Aurelia:The Huntress

Aurelia:The Huntress

By:  TheBlips  Completed
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Aurelia is a hunter. For centuries she has been fighting in a seemingly hopeless battle, the war for freedom. While a dark past drives the withdrawn woman in the fulfillment of her task, she and her four colleagues slide into a dangerous operation that irrevocably changes their life without warning. A very special kind of hunt begins, which takes Aurelia on an adventurous journey. A journey to yourself ... and to love......"But ... what if you are not able to love?"She had chosen the right sentence. Viktor understood their coded symbol, he knew it that way too. She saw almost figuratively how he swallowed the sadness, then he put a forgiving hand on her shoulder."Believe me, you will know and you will love ..." His voice was rough and when he finally continued it became a bit bitter. "There is this man whom even you can love."Then she realized that it was not just Meredia that had stalled their relationship. She had done it herself because she had been unable to allow true closeness. Her heart was just a hard lump of flesh.

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nice story, keep going! :) by the way, do you have any socmed to discuss your story that I can reach out?
2021-07-09 12:29:26
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Shannon Bane
Only read what was free. Don't think I'll continue reading. It feels forced, doesn't flow naturally. Spelling and grammar are done well, only minor mistakes. It feels flat, no real hook into the story making me want more.
2021-08-02 02:33:28
119 Chapters
Her intuition
It was a dark night. Not a single star could be seen. Recurring, cutting gusts raged over them, heralding the storm they were waiting for.It couldn't be long before it happened.Aurelia pressed closer to the steel pipe of the ventilation system to avoid the whistling wind that penetrated the roof of the 40-story skyscraper to the bone.With a quick glance, Aurelia checked the time - 2:33 a.m. For nearly two hours they had been huddled behind this pipe, waiting for their action. The damned cold was now in her limbs and she spread her stiff fingers a few times to free them from the cramp around the gun and knife. The machine gun pinched her back uncomfortably and her legs slowly went numb. In centuries of practice, she shifted her weight slightly to one side, thus relieving the other without changing her posture. Absolute stillness could save your life in some cases.Suddenly torrential rain set in, which accompanied the rush of the storm. Wit
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The small passage was in the upper area of a room wall. The room beyond was bathed in dim light generated by control lights and computer screens. Small machines rotated, robotic arms moved as they worked. On the opposite side was a large plexiglass pane through which spectators could watch what was happening in the laboratory. Sideways, Aurelia saw what they had come for.A glass case housed six pea-sized stones, which were anchored in a socket in a chemical bath. The box was swung back and forth by a machine so that the liquid sloshed around the stones in motion. A faint green light made the stuff slightly fluorescent.After a short concentration, she gave Row a curt wave to understand that it could start. This pushed up next to her and briefly closed her green eyes to collect herself. She folded her hands and jerked them open facing the grille. The silent pressure wave blew the square cover into the laboratory, first with a metallic tear, then accompanied by a rattle
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Aurelia tore off her breathing and ski mask, removed the earplugs from her player and shook her soaking wet locks. Viktor, who had done the same to her like the others, laid a brotherly hand on her shoulder. He squeezed lightly, then passed around a pair of headphones for the group to talk to during the flight. Aurelia put the thing on and took a deep breath to shake off the tension. Her muscles were still tingling, waiting for the physical exertion to continue. Accompanied by a few clicks and clacks from the radio system, she heard Aiden's warm voice."Damn it, what the hell was that stuff?" He scolded, holding up his gloves that he dipped in the liquid to loosen the stones. Salt-like edges had formed on it, like on shoes that one wore in winter when it was slippery and scattered. In some places the thick leather was so damaged that small holes were created.Row took it from him and looked for traces of the chemical. "Looks like a strong acid or a
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While the others smirked, Aurelia couldn't take pleasure in the banter. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, a memory made its way into her consciousness. Although she struggled to concentrate, she couldn't prevent the first of a series of images from quietly creeping into her mind's eyes. Just one of the many gruesome scenes her job brought with it. She screwed up her ice-blue eyes to push away the feeling of oppression, but quickly opened them again. Pareios was fixing her with his gaze. His face took on a concerned look, then he skillfully changed the subject. He, of all people, interrupted the fateful course of the conversation. The two of them were a team on a professional level, but didn't know each other very well privately, as Aurelia was not personally close to anyone, except maybe Viktor. Pareios, on the other hand, had many ... contacts.“Can you finally tell us why you dragged us out of bed in the middle of the night and dragged u
