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Javier Mendez is not the one to fancy human being, he hates it better if they don't exist. What happened when the arrogant human hater was mated to no one but a nerdy human who buries her head under her bang, and hides her eyes under a round rimmed spectacles. Javier made a vow. He's never going to reject her, nor is he going to claim her. He's going to bully her, break her, destroy her, and let her pay for being his mate! *** "What do you think about being my new prey?" I smirk, my nail digging deep into her waist, earning a sharp moan of pain from her. "You have no choice anyway, new prey"

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56 Chapters
Javier POVI stand by the door, checking out my image in the small tiny mirror on the door.It's taking every ounce of my power to resist myself and barge in there to claim my mate.I have to look good; that seems to be the priority.My mate has to see me differently, and I must put on a good impression on our first meeting.Or maybe not our first.Flattening the black hair on my head, I lick my lower lip, moisten it, and let it glow.I pull open the door and saunter in. A smile grazes my lips and excitement bubble within me as the smell waft through my nose.So overwhelming that it almost makes me dizzy; the smell of soap and a sharp sweet smell of rotten pineapple.As soon as I close the door behind me, I dance my eyes through the almost deserted class, before my eyes settle on the one girl that's sitting alone in the whole class."Mate?" Zeke, my wolf grumbles inside me.I could bet he's thinking what I'm thinking too.She could not be our mate, could she? Yet, the sweet, appealing
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Wolf bite
Isobel POV I skim my hand over my neck, rubbing the plastered area. Some hours ago, I had cried in agony after the bite from Javier in the classroom.A bite? Well, it does not seem like a neck kiss, nor is it a bite. I mean, the scar does not look deep enough to be dangerous, nor does it look cool enough to be a kiss that will leave a hickey."It still hurts," I moan in pain, facing Katrina who just drops a pan of sauce on the table.I work in my Aunt's cafe, and that makes me just an average human being and a student.All my seventeen years of living, I've always been careful enough not to draw attention to myself.Of course, living alone with your poor maternal Aunt who manages a small cafe cannot be considered a luxury, and you'd never want to cause trouble when you're on scholarship.I'd do anything to stay clear of trouble, especially those that include getting involved with Javier and his friends.I had been quite unfortunate this morning, perhaps, because
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Who is she?
Isobel POV I wake up with his name on my lips, clutching the duvet in my fist.Before I open my eyes, I see him smirk at me and his teeth bite into my neck, bringing out blood.Blood?Instinctively, my hand goes up to my neck, just the same spot where the scar had been earlier.I sigh. Nothing! It's just a dream. There's no sticky red blood oozing out of my neck, and I do not feel any pain whatsoever.Grabbing my glasses on the table, I fix them on my face and wrench the duvet off my body before I saunter into the bathroom to have my bath.Surprisingly, I'm not so eager to be in school today, no matter how hard I tried to picture Jake's face in my memories, all I want now is to go back to bed and get a nice sleep.Sighing, hand suspended in midway as I stare at myself again in the mirror."What a cruel fate you've got, Isobel."I mentally chuckle. Fine! This city is full of different people, those who want to scam people of course, but I never for once think I'll
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A vampire
Javier POV"I heard you got into a fight today,"My spoon stops halfway to my mouth and I stop munching the toast that's already in my mouth.Flying my head up, I direct my glare to Rose who gives me a shrug and an ' I don't know ' look.Sighing, I drop the spoon on the plate, lean back on the chair, and look up at my mom; the Luna of the Crescent moon pack.Her blue eyes pierce into mine, almost burning me with their intensity.She's the kind of person that makes people tremble even without trying. Her voice terrifies people without shouting. Yeah! That's what a Luna should be, not some pathetic weak human."Word does travel fast, doesn't it?" I scowl."Well, it's bound to get to her anyway." Rose shrugs her shoulder, giving me an ' I don't care look '"I have you to thank for that, dear sis"Mom clears her throat and I swiftly lift my gaze back to her. Even though she's my mom, she's also the Luna of this pack, and the last thing I want now is to feel the wrath of her anger.A woman
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A new life
Isobel POVI dawdle down the hallway, my hands clutching my backpack in my armhole all sweaty and slippery as I try to block off their jeers and ignore their glares.I know, that the decision to live a quiet life until I graduate from this school, has ended yesterday. Yeah, I expect this, but I never knew it'd be this worst.Is it not funny how people think? When I was the one who was abused yesterday, I'm the one paying for whatever happened yesterday.I sigh, stopping before my locker. It still surprises me that the students haven't started throwing things at me. That's their specialization anyway.Opening my locker, something tricky splashed on my face, wetting me entirely from my head down to my chest.I gasp, and the students in the hallway erupt in laughter.Now I get it. Why didn't laugh when I was walking, they probably have something in stock for me.Blinking back my tears, I wipe the stain off my face to see clearly.Ink; black and blue.I know this is
