The Alpha's Primordial Mate

The Alpha's Primordial Mate

By:  Lovejoy  Ongoing
Language: English
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She's a very brave and fearless girl who loves to be alone. She doesn't care about what's happening to her surrounding. Her name is Patricia, a she-werewolf who travelled away from her own town to start a new life. Her life became normal at first, not until an Alpha started to stalk her and interfere to her life. He likes her and always watch her from a distance. He wants her, not to be her toy, but to be his mate and his Luna. She is the girl he was keen to and he will do his best to make her fall into his trap. He is Laurence the Alpha from Aphlaver Gold pack. What if he uncover something about Patricia's real identity? Will he still love her? Or end her life without mercy?

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Transferee
It is a fine sunny Monday when I arrived at Aphlaver's town. I never know what's with this town, but the name hook my attention which made me to stop. This is far away from the place where I came from, a perfect place for me to start a new life. Holding my luggage, I stepped out from the car. I smile and walk along the street. I can now say that I’m free from pressures. No one will control my moves like I’m a robbot. I look around and try finding a new shelter. I only want a simple house that will suit to my budget. This time, I need to live by my own. I headed to the apartment and knock on the door. A young lady let me in, and called the land lady. She is younger than me, I think. She keeps on looking at me but i keep avoiding her eyes. "She'll be coming here!" The lady said and smiled at me. I didn't like the way she smile at me that's why I didn't smiled back. I know that kind of smile. I can;t tell but I feel something on her. With my fierce look, I nodded at her and fixated my
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Chapter 2: The Alpha's Kiss
"Where did you came from?" Vivian keep on asking me but I’m not interested to talk with her. It's our second night of being together but nothing change with my treatment on her."Okay, fine. If you think I will leave you easily, no I won't. I will stay by your side," Vivian added and continue walking.I only gave her a quick look and shook my head. She's not that type of a girl that will do anything just to get my attention. She maybe has other intentions on me, but I won’t judge her easily."Oh!" Vivian was shocked when I leapt over the gate. I forgot to control myself. My bad!"You're lazy opening the gate? How did you do that? Are you one of us?"I froze when my heard what Vivian said. I’m not expecting that the girl I’m with is also a werewolf. It’s a big diappointment in my heart knowing that I am still in a werewolf community. I thought I akready escaped from my fate. I choose to lie rather than telling the truth
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Chapter 3: Dealing with the Alpha
 I am still adjusting to my new environment. I am surrounded by normal people, werewolves and vampire which is not definitely what I want. Spenting few days and night here is both blessing and cursed. I feel more comfortable here but when the Alpha is around, my body is reacting so strange."Are you really a normal person?" Vivian keeps on asking her me we are on our way to our school.I acted like I didn't hear anything. Why would I tell her the truth? I am a big disgrace to my family, and I hated being a werewolf without a wolf. If i tell her my secret, then it’s like betraying my own."Okay, I wont force you to tell me the truth, but please always be careful. Almost ¾ of the students in our school are vampires and werewolves. There are a lot of bully, and sometimes we have a dangerous and risky activity that not suit for normal people," Vivian said seriously.When I heard it, I became curious about the school I enrolled. I kne
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