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The helicopter descended and landed gently on the floor of an abandoned factory site. The group got out stiffly and packed up their equipment. They had left the thunderstorm behind, because the sky here was clear with stars.Aurelia ran alongside Pareios as they left the fence behind them and headed for the adjacent wooded area. Their footsteps were the only sounds in the dark and after about five minutes' walk they reached the spot. Aiden, who had gone ahead, kicked the underside of an angular, dark rock. A trapdoor opened beneath the man-high rock, revealing the otherwise hidden staircase that led down to the bunker.Aurelia was pushed to the entrance by Viktor, but she broke free. "I should move a little more ..."He looked at her carefully, but understood immediately. He had known her long enough to know her habits inside out. Most of the time, the mind and body were so excited after a fight that she urgently needed the exercise so that all the stress hormon
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Fortunately, this time Pareios did not seem to realize what had just happened. He had beaten her, got her absolutely cold. But he seemed to blame her changed mood on the fact that she had decided to let it happen that way."In war and in ... love," he completed the saying he had quoted and stared defiantly into her eyes.That tingling again.Aurelia tried to hide the not unpleasant surprise and the growing aversion. Both feelings wrestled inside her. Outwardly she tried to glare at Pareios angrily and look behind the cool facade. What was that in his look that had changed? Did he understand the fact that she had let him outline her as an attempt to flirt?She couldn't grasp it before he jumped up with lightning speed and dashed away through the trees. "Tricked!" He called back, giggling like a little boy.Dazed and a little confused, Aurelia sat petrified, still where he had pushed her to the ground. But finally got up indignantly and started a cha
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Threatening aftertaste
The windowless chamber was filled with heavy, aromatic smoke that made her eyelids heavy. The ventilation would soon have sucked him outside.While she inhaled the last few puffs and so slumbered in front of her, she tiredly tried to ward off these strange new thoughts about Pareios, mainly because, thanks to her messed up manner, they were accompanied by this terribly familiar feeling of fear. Funny that these absolutely different emotions, affection and disgust, were linked in her. How often had she tried to break this absurd connection, even if her attempts were rather weak and not very convinced. They mainly arose out of the need not to attract attention, in which one conformed. But not from the desire for genuine attention. She thought about her relationship with Viktor and secretly compared him to Pareios. Viktor enjoyed her complete confidence. She respected him and appreciated his straightforward and sincere character. He never failed in his judgm
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Viktor saw it confused, but misunderstood it and immediately rowed back. "I mean, it's okay, you don't have to. I just thought, maybe… it's close enough! ”She stared at him and understood the words that had ripped them out of their thoughts. He said that the meaning of the stones would soon be woven into their destiny so that it became visible to their intuition. And that it would happen soon and that Aurelia wouldn't have to think so far into the future to see this.She was uncomfortable with these thoughts. “Viktor, you know how it is. Once I'm in and looking for it, it doesn't stop until I find it. And if it's too far away ... then I can't go back. " He continued to look pleadingly at her. “What if we try what we did in Argentina? It worked out pretty well at the time! ”Aurelia gave back an angry and horrified look. He wasn't serious! "Do you mean you would be willing to knock me down for this information?" The sente
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It wasn't even a hundredth of a second before she was hit hard by something on the side of the neck. His speed and precision were terrifying, but he managed to pull her out of the thundering waves of impressions with one jerk. She exchanged the shimmer of the images for deep, impenetrable blackness. She quickly passed out. He had hit the spot on her neck where the artery split into a deeper and a more superficial path. The point was very sensitive. When subjected to severe compression, the brain was signaled that the pressure in the carotid arteries was getting too high and that systemic blood pressure needed to be lowered. The result was a sharp slowdown in the heartbeat, most of which led to unconsciousness if the body was upright and you hit hard enough. Viktor wasn't squeamish with her. At least not anymore.  She wished the dull numbness of fainting had lasted, but the old nightmares soon haunted her again.Row's bright, warm voice woke her from
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After pulling on the black all-purpose boots, they left their room together. Then Row went right, and she herself left, toward the training hall. Next to the dining room, this was the largest room in the underground bunker. Row had been born here and they had used the bunker as their headquarters since Markus became a council member. The underground facility was also a good choice because a larger part of the council also lived in it. Of course it wasn't complete, it would have been too dangerous to be able to erase them all at once. Nevertheless, the bunker had so far remained unmolested by attacks. They were all very careful to keep his location a secret. She strolled through the deserted tunnels. Apparently it was dinner time and most of the residents were in the canteen. After a few minutes, she arrived in front of the large double-walled door that was supposed to enclose the sounds of the exercisers in the room. Only muffled noises came out, telling her that a few
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