Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you wish for
Author: LunaSilver


My unicorn bookmark takes it's place and I gently close the book in my hands. I close my eyes and reflect on the contents of the book that I have read over a dozen times.

A romance about a popular guy falling for a quiet , shy girl . I wish that were true . You see , I'm a nerd whose currently spending break in the library.

Communication and mingling are both my biggest weakness. My mum , Jenna Parker , has really tried her best to help me - from drama classes to public speaking. I feel bad sometimes , she tries so hard but I'm still the same person.

Packing my bag , I lower my head and walk out the library. Stella Rock Highschool , is the same as every other highschool - cold and filled with inhuman teenagers.

There's only one difference though. This school is run , or better yet the principal is overruled by 2 teenage boys who are in the tigers claw gang. I never really saw them but I have heard warnings from teachers to stay out of thier way , which would be no problem for me.

I moved into Stella Rock three days ago with my mum and dad. I never really explore the town or the rest of my school yet , so I take the rest of my break walking around school.

Walking to the bleachers, I hear a roaring engine dieing down. Students are not allowed to leave and return to school anytime they want , so I curiously turn to its direction.

Two huge men-....boys actually, jump of a thier bike. Sitting on the bleaches, I study them. The first guy , medium height with a lean physique. His smile could easily turn anyone's bad day around.

The second guy was  breathtaking. He has a bigger built with tattoos on his entire neck. I don't necessarily like men with tattoos but this guy looks absolutely hot with them. He hardly smiles , keeping a straight face. However , when the first guy speaks to him he let's out a smirk , here and there but not to much.

They both are wearing leather jackets and I come up with the assumption that they must be the two boys who over rules the principal. I notice that even though they are joking around with eachother,  danger oozes out of them.

I make up my mind that it's time to leave. I'm under the radar and I like it that way. Walking back to the cafeteria, my math teacher comes up to me.

" Rose , at Stella Rock High we have a rule for new students,  that they should have a one on one with the tigers claw gang leader , Jason who is a member of our school. He likes to know everyone and everything that goes on in this school. " she states.

"I didn't know " I say almost in a whisper.

"I know Miss Parker , Jason has only come back to school today , that is why he is asking to meet you now. If you can please follow me" turning around , she begins to walk out the cafeteria.

I hold my heart in my hand as she leads me to the principal's office. Offering me a sympathetic smile , she tells me to relax and answer any questions asked of me.

I hesitantly knock on the door and hears someone saying " come in ".

Entering the office , it looked the same since 3 days ago when I met with the principal for admission , only difference is that the bulky guy from the field sits on the principals chair with his legs on the table.

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