Always You

Always You

By:  Kriya Chauhan  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You have been a very bad girl wife"...Alyssa Jones is in love with Carl Miller for as long as she can remember.Dalton Miller is in love with Alyssa for as long as he can remember.What will happen when their parents decided to marry Alyssa with Dalton who is her best friend and in love with her and Carl with Amara, Alyssa's sister?Will Alyssa accept her best friend as her husband or will she continue to love Carl?Will Dalton make Alyssa fall in love with him? Relationships will get messy. Hearts will break but among all these will Alyssa be able to find her one true love?

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38 Chapters
?Listen to How Long Will I love you by Ellie Goulding for a better experience.?***My heart is thumping so fast it feels like it's going to burst any second. Today is my wedding and I'm walking down the aisle. It's a dream come true but only half of the dream. My eyes are locked with the love of my life but I'm not marrying him. He's standing there waiting for his bride but that bride isn't me, instead, it's my sister.I'm thankful for the veil to hide the tears that threaten to fall. You all must be thinking why I'm not marrying my love. Trust me if I can I will in a heartbeat but I can't. Instead, I'm marrying his brother and my best friend, Dalton. This marriage is our Father's idea. When we were young they both have made a promise to each other that I'll marry Dalton and my little sister will mar
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Dalton and I are going to Hawaii for a honeymoon and Carl and Amara are going to Paris. It's her dream honeymoon destination and she convinced him to go there. I'm not complaining as I don't think I'll be able to see him acting lovey-dovey with her in front of me.I came out of my wedding dress, leaving me only in my undies. I wore Snap-Button Rib Knit Bodycon Midi Dress and paired it with silver heels.For makeup, I applied nude eye shadow, concealer, highlighter, eyeliner, and nude lipstick.I went outside to my waiting husband. Husband. It's a weird feeling that I have married my best friend. Dalton is closer to me than anyone else. We don't keep secrets between us. He knows I'm in love with his brother and he wouldn't have married me and would have persuaded me to not give on love but I convinced him to marry me. I didn't tell him that my sister loves Carl.Dalton looked up from his phone when I entered the living room. I looked around as I didn't hav
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It's been one and a half weeks since our marriage. Dalton didn't force me to do anything and for that, I'm so grateful.We didn't do anything fun as I wasn't in the mood to leave the room. Every time Dalton asks me to go out I'll make excuses to not go. I just wanted wallow in self-pity.I can't get Carl out of my mind. I tried, god trust me I tried but my thoughts are full of our memories, our love.I know he's not mine anymore and I should stop but I can't. He is imprinted in my heart, my soul. He's everywhere. I just lay in bed and relish in our memories.Due to a work emergency, we have to end our honeymoon a week earlier. Our parents are business partners and both Miller brothers work for them.Someone from the company has stolen a large amount of money. Our parents are freaking out so we have to end our honeymoon.***Dalton went to the office and I decided to check my business. I own a small boutique. I design most of the cloth
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Memories.They bring happiness.They make you sad.They make you cry.The person who makes the memories are the person who sometimes becomes a memory.Memories are special that's why we all cherish them.But I'm erasing the memories who are deeply embedded in my mind. I burned every picture, every letter, every gift that reminds me of Carl.I didn't leave any trace of him in my home. It's a start for me. Start for us.I decorated the house with candles and prepared Dalton's favorite dish, Pasta Bolognese.Before Dalton comes home I've to get everything ready. I haven't set the table yet so I'll do it first before changing.After decorations, the table looks a lot romantic. It's looking perfect with some candles, rose petals, and some red roses in the vase.I want to look sexy yet elegant so I wore Dark red Burgundy cut-out velvet dress. It reaches mid-thighs and enhances my figure.For makeup, I choo
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Someone once said, " Your body can stand almost anything. It's your mind that you have to convince", but I beg to differ.The closeness between us and the familiar body heat is making my body feel things I shouldn't. My mind is screaming for me to get away before we make the mistake that'll ruin all our lives but I'm unable to move.(45 minutes ago)Dalton and I entered his parent's house to find everyone already present and everyone sat around the dinner table on their seats.Mr Miller is sitting on the head chair with Mrs Miller on his left and dad on his right.On my fathers right is my mom and on Mrs Miller's left is Amara.Carl is sitting beside Amara.I sat beside my mother and Dalton took a seat on my right.I lifted my eyes only to met with the grey one.Before I get lost in them I averted my eyes to my sister who is looking truly happy. The fading love bites on her neck got my attention.It's like sprinkl
