Chapter 20 Part 4 Aberdeen Loss & Love

My eyes fluttered open, and as my vision finally focused, Zadie’s sweet face stared lovingly at me. Her tiny hands cupped my cheek.

“Mommy!” Her voice squeaked in excitement.

Were my eyes deceiving me? Was I hallucinating? Terrified that this was only a dream and I would soon wake up back in the room on the couch.

I hurried to my feet, wrapping my arms around Zadie, praying it wasn’t a dream.

“Pais?!” Zade said behind me.

Facing him, I glanced between the two, and tears filled my eyes. “Am I really here?” I asked, not quite sure I believed it.

Zadie grabbed my hand, bringing my attention back to her. “Yes, mommy,” She giggled.” You’re silly.”

“Oh, thank God!” I sobbed, falling to my knees, and Zadie sat on my lap, cuddling into me.

Zade walked over, sitting on the floor next to me, and embraced the both of us.

“Oh lord.” my mother said and turned back towards the hall, yelling. “SHE’S AWAKE!”

Instantly it was like a herd of elephants trampled up the stairs. First, Hunter, dad
Cc Lopez

Hey readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Chapters will resume like usual Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enjoy!

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April Coleman
As the story progresses, Payton her younger sibling has not been mentioned.
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Cc Lopez
I will have one in an upcoming chapter
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Yaya veperez
So mad Asher, for some reason I didn't trust the dude since he left the first time. can we have a least and explanation to why he betrayed her beside money. I guess he was a greedy a*** well he got what he deserved.

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