Secret and Lies series

Secret and Lies series

By:  Katherine petrov  Completed
Language: English
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Lying and holding secrets comes to us naturally, as natural as breathing and looking on either side of the road before crossing. We all do it to protect ourselves because sometimes the truth can hurt us.Some are harmless little white lies, but some secrets hide horrible things. Those lies will always come haunting those who seek to keep their lips sealed. Follow Caroline, Charlotte, Chloe, and Caleb's journey, as their life is turned upside down as they fight to keep their lips sealed about the murder they accidentally committed.Everyone keeps secrets. Everyone lies. You better make sure no one saw what you've done before making up your lies because all it takes is one person with the truth on their lips for your life to be destroyed.

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98 Chapters
Roshord high
Underestimate me. That will be fun Roshord is a small town where everyone is busy with their works. Caroline hurried to the cafe in Roshord high wearing a linen apron on her dress. It’s been two years working here after graduating from college. “Whoa, no need to rush. You are on time." Bill caught her near the door. “Am I? my sisters took more time to get ready,” her eyes widened seeing him. Bill is her closest friend from kindergarten. “I know that. Charlotte can’t be able to live without makeup. Now back to work, cappuccino for the students,” he clapped his hands and started serving. Roshord high is the amazing school in the whole town. The caffeine was built outside the school and everyone are invited. All the students are brilliant in their studies. While serving cappuccinos to people seated at the tables, Care spotted her sister Chloe. She’s in 11th grade. “Can you join us? We want some cheerleading tips from you,” Sookie told Ca
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Hot swimming teacher
      We got that good love We got that hood love We got that hot love - Ariana Grande Care leaned on the dishwasher inside the caffeine while Clary noticed her worried look. "You should have not slapped him," she spoke after a minute of silence. But Care thought what she did was right. She and her sister are earning in their family for their living. Their parents died a few years ago. So she just ignored Clary and went to work. Charlotte is walking towards her class in the hallway crossing all the students who are talking, chatting, etc... she opened the case of her violin and got hold of it. Everyone stayed silent and watched her playing it smoothly. The music filled the whole room which is so pleasant to hear. Charlotte the violinist has been the best and most likeable one. when the bell rang, she left the class and someone bumped into her. "Oh my goodness " sh
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Friday night
FRIDAY NIGHT “Life is good especially on a Friday “ The graveyard painting looks the same as the real one. “Are you psychic?” Taylor doubted. All these years, whenever Chloe drew something without knowing, it comes true. It’s weird right. But whatever happened is good, but she doesn’t know what will happen now. “IAM NOT A PSYCHIC!” she shouted at Taylor, but her voice was barely audible. Then she noticed Ruby’s face at the moment. “You have a bandage on your head. I didn’t see that in the morning,” she questioned. Ruby hesitated a lot and looked at the others, hoping they would answer it. “That’s because Becca pushed me down the stairs. I know she did it purposefully, but why she’s always targeting me. I did nothing to hurt her.” Ruby’s eyes welled with tears. Chloe doesn’t know how to comfort her." We can’t change her. I think you should tell this to the principal." 'That will make her angry to t
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A celebrity wants your number
A CELEBRITY WANTS YOUR PHONE NUMBER 'Who’s she talking with? They can’t talk about hurting my girlfriend. I can’t tell her about this.' Caleb took his phone and screenshots it. He was about to jump out of the window. Suddenly, he heard footsteps. He hid under the bed and the door slowly opened, revealing Becca’s face.   “I will be there, Tiffany,” she talked from inside her bedroom. Caleb put his phone in silent and stayed silent. Soon she walked near the window and closed it.  At last, without a doubt, she left her room." Phew," he got up from the bed and escaped to the backside of the house through the window. Someone touched his shoulder all of a sudden. A shiver ran down his spine when he turned to see that’s Caroline.  “What the hell are you thinking? I told you to wait there.” he scolded. He usually told scold her older sister, especially not Charlotte, whose middle name is angry.   “It’s been half
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Can I expose her secrets?
CAN I EXPOSE HER SECRET? Ruby opened her locker. All her books, diary, papers, everything fell on the floor with a loud noise. All eyes are on Ruby Espinoza. Something was written on the side of the locker in red paint. “Hey, there coward, or can I call you loser?” She looked at everyone around there, controlling her tears. Laughter echoed in the hall and Becca was standing some steps away from Ruby. “You should see her face.” Tiffany laughed out loud. Why they are doing this without a purpose? There has to be some reason behind it. The red paint flows on the locker. Maybe It was painted a few minutes ago. Everyone looked sympathetically at her. She thought of bending down and taking all her books, but Becca wasn’t moving an inch from where she’s standing. “Becca, go to your damn class,” Charlotte’s voice echoed through the hall very loud and clear. “And also, you too,” Scott ordered to her friends Wes and Tif