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I'm literally panting with need. He trailing open mouth kisses on my neck, shoulders, chest but not giving me what I want.I know what I have to do to get what I really want. No. What I really need, so I did exactly what he wanted me to do."Please Dalton", I begged."Please what?", he asked even though he knows what I'm asking."Please fuck me. Make me yours. Please", I begged again.Dalton entered me in one hard thrust which made me gasp for air."Fuck", I cursed. He is big. He fits inside me like god has manufactured him especially for me.He waited for me to get used to his size before thrusting in and out of me at a slow pace.There's nothing tender about this sex. It was raw and animalistic.He started thrusting so hard and deep inside of me that I'm seeing star behind my eyelids. Literally.The slapping of our body together, my moans, and his grunts are the sound echoing in the room.Moonlight is shi
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Attention.Affection.And appreciation.Those were the feelings that hit me when I woke up this morning.Dalton makes me feel secure, I feel like I belong to. Where I could make mistakes. Where I won't get punished for failure and where I can always return to.I did my morning routine and went down towards the kitchen for breakfast. Dalton's and my mom had already prepared breakfast so I helped in setting up the table. Amara was the first person to come down. "I heard you last night", Amara said bumping my shoulder and wiggling her eyebrows playfully. Blushed. I fucking blushed and looked down wondering if our parents heard us too. I'd be mortified if they did but the possibility is very low as both our parents had used the rooms downstairs and we were upstairs.When everyone joined then only we started eating. Our sitting arrangements were the same as last night. During breakfast, I caught Carl glaring towards Dalt
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Being back to work feels really satisfactory, especially when you're the boss. Feels good being in control even if it's only on work. My whole life, I've let someone control me but now I feel free. I didn't know I feel suffocated with Carl until Dalton. He is controlling but he gives me choices. Carl always had been controlling and he didn't give choices.Walking down my memory lane I found I've been a fool my whole life. I feel regret that I've wasted my teenage years.My mind started running a thousand miles per second, showing me the image of my teenage years like a movie. I can see everything flashing in front of my eyes. Carl never loved me, he just claimed he did and like a fool, I always believed him. Carl and I haven't been on a single date, no we just sneaked around and fucked. We didn't do anything a normal couple would do.Whenever I was upset or sick Carl was never there for me, it was always Dalton. I feel sick now that I've never noticed it before.
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"You've been a very bad girl wife, making me hard every time...always occupying my thoughts... keeping me distracted during work", he continued. I shudder, goosebumps rising on my skin. "Do you know what happens to bad girl?", he asked in a husky voice. I shake my head in denial but I know where this is going. "They get punished", he whispered in my ears. I moaned, wanting him to punish me and punish me hard.My juice is now leaving a trail down my inner thighs.His hand comes down hard towards my ass leaving a stink behind. But I didn't feel pain, no I feel immense pleasure instead. I never knew I love pain until now. I crave it and he knows because he spanked me more harshly than the last time, each stroke powerful than the last one. When he finished spanking my ass, marking them with his handprints, his finger slip towards my weeping cunt.He moaned slipping two fingers inside my very wet pussy, " Fuck baby you're dripping for me". H
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Amy and I have decided to go out for drinks after work so I had called and informed Dalton that we're going to a restaurant bar and he said "okay and be safe".Today I'm wearing high waist jeans, shirt, and heels. My dress is appropriate for both work and casual so I don't need to change before going but I can't say the same about Amy.Two hours.Two freaking hours.She took too fucking freaking hours to get ready. I don't understand... why she's trying to get all dressed up?... I mean she is already so beautiful as it is and she has to doll up even more. It's not my place to say anything so I tried to suck it up and don't say anything. Keyword- " tried" meaning I didn't succeed in shutting up my mouth."Seriously Amy do you have do all of that?", I asked, gesturing towards her short red dress. So short that if she would bend over, others will see her asset. She glared at me through the mirror."Bitch please I just want to feel sexy.
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