, Luca had decided to go down on me, and I wasn't enjoying it in the slightest.  For a start, I couldn't get Casper out of my mind. How he knew about me faking orgasms was chilling. People shouldn't just be able to look at others and tell that from one glance.  
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~Thea Dad was sitting at the dinner table when I walked back inside.  Despite the fact that he is slightly balding, and the scuff of dark hair on his chin suggests something like a beard, we look alike. Everyone says we have the same nose, and our eyes have the same dark tint around the outside. He smiles, setting his newspaper down on the table, letting me get a glimpse of the front page. Jessica's face was printed large scale, with a daunting title and most likely a degrading passage on how she was depressed and how it was suicide. If the town believed that, then no propaganda would surface, and everything would be okay. "Hey honey," he greets, peering at me from behind his reading glasses. I smile at him warmly, dumping my backpack on one of the dining room chairs as I go to sit in the seat opposite him. "I was just at June's," I
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I woke again, and this time, it's morning. I sit up, mind awake in an instant. I'm not sure where I thought I would wake up, to be honest, but back in my own bed wasn't an option I had considered. Lifting my bed sheets, I see I am even dressed in my pajamas. I have never gotten out of bed so quickly. Pushing open my door, emerging into the lounge room, my best friend June sits on my couch, reading from a book as big as the bible. I stare at her in disbelief, as he glances up at me. "About time you woke up," she says. Warily, I wander further into the room. "What are you doing here?" I question, narrowing my eyes.  For a moment, she looks offended. "I came to show you something." I sit beside her on the couch. I trust June...She is my friend, and would never do anything bad to me. Despite her
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~Thea For a good second, I was stunned.I could have not believed him. I could have told him he was crazy, and that walked away. But not only did I see the truth in his eyes, he relayed what had happened to me with not a single falter in his voice, in his expression."What...What do you mean?" I ask, my voice breathy. "These people that you trust are planning something, Thea. Something terrible, and I need to get you out of here before they can-"Suddenly a hand clamps on my shoulder, tight. I jump, but don't bothering to turn around to see who is behind me, because I know it is my boyfriend. His touch is one I know, especially when he is angry."Thea, it is time to take you home."The look on Casper's face, in his eyes is something that is almost impossible to put adequate words to. It could almost be compared to utter malice brewing under his skin, and by the way his fists clench by his side, I can tell he is considering letting Luca get a taste."Don't go with him Thea," Casper s
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I stare blankly at him. Whoever he is.He glances back at the road, paying attention to where he was driving for a second. But I couldn't help looking at him, letting the words process in my brain."Jasper is dead," I say clearly, more to myself then him. I wanted to hear the words so I could understand them, believe them. He shakes his head slowly. "I was dead, but not anymore."Out of everything that has happened today-with my boyfriend trying to kill me and my father disappearing-this just passes through me with ease. Perhaps I am just numb to everything right now with all the stress..."Many years ago, my father cursed me," he tells me, his words pronounced as he tries to get me to understand. "He turned me into a Phantom Wolf out of jealously. My own father did not want me to become Alpha, and as a way to not arise suspicion, he told everyone I had committed suicide, when really I was sent to be a Phantom with many others in the Pack."I just sat their, patiently listening."I a
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