Alpha's Psycho Mate (Book-1 of Fated Series)

Alpha's Psycho Mate (Book-1 of Fated Series)

By:  Reet_Amber  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when Amber or as her friends call her Ammy, wakes up one day and starts hearing a strange voice that is dark and controlling. Not understanding as she lost her memories of what happened with her before that horrible accident. In the human world doctor called her problem ‘Split Personality Disorder’ but is it just a disease, or something else? What happens when she meets the Alpha king who is not just anyone but also her mate? And introduce to the Darkland, a world of all mysterious creatures, about whom mundanes like her just heard in storybooks and series. Join in her journey to find her true identity, and discover a new world and face the dangers. Will their bond conquer all the obstacles or will it fail and made the world face the great danger as it is said in the ancient prophecy.....?

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Davina Porteous
May be a great story but I won’t know as it is so badly written.
2022-09-26 05:19:41
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great work author. keep it up Good luck for your book and the synopsis is really catchy.. No wonder it has reached 1k so easily. congratulations
2021-03-21 01:55:46
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excellent start. keep up the good work, author
2021-03-03 14:02:34
user avatar
Good start, looking for updates!!!
2021-02-01 14:12:21
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Prabhjeet Kaur
nice one story
2020-10-30 18:04:51
user avatar
Adarsh Rajput
Plz update more. Good start
2020-10-29 00:10:55
user avatar
Anjana Chandran
.. .........
2020-11-02 15:19:01
109 Chapters
Chapter - 1 “Who is he...?"
Waking up, bathed in the beautiful light of the sun, I opened my eyes and reached for my phone to check if there are any notifications as I slept in till 2 pm.I saw there were a few missed calls and texts from my best friend, Archi.I smiled when I saw she tried to reach me, knowing well she will probably be furious as I didn’t answer any of her calls nor texts, so I dialed her number trying to
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Chapter -2 “ She is mine! ”
***I was in my hotel suite when I get a message from the alpha of Arabal pack that the meeting for which I fly here all the way is postponed from its scheduled time in the evening tonight which means I have to cancel my fight to get back home after the meeting in the tonight.‘God, why can’t people be punctual anymore?’ I muttered under my breath as flip my iPad at the nearest couch
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Chapter -3 “Peace Loving Person"
***Amber P.O.VI'm on my way to my office, oh did I introduce myself formally? I think no, so here, I am Amber Mehra, doing my internship in an accountancy firm. This is a big and famous firm, and I got a lot of experience from here which is going to help me after I get my degree and open
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Chapter -4 “Scared”
My hands are shaking from fear as my mind is reeling scenarios, that how bad it can be, ends up on little scolding or big insult show. I look up towards the ceiling as praying to my God to save me or open the floor to engulf me alive, save me from this horrific moment.But I guess my guardian angel is on break now or busy somewhere else. He stops near the reception area from where he can see every employee directly. He cleared his throat to gain others' attention which not be needed, I don’t know how but it’s happened every time we can feel his gaze on us from the second he enters the
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Chapter -5 “Fate or Someone's Trick?”
Alexander POV***The phone ring makes me look at my phone screen, a smile coated my lips as seeing the name of a person calling me. I answer the call as greet in a soft and happy tone, “Good morning, Sweetheart. Missing me?”
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Chapter -6 “Monster?”
Amber’s POV***Ignoring the gaze of peoples I made my way toward the neuro department, well from the mentality of peoples here if you are going to the neuro department so they are going to declare you half-crazy already, no matter you are or not, that’s why I hate when peoples glancing towards me like I’m a mental patient.
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Chapter -7 “Am I Missing Something?”
I left Hospital after today’s session, still lost in my thoughts, eyes are swollen from crying, but I can’t waste any more time crying over my fate, I have to go back to work. I decide to take a public bus despite the train because this new location which my boss send me is easy to get from public bus despite the metro.After 1 hour of the journey, I reached in front of big sky touching the building, A&A is a big empire, their office is giving an elite feeling as I entered, I’m a bit nervous because it’s the first time I have to meet a client alone not any other employe
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Chapter -8 “Friends (Part-1)”
Alexander POV***To said I’m sad is an understatement here is haven’t slept as thinking about her every passing second since I meet her, tried hard to find her and she didn’t even recognize me even her friend remember me, but not she.
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Chapter - 9 “Friends (Part-2)”
Amber’s POV***We said our goodbyes as we parted our ways, luckily Suzi didn’t raise that topic again neither I can find out any information about that night from her, I can’t risk her being suspicious of me. Maybe I can find some information from Archi? Or that guy Alexander? ‘Hmm, good idea Ammy.’ I praise myself as walking towards my home. I reached my home at the exact time as always, I don’t want my family to call me hundred times to ask where am I, it’s what they do usually because according to them I&rsquo
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Chapter -10 “Nothing Can Harm Me anymore?”
Amber's POV***I reached my assigned client place, A&A Inc. Companie's office building, after lunchtime. That receptionist from before showed me my assigned cabin, her name is Asha, I thanked her before she left me alone after giving files and documents I required to do my job here. Today I can work in peace as Suzi is not here to disturb me with her super important topic, and neither is Archie. I start my work, checking digits shown in the documents and ledgers, that's how time flies. By the time I finished my today's task my phone screen was showing 8 pm, it's dark outside. I turned off my system before saving my files.People are leaving whose shift is over, I wish goodnight to Asha who is also ready to leave as her shift is over. I don't know why but a thought crosses my mind and I asked her as we walked together outside the building, "I haven't seen Mr. Dan nor his partner nearby all day-" Before I sa
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