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Playing Lacrosse isn't safe
PLAYING LACROSSE ISN’T SAFE “I never loved him. I want his money and power.” Becca willingly told this to tiffany. “But he loves you, Becca” Tiffany widened her eyes in shock. “Mm... what should I do for that?” she shook her head, did some make-up, and walked away. Tiffany followed her. Ruby stopped the video and came out of the half-opened door. “This is what I want. I won’t let you get my boyfriend or cheat on others. I need some help,” she muttered to herself, running out of the bathroom. As soon as she was out, she spotted Chloe talking with Ian. “Chloe,” she began approaching them but trying not to interrupt their conversation. "What happened?" Chloe asked, looking at her pale face. “I need to talk with you alone,” She looked at Ian, hoping he will leave. “Fine with me,” he shrugged. “Okay, now don’t take it wrong. Just give me a minute to show you this.” Ruby fumbled to take her phone. Chloe gasped at seeing it a
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Meet me in the mystery
MET ME IN THE MYSTERY Whether it goes into the woods or not. Who’s going to examine it? Soon, Caleb, Bianca, and the others are treated in the hospital. It’s not a big issue after some days. The school was careless and didn’t have an idea to investigate it. Things were back to normal. Lacrosse can’t practice in the school area until the construction work is finished. It’s ongoing, which will be done before the match. It’s pretty difficult to fix the crack in the ground. The principal announced that the crack isn’t anybody’s fault. “How’s your brother?” Bill asked Care, leaning on the wall taking a break from work. “He’s good. I was being stressed nowadays,” said Care, letting out a sign standing next to him. No call from Daniel worries her a little. But most of the stress is on her work. Care and Charlotte alone can’t able to pay for their life every day. She had already taken leave for a few days to watch her brother’s health. “You are a str
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Fire, Fire, Fire
FIRE, FIRE, FIRE Finally, the day has arrived, a lacrosse match. Everyone is eager to watch it. The playground is safe for the players. Lowe’s family arrived at the ground and searched for a place to sit and watch their brother. Lacrosse means the world to Caleb. “Char-lotte,” Jason called Charlotte, spotting her standing alone. “Coming,” she winked at him. Before they started to talk, Scott interrupted them unknowingly. “Do you want to join us?” Charlotte offered. With a nod, he sat next to her. Jason glared at him in frustration. He thought he could spend some more time with her. “Oh no,” Scott gasped all of a sudden. “What’s wrong” Jason spoke to him for the first time. “Did you mind if I support Raven’s team?” Scott asked, in hesitation. “Seriously, man, I won’t be accepting it if you aren’t my friend. But you are, so be it.” Charlotte responded to him. She doesn’t ask about who’s he going to cheer?
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She's dead
SHE’S DEAD Bill slowly looked down to see a boy lying. His leg is injured, blood flows from his leg continuously. “Help me,” he struggled to speak. Bill helped him to stand up. It seems like they will all go to die in the fire. The boy leaned on Bill’s shoulder and they made their way out of the destruction. Caleb is suffering inside the fire can’t able to find his way out of the burning house. He felt like this was the end of his life. When he was distracted in fear, the bricks above him were about to fall on him. Suddenly, someone pushed him down and saved him from death right on time. “Ruby,” Caleb talked in shock. “Let’s get out of here,” she urged, and stood on her feet. Then she looked at his arms, which were bleeding. “Why did you come here?” he asked her with pain in his body, struggling to get on his knees. “For who do you think? Iam here for you,” she replied in a panicked voice. They both stepped together, h
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Confronted her
CONFRONTED HER The same day, they discharged Caleb. He didn’t talk with their sisters, no further questions about what happened when he left? If he showed his emotions to his sisters, they would have helped him feel better. But he kept everything inside him, dying inside. Care went silently to her room and took her diary. She only writes it when something happens that matters the most. Mostly it will be something happier or secrets or lies, but not death. 03 May, 11:30 pm, I never thought something so heart-breaking will happen. I still can’t believe it. Ruby is like one of us and she meant a world to Caleb. He will never be the same person, ever again. Ruby is Chloe’s BFF. She is a sensitive girl who can’t bear a small thing. Soon Ruby’s funeral will happen without her body. No one can find her body. All we can see is ashes. The worst death ever. It should never happen to anyone. Her sweet voice is still ringing in my ear. One thing that
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