Alpha's Mage

Alpha's Mage

By:  jobless.dreamer  Completed
Language: English
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[Book 1 and 2 in Mage's Mate series] A 1000 years ago treason was committed, a luna queen had sacrificed herself for her Kind and an Alpha King had vowed to seek revenge. Now, centuries later, Erica Morris who supposedly thought she was just an ordinary 18-year- human girl discovers life-threatening and overwhelming secrets. A clan once revered now hunted, a man craving to conquer the world and a girl's life entangled in this chaos. [Book 3: The Last Dragon's Mage]

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Maya Esgerova
thanks you for excellent story
2023-07-18 03:26:06
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Absolutely loved this book. I simply couldn't put it down.
2023-03-12 03:13:14
user avatar
Where is the 3rd book?
2023-03-09 14:39:20
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Johonna Hamilton
I can't to read book two this story is truly amazing
2021-06-17 21:16:35
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Kelly Sturm
2021-04-07 07:37:08
default avatar
Awesome read!! 😁😁
2021-03-08 03:25:39
user avatar
omg I love this book sm!!! Filled with twists and turns and cliffhangers
2021-03-06 21:23:10
user avatar
I loved the book ❤️❤️
2021-02-24 13:03:51
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haheh kuskus
It's an interesting book.
2021-02-16 02:52:51
user avatar
Nocoi Glori
good book 😘😘😘😘😘
2021-02-14 01:15:17
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TaTa Tv Tsanel
want more chapter
2021-02-11 22:16:57
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Mphow Romeo Marumo
Can't wait to read more!
2021-02-10 18:04:36
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Mohd Rajak Telimik
Nice one. Interesting book.
2021-02-10 00:17:25
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Chris Dunlap
I love this storyand can't wait to see how they find their way back together
2021-01-25 13:54:11
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I am such an idiot. I’ve had this book in my library for an entire month before I decided to give this book a try and I am full of regrets. From beginning to end, this story has been fast past but very detailed, not jeopardizing the plot. I am in love with this book and intrigued by the plot
2021-01-24 09:49:36
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119 Chapters
Book 1: Alpha’s Mage [Prologue]
1000 years ago...The war was over. Lives were taken. Peace and tranquillity were replaced by chaos and hopelessness.He gazed at her and witnessed how, with every second, Death snatched his love, his mate, his queen, away from him into everlasting oblivion. There was no hope. No chance. He couldn't take her to the castle because they both knew that she wouldn't be able to make it.Thus, they decided to savour those few painful moments of his precious mate's life, here, on the muddied and bloodied forest ground, away from others.He watched, numb and helpless, as a piece of him was being ripped away from him. No words were spoken yet their eyes expressed volumes.Her chestnut tresses were a mess, her armour suit caked with blood, and her forest green orbs slowly losing their focus.Her lips trembled ever so slightly but no words came out. Then it stopped. Her beautiful eyes were now hollow and lifeless.A lone tear rolled down the Alpha king's cheek as the beast inside him howled for t
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1. Ville de Ravenwood
[Erica]"I hope you all are prepared for exams starting from next week. The results will be vital for your college and on your graduation day, a list of students who have been offered a scholarship will be announced..."Erica tuned out Ms.Greyson's lecture and glanced at the wall clock hanging above the entrance door of the average-sized classroom.'5 more minutes...' she thought.It's not that she found her speeches boring, it was rather the opposite, she idolized the woman, most of the students of Westview High did. But she had other pressing matters at the moment which had her on the edge from yesterday.Her mind was conjuring up ways to convince her parents. Convince them to let her go to Ravenwood University. Her mind veered back to last night's argument.She had never seen her father, Adrian Morris so angry before neither did she ever see her mother, Evelyn, so upset.She knew her chances to get the scholarship for Ravenwood University were slim to none. Firstly, because only 2 s
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2. Dreams on Fire
[Erica]She knew this would happen. She knew her father was capable of such ruthless manipulation yet to see the proof of it in front of her eyes, taunting her, was too painful. The results were out. As usual, she had aced in class. Her GPA remained the same which meant any college would be glad to welcome her to their institute yet the doors of the one she wanted to go to had been forever closed by her father.She was angry, very angry at the man whom she idolized. She was angry at her mother for not standing up for her. She felt lost and frustrated.She saw smiling faces. Students taking pictures with their friends and family. She couldn't help but feel lonely. She knew her father was here somewhere and her mom too but still she felt alone.She missed her brother. Even he hadn't said anything to convince their dad. Heck, they did not even have a proper conversation for the past two years. He did not even come home. She not only missed her brother but the bond that they shared, the bo
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3. The Majestic Wolf
[Erica]The smoky clouds partly hid the slumbering mountains. Erica found herself standing in front of a rivulet whose water was as clear as crystal. It was getting dark, making it difficult for her to fathom the place she was in.She looked around. The place was deserted except for the forest behind her, which hindered the view of what was beyond it.Erica started walking along the bank cautiously, trying to get a grasp of where she was.She wondered why am I here? She was sure she had never visited this place. But then her feet halted. In front of her sat a gigantic and majestic wolf! Her blue eyes met with its obsidian ones and for some reason, she couldn't move.She stood there mesmerised, not moving, mouth agape, eyes wide. The wolf's midnight black fur seemed smooth and lustrous. His piercing gaze assessed her, every inch of her, unnerved her but at the same time calmed her.He slowly stood to his full height, almost matching the height of the adjacent tree. She tipped her head b