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My crush saves me
Isobel POVJavier throws me against the wall, and I land with a loud thud on the floor.I shift back, trying to get away from Javier as far as I can."Look at that," Javier chuckles.He crouches on the floor and wrenches my face up. His gaze levels with mine. His eyes, now a darker shade of blue pierce into mine with such intensity that I shudder in fear.I just want to leave here, to get out of here, and never step foot into this class again."It's not fun if you're like this, Isobel," he hisses, leaning closer. "You're my new prey. Why? Are you getting fed up with me already?"A new prey, that's what I am.A tear slides down my face, and I could not help the shaky cry that escape my mouth.Where has it all gone wrong? How did I end up being Javier Mendez's prey?"Crying?" Javier cackles. He closes his hand tightly around my jaw, forcing my mouth open. "I hate to see that tear"But I couldn't help it, the tears pour like a torrent of rain no matter how hard I try
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Forced kiss
Isobel POV I wake up with a start, grabbing the quilt tightly in my hold.Before I open my eyes, I saw him smirking at me, his hand closed tightly around my jaw, a smirk plastered on his lips as he strangled me. But before he could kill me, I was saved by my hero... Someone who stands up for meSucking in a deep breath, I grab my glasses from the bedside and thrust them into my eyes, my toom comes into view and I sit upright on the bed, placing my hand on my chest to ease through the loud slamming of my heart.Sliding down from the bed, I grab the only family portrait of my family on my reading table.My parents died six years ago when I was twelve years ago.They'd been killed when they went camping in the forest.They said they'd been killed by a kind of animal, judging by the numerous bruises, animal's bite, and claws on their bodies.I sigh.Maybe only if they are here, they'd tell me how to get out of this mess that I am in. Javier PO
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Seats swap
Isobel POV"C'mon, Bel, you can tell me what happened?"Katrina says for the tenth time, pulling my hand and staring intensely into my eyes.I try so hard to blink back my tears; something that seems so hard to do.I don't want to believe it, but no matter how hard I try to push the thought out of my mind, it keeps rushing in.His mouth on mine, kissing me.Ah! That's my first kiss, and I lost it to no one else but Javier.I want to cry, hit myself, and curse myself. But no matter how hard I cry, the kiss still happens.Javier took my first kiss.Blinking back my tears, I shake my head and manage a faint smile on my lips."I'm fine," I smile. "Javier did nothing wrong to me yesterday.""I don't believe it." She hisses. "Tell me exactly what's going on. Why you've been moody since yesterday."I'd rather die than tell her that Javier kissed me.I know Rina more than anything, no! I won't be selfish enough to put her in more danger"I'm fine," I repeat. "Can we g
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Darkest Hour
Isobel POVMy eyes burn, hot tears threatening to spill from my eyes as Javier's hand glides over my thigh.I'm aware of the numerous eyes that glare at me, puncturing holes into my skull as though I'm the one who's so desperate to sit with their so-called idol, but I'm much aware of the hand that's desperately trying to dive into my skirt.My hand shakes on the table, and my heart thuds so hard in my chest it hurts.What is he trying to do? No, why is he doing this to me?It's enough with all their glares, and the hatred they'd be nurturing in their mind, why is Javier making my life messier and hard every day?I hold my breath, and my right-hand balls into a fist on my lap.I pray, desperately hope that someone is seeing what he's doing and is willing to stop him.I can't...I don't want to..."Hey," Javier leans in to whisper in my ear and I flinch, my head making rd contact with the head chair."Why," his hand skims over my thigh, his hot breath fanning my neck. "Why are you maki
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Friend or foe
Isobel POV"It's me, I'm her niece!"I cry to the nurse sitting at the reception desk the moment I rush into the hospital. "Where is my aunt!"Why is this happening to me? First was my parents, and now my aunt.My body shakes in fear. What if anything happens to my Aunt? What if she does not survive it?"It's going to be fine" Katrina mumbles, rubbing my back softly.But she did not sound sure too, and that can only worsen the situation."Isobel right?"I nod.The nurse stares at me, her eyes sizing me up as though she does not believe what I just said, then she sighs, and moves away from the desk."Follow me,""Is she alright?" I ask."Yes, it's just a slight shock."No! A shock can never be slight, and she can't go into a shock without reason.Why?The last time it happened to me was when I was twelve years old when my parents were declared dead.I'd spent two months in the hospital, getting treated for a heart problem after the shock.What if... No!I grab Katrina's hand the momen
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