Alpha Kieran

Alpha Kieran

By:  Shin Sungmi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Serenity Knight was brought up in a werewolf pack despite being a human, and all her life, she had been surrounded by love. However, she always had wanted to enter the Silverclaw Pack and became a doctor therefore. And when she finally managed to get into the Silverclaw Pack, she was faced with a world much different to hers, and challenges filled her path, coming along with heartbreak and betrayals. Kieran Lockwood— the Alpha of Silverclaw Pack, which was known for its primitive ways— was an embodiment of fear and dread. No one dared to cross his path or question him despite how cruel and savage he acted. Only on the full moon night will he be able to know who his mate was. However, he never needed a mate to pull him down, let alone a weak human as one. How will it go for both of them they learn they are each other's mates?

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44 Chapters
"The acceptance of your application to the esteemed Silverclaw Pack has been granted," informed the middle-aged man with an air of nonchalance.Although his appearance was a well-indicator of his position with a domineering aura and disciplined expression, the hint of warmth and compliment couldn't be hidden from his eyes. Etched lines on his face bore witness to the weight of his age, but they also revealed the unmistakable pride that swelled within him.At the mere utterance of those words, a pair of hazel eyes instantly ignited with radiant joy. A slender smile stretched across her lips, blossoming into a wide grin that reached the corners of her eyes, a vivid reflection of the sheer elation and excitement pulsating within her. She fought back the urge to release a joyous squeal that danced on the tip of her tongue, exerting every ounce of self-control to contain her excitement."Oh my god! Is this truly happening, Alpha?" she quivered, her voice tinged with a hint of disbelief.Fo
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Packing Up
Serenity stood before her wooden closet. Her lips were pressed together in a thoughtful line while her hand crossed her chest, deep in contemplation. Her gaze roamed across the assortment of clothing options that lay before her, searching for the perfect selection to pack.From the information she had gathered, she knew that the climate in the Silverclaw Pack was drastically colder than her current location, with half the year blanketed in a snowy embrace. As a mere human, she was acutely aware of her vulnerability to the bitter cold, unlike the resilient and fur-cladded werewolves.She carefully chose each piece of warm attire, meticulously arranging them in her luggage next. Then, she turned her attention to gathering her other necessities, methodically cross-checking them against her list to ensure nothing vital was overlooked.A voice cut through her concentration."Are you seriously not reconsidering it?" questioned her friend after noticing her jolly friend.Serenity turned her
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Serenity firmly pushed her reluctant friend out of her room by her shoulder. Jane, however, continued to protest, her voice filled with urgency, "Listen, honey, I have so much more to say!""No, absolutely not, I am not entertaining that any longer."After that, Serenity pushed her friend away from the room and locked the door behind her, shutting out the persistent sound of Jane's futile knocks. The echoes of her friend's pleas fell on deaf ears. The last thing she wanted was to be subjected to another round of nonsensical rambling.Serenity then slowly made her way into the room. Taking a deep breath, Serenity allowed herself to bask in the returning tranquility and resumed her packing with a calm mind. A melodious hum escaped her lips,Her gaze drifted to the photograph resting on the shelf, and she reached out for it. In the picture, a happy couple stood- their smiles radiant- while a little girl was present between them- a beacon of joy. They were the epitome of a blissful famil
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Mountain trail
As the sun began its descent beyond the jagged horizon, casting long shadows across the rugged mountain peaks, Serenity found herself maneuvering her car along the mountain trail. The winding path, snaking through dense forests, brought up an otherworldly atmosphere, tinged with a palpable sense of mystery and unease.The fading light saturated the surroundings with a captivating palette of deep purple and fiery orange, creating an eerie ambiance that had her be on guard. The somber hues painted the forest in an eerie glow, illuminating the gnarled trees as their shadows stretched menacingly across the narrow trail.As she drove her car on the narrow road, the woman's heart quickened with a mix of trepidation and other inexplicable emotions. Her hands tightly gripped the steering wheel- her knuckles turning white as she navigated further into the forest that only grew darker.No matter how she tried to dismiss the lingering unease that danced upon her skin, Serenity couldn't escape th
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Silverclaw Pack
Bathed in the soft, ethereal glow of the twilight sky, a figure stood before Serenity, his presence arresting and impossible to ignore. Serenity estimated his height to be over 6'5"- his stature towering over hers, emphasizing his dominance.Tousled locks of dark hair cascaded with an untamed grace, teasing the edges of his strong jawline and grazing his broad shoulders. It was as if each rebellious strand of hair mirrored the wild spirit that coursed through his veins.It was his eyes-a striking shade of steely blue-that held her captive. They were like twin mirrors reflecting the intensity of a tempest brewing within, giving a glimpse into the enigma that lay beneath the surface.As his piercing gaze fell upon her, an electric current seemed to surge through the air. Like a predator stalking its prey, it was as though he possessed the ability to delve into the very depths of her soul.He commanded attention, exuding both danger and seduction in equal measure.Serenity's breath hitch
