Alpha's Regrets.

Alpha's Regrets.

By:  Praise Kenneth   Ongoing
Language: English
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BLURB Adriana trudges into the path of the devil after a one night stand leaves her pregnant. In disarray and confusion, she decides to flee with her unborn child. Years later, Adriana begins to suspect who that stranger really is. In curiosity and to find clarity, she goes back to her old life in New York city, in search of her one night stand. Finding Niklaus was one thing, but finding out the Truth was another. In search of the Truth, Adriana falls in love with Niklaus. Adriana goes through a series of betrayal and love. Niklaus' rival Ricardo,heard about Adriana and Mirabella, their daughter. Ricardo is intent on wrecking havoc and bringing them to harm. But Adriana was determined to keep her only child out of the supernatural world by all means, intent on keeping her out of a violent world even if she has to give up her love for Niklaus. Adriana made a deal to hand Niklaus over to his rival Alpha, Ricardo, in exchange for her daughter's safety. But what happens when he comes looking for Mirabella anyways, Niklaus is left with no choice but to forcefully take Adriana's daughter against Adriana's will, and send her to a school for supernaturals, claiming she would be safe there. His enemies find a way to get Adrianna's daughter, Mirabella. Adriana swears to fight and get her daughter back even if she has to be transformed into a werewolf. Will Adriana eventually fight for her daughter as a werewolf or a mundane person?

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4 Chapters
Adriana stared back at herself in the mirror as she applied a thick layer of red lipgloss. She was devastated she has been devastated ever since she got that phone call from her fiance, Edward.Edward had told her she didn't seem like one he could build a relationship with. Maybe he felt that way because she was living in the basement of her married sister's house. Or maybe he felt that way because she was only a waitress. Either way, she was heartbroken because he had just proposed to her. She was getting ready to meet with her wild and ecstatic friend Celine, at the club. She was more than determined to get Edward out of her head. She applied the last layer of lipgloss easily and stood up, picked up her purse, and headed for the door. She took a glance at her cramped room, it was in so much disarray just like her life, she thought. She closed the door to her room and headed hastily but quietly for the front door."Adriana," Piper called softly while leaning on the doorframe to her
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CHAPTER 2 "You don't look so good." The voice said, handing Adriana her phone. She grabbed it harshly and shoved it back into her purse."I'm fine." She replied hastily. She took a glance at him, his outfit to be precise. He looked so uptight and so corporate, Adriana thought. She took one more glance at him, she felt that same weird energy she had felt earlier emanating from him. She quickly walked away staggering, heading for the entrance to the bar. She headed towards where Celine had parked her car earlier, or where she remembered Celine parking the car because it was no longer there." What the fuck?" She swore loudly, sucking her teeth harshly. How am I going to get home, she thought. She didn't have any money. She assumed Celine would drive her back home the way she picked her up. She thought about calling Celine, so she reached for her phone. Her battery had died." Great," She said, then sighed. She took off her heels and started walking. She was so pissed. How could Celine
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CHAPTER 3.20 minutes later, they arrived at an electric gate. The driver ordered the gate to be opened, and then he drove in. Woah, voice-activated. Adriana thought. Niklaus could see the awe all over her face. The car door opened automatically and Adriana got out. She didn't even know it could do that. Well, it's a Corvette. She thought. This house had to be about 5,000 feet, Adriana thought. It looked original and old, but elegant and fancy. It looked like something that has been passed down over the years but had also been refurbished over the years. It was a combination of sky blue and spotless white paint. It looked so smooth. Adriana yearned to run her fingers on it. This mansion looked like a palace from a fairyland. It was so beautiful, she thought. You could easily think a king of high royalty resided here. Adriana didn't even know a house like this existed in the whole of New York City. The windows were large enough to welcome any ray of sunshine. Adriana finally got in co
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They had a one-night stand. Adriana tossed in the soft mattress, wrapping herself up more into the silk white, sheets. She flapped her arms on the opposite side of the bed, searching for the chiseled body of her one-night stand. Her palm met with nothing. Adriana rose slowly and looked over to the opposite side. Niklaus had left. Of course, he did, she thought. She sighed, palming her forehead, she could feel the thumping of her heart through there. She has a bad headache, probably from all the drinking she did last night.Adriana looked around, slowly searching for her clothes with her eyes. Niklaus t-shirt to be precise. She spotted it a few feets away from the bed. She walked over, she was so sore that it hurt when she bent down."Ooh ow!"She reached for the T-shirt anyway. She sighed again. Celine. She suddenly remembered. Her phone. She remembered again. She quickly headed towards the door, pulled it open, she turned to take a quick but detailed glance at Niklaus' room. She too
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