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4. Queen of Wizarding World
[Xavier]"Alpha." The 6-foot raven-haired man bowed."Did you inform them?" The Alpha asked while his eyes were trained on the laptop screen."Yes, Alpha. I have informed the packs so they can send in the human students who have been selected," the Beta informed."Good. Thanks, Arnold," the Alpha said, glancing at the royal Beta and a very good friend.Arnold nodded with a smile."Do you think they will send the spy?" Arnold asked curiously.He had seen his friend and Alpha go against the Council members to make this change. This was a big step. Nonetheless, he had his family's love and support and his friends as well.After almost 3 centuries, humans will be allowed to set foot in the Ravenwood."Yes, they will, Arnold. They are becoming desperate day by day and the easiest way to sneak in is to get admission here," he replied thoughtfully."But won't they get suspicious? Suddenly..." Arnold trailed off."I know that but we need to take the risk. There will only be a handful of human
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5. Rules for the Wolves
[Xavier]Xavier's boot-clad footsteps resonated in the corridor which was empty except for a few guards here and there. Everyone had already gathered in the Hall and was waiting for their Alpha King.The University of Ravenwood, an institute that initially had been the residence of the Royals, the hauntingly​ beautiful castle that was built by his ancestors a millennium ago - a thousand years ago...The corridors were decorated with paintings of his ancestors, Kings, and Queens, of brave knights. However, Xavier's eyes always wandered to that one empty spot among the line of paintings...He wondered whose picture was supposed to be there. He always wished to ask his father, but never really remembered when talking to him.Xavier stopped musing as his feet halted in front of the Hall - Rosamond Hall."Alpha," two burly men who were standing on either side of the entrance, greeted him and bowed their heads in respect. Xavier nodded grimly before entering.Immediately the atmosphere in th
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6. The King Finds His Queen
[Erica]The moment had arrived. That moment when the line between dream and reality blurred, and it became one.'This feels surreal,' Erica thought as she sat in the passenger seat of the Range Rover.Earlier it was decided that they will leave the next day, but suddenly her dad had informed her that the departure had to be postponed till Sunday. Someone from the university had called him to inform him that the students weren't expected until Sunday She found the rules a bit odd. It was different from other Universities; she reckoned.She had also received an email from them, the acceptance letter was attached to it. She thought she would explode with happiness. When Nessa and Meghan had heard about it they were shocked at first for some reason, but then they were elated. They even went shopping, and she gave them a treat at their favourite diner.Erica saw her father talking to the guard near the entrance gate of the city. Yes, this one, unlike other cities, had a gate- a huge one wit
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7. Soulmates and Flatmates
[Erica]"...and the senior's hostel is on the other side," Drake concluded, giving Erica a mental picture of the campus."So I need to walk for 10 minutes if I want to meet you?" Erica asked with a frown. She thought she could meet her brother more often now that they would be in the same university.Drake gave her a wry grin, "I am just a call away now. Though during classes we are not allowed to call. Only after 4."Erica huffed, "And here I thought I was out of high school. But, no. This feels like high school reloaded, heck even at high school we had more freedom," Drake chuckled at her annoyance, ruffling her hair."This Uni is different from others, so if you think you will do whatever you want then you've got another thing coming," Drake teased, placing down the suitcases as they came to a stop in front of the building where the freshers and juniors were staying."We have arrived your highness," Drake mock curtseyed making Erica giggle."Thank you kind sir," Erica played along.
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8. Familiar Feeling
[Erica]The long corridor was lit with white fluorescent light bulbs that were covered with frosted glass. Erica knew there were hidden cameras as well, but she didn't need to worry. She wasn't doing anything wrong.But she felt eerie about the surroundings. There was a slight chill in the air. She hugged herself as she hurried along.Drake had said that if she took the corridor instead of taking the outer path, she would reach early. He was still lost as to why she wanted to give him the gift so urgently. She suppressed a grin as she thought about the surprise waiting inside. Not a pleasant one for Drake, though.She frowned as she thought of the possibility of Drake having a hunch about her plan. He always did. But not this time. She giggled silently.Though the castle had been renovated to accommodate all the modern facilities, its old grandeur and charm could still be felt. A beautiful blend of modernity and ancientness.As Erica walked, lost in thoughts about the probable history
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9. Cherished Moments
[Al]"Successfully entered the Uni, Al?", a gruff voice muttered."Hm," Al answered, his lips forming a thin line."Good job. Now do not fuck up the rest of the job. Or you know the consequences," the gruff voice from the other end of the line warned. Al gritted his teeth, trying to hold back a sneer."Yes. I am very much aware." he ground out. You never let me forget, he thought."That's good then. I will mail you the next task as it's not safe to tell over the phone"."Alright."With that, the line fell dead. He looked at the screen for a long moment until it went black. His grip on the gadget tightened.He didn't want to be the pawn. He didn't want any of this. But he knew if he didn't do this he might have to stay as a human, forever. The gaping hole inside his mind and heart was gnawing at him, taunting him and making it impossible for him to stay calm.He took a deep breath before keeping the phone on the side table. He looked out of the window. The dark shadows of the looming tr
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