I lower my head as his graze burns through me. Slightly uncomfortable, I fiddle with the straps of my bag. It seems like eternity till I lift my head up again , he still is staring at me.

Clicking his fingers , my bag is ripped from my back , a hand grabs my arm and drags me to the chair opposite from Jason. I whimper at its tight grip, turning around I see it's the guy with the nice smile. Throwing the bag to Jason , I'm roughly sitted on the chair.

I rub my arm , trying to subside the pain. Tears threaten to fall but I don't cry - not infront of them. The tension in the air suffocates me but I don't say a word.

Jason opens my bag and empty all its contents onto the table. He goes through everything and even opens my feminine bag containing my tampons and pads. My cheeks turn red of embarrassment,  noticing this Jason winks at me with a smirk on his face. I quickly lower my head. That's the first time his face showed any emotion since I've got here.

"Rose parker, from New York. Turning 19 in the next two months , tell me why have you moved to Stella Rock?," his voice is smooth and calm but makes my spine tingle. Danger, flows through him even in his voice.

I'm shocked at how he knows this but then I realise he must of read my student portfolio from the principal. I try to form words to reply to him but I'm scared to the bone.

"Speak up" his voice now more threatening yet still calm.

"M - my dad is a re - researcher. His b- boss had s- sent him here to ex - explore its forest. My m - mum and I had n - no choice but to come with , sir " I'm a stuttering mess. I speak in a quiet voice and I see he struggles to hear me.

Upon hearing me calling him sir , his eyes darken and he evilly smirks. Did I do something wrong?
I look to my lap and fiddle with my fingers.

"Sir? I like it , " he  says to himself , " Do you have any boyfriend that's going to be coming into town regularly?"

I blush and lower my head. "no" I say.

"You better speak up!," he threatens

"no si - sir," he smirks.

" You don't talk much do you? " I nod.

" cough cough grandma " the guy with the great smile mocks me.

That hurts alot and a tear escapes my eye.

"GET OUT!" Jason shouts. His voice is like thunder, which sends shivers up and down my spine. I'm shaking but I slowly get up.

"Not you princess. I was speaking to Kevin , " his eyes soften when he tells me this.

"But Jas , I was only joking. C'mon bruh , even you know she acts like a grandma - look at how she dresses , " he whines. To think I thought his smile was beautiful. I pull at my skirt lightly,  patting down invisible creases.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OR I'LL KILL YOU," Jason's voice booms in the tiny office. Without a word , Kevin wakes up and leaves.

"Now princess , we're all alone ," he smirks.

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