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The Alpha
Richard knocked on the door a couple of times before he received the permission to enter. He pushed the door open gently before indicating her to step in.Feeling the tension emanating from the inside of the room, all the flux of courage she had earlier depleted at an increasing rate, and her eyes fell on Richard, silently begging him to join her in.Although both of them were strangers to her, Serenity always had a strong intuition she trusted well and had goosebumps at the thought of seeing the Alpha of Silverclaw Pack alone.She blamed Jane for poisoning her ears.Instead of comforting her when he sensed her palpable nervousness, he placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her in before closing the door behind her.Serenity stumbled a step before she raised her head to look at the Alpha.Her breath was caught stuck in her throat.It was the menacing yet handsome man from earlier.His gray blue eyes intently stared at her, almost paralyzing her. He leaned against the chair in a re
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A Human
"...What a weirdo! Speaking of manners, he doesn't have any manners himself. No, I am a doctor. Is it that easy being a doctor? Shouldn't he respect them? That psychopath. No wonder no one likes him."The feminine voice resonated from the microphone, slicing through the silence like a razor. In the monitor, the back of the woman could be seen as she angrily stomped her feet on the ground."Even for an Alpha, don't you think it is a little too lowly to spy on a woman's bedroom," commented Richard Black as he leaned against the wall. There was a slight hint of amusement in his eyes.The steely blue eyes were raised from the computer screen. Dissatisfaction was clearly written in them, casting an air of palpable tension across the room."I wouldn't be forced to do something so bothersome if you weren't adamant of having her as the pack's doctor," the Alpha expressed, furrowing his eyebrows."She was right, you know. No one with actual skills, other than her, applied for our pack," Richar
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Brazen Act
Was this how animals in the zoos felt like?Serenity questioned in her mind in response to the scrutinizing gazes on her. The intensity of the gazes seemed to cast her as a novel specimen, subjected to the keen examination of curious scientists embarking on a discovery of the unfamiliar.A discomfort akin to being dissected under the analytical gaze of inquisitive minds settled within her.The only man out of the three cooks couldn't conceal his astonishment, blurting out, "It is really a human. This is the first time I have seen one."That almost made Serenity's jaw drop. It was fair to say that humans were more common in the outside world than werewolves. Humans can be found in almost every corner of the world. How sheltered and ignorant do you have to be in order to have never seen a human?That should never be the case unless the werewolves weren't allowed to leave their packs.However, that's absolutely nonsensical because the pack's territory could only encompass so much, and
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Need Help
The thick and suffocating atmosphere in the room seemed to disperse momentarily when Richard's hand landed on the Alpha's shoulder.A flicker of amusement danced in Richard's eyes as he patted Kieran's right shoulder, trying to ease the palpable strain."Now, if you keep staring at it so intently, you are going to poke a hole through it," Richard quipped. Observing Kieran's stoic demeanor, he pressed on, "I am starving just like the rest of the pack. Where is the Alpha Kieran who values time? You are not going to mull over a woman's words, are you?"Kieran's intense glare focused on Richard as he forcibly slapped away Beta's hand, pushing off the jug in his grasp. The atmosphere crackled with unspoken tension as he declared, "You are just as obnoxious as her."The smile on Richard's face deepened, and he corrected, "I would call that having a personality. Wasn't she cute?"Unfazed by his Beta's banter, Kieran withdrew into himself, tucking his hands into his pant's pockets. He walked
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Near Death Experience
Janice finally remembered what she was here for.The woman assumed a stern countenance and cleared her throat before vocalizing, "Look at you wasting my time. I am here for some modifications.""Modifications?" Serenity repeated, confused. "Are you going to fix up this infirmary?"Serenity stared at the woman from top to bottom. Well, the redhead appeared to be strong although not right in the brain.That fired Janice up, and she raised her voice. "What the fuck do you mean by that?! Do I look like a mere servant here? Are you a fool or what?!"She didn't look the part for sure.Serenity gave an apologetic smile. "It was my mistake. As a human, I was taught that all jobs are the same and shouldn't be looked down upon. Werewolves have a different system going around, it seems.""Obviously, I am superior to these mere servants. I am the vice-commander of the pack. It should be an honor of a measly human like you to meet me." Janice snorted arrogantly.Serenity didn't want to deal with h
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