Beta Drax: The Unpredictable Beta (The Hybrid Series) Book 3

Beta Drax: The Unpredictable Beta (The Hybrid Series) Book 3

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Beta Drax was killed alongside his childhood best friends over a thousand years ago. He was awakened as one of the Supreme Beings to help rule alongside King Aidan and Gamma Ty. He was forced to reject his first mate because it was a forbidden love and then he was assassinated in a coup not knowing his second chance mate was pregnant with his twin boys. He returned to find his second chance mate was mated and married to the mate he rejected years ago. They raised his boys while having kids of their own. He never expected to be still bonded with both mates. What happens in this triad when obstacles try to push them apart? What happens when old enemies lurk on the outside trying to destroy their bond from within? Will their love for each other hold true?

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73 Chapters
1000+ Years ago Drax I was in a field with my best friends playing when we met up with the wolves from the River Bay Pack. We were between the ages of seventeen to twenty, and there is where I met the Alpha's son, Ryker, he was a pain in the ass. His brother Riley was younger than him but we accepted him as one of us, I was always the shy one but I would be outspoken if the occasion arose. Roman was always a little troublemaker and always a little friendlier with the girls. As we got older, we were always training to be ready to take over our father's respective roles when the time was right. Roman was abused by his father and would always bunk with any of us hiding out from him. Ryker moved away to train to be Alpha for a few years when he turned eighteen, as he was two years older than me, and it was weird not having him around. Eventually, I started going with the others to the Fae kingdom where I had a huge crush on Michael, although he was identical to Cayden, he had this uniqu
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Chapter 1: Conflicted
(Sexual Content) Ryker It's been a year and Drax and I have been sneaking around on and off, he is conflicted but I am not. I want him but my dad has made an arranged marriage for me to take over, there was a brewing war upon us and we all are called on to help the Alpha King. Aidan is still away and will not be joining us as he has faith in his father. I was in my quarters when my brother said, "I met your future mate, she is a looker," but I said nothing, I didn't want her, I wanted my mate but I needed to produce an heir to carry on my legacy unless I step down and let my brother take over, after all, he has Alpha training as well. I decided to go to the pub tonight and find myself a nice she-wolf to spend the night with before I leave to go be in the King's army. I arrived and there were a lot of customers tonight, I guess the war has everyone on edge. I saw Drax as soon as I walked over to the bar, his scent was potent and I couldn't resist looking at him but he was furious and
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Chapter 2: Rejection
Drax It's been seventeen months since the death of my father and I hadn't gotten around to his promise as yet. I eventually ended up telling Ty about Ryker and he congratulated me but understood why I felt the way I did, he assured me that Aidan would be cool about everything and that Ryker and I could be together but the promise I made to my dying father had a chokehold on me. I decided to meet Ryker and see if we can have a compromise on the situation. It was late in the afternoon and I was at our meeting spot waiting for him, I smelled him before I saw him and his scent always did things to me, it calms me when he is near and I think I have fallen in love with him. I think I loved him for a long time but was too scared to admit it. We sat and watched the sunset in silence before he looked at me and smiled, he said, "I love you Drax," and I kissed him shutting him up. I felt his nervousness but it calmed down after my kiss, we ended up on the forest floor next to the lake making pas
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Chapter 3: Meeting the Others
Lora I was in a carriage riding with my father for two days to the Fae Kingdom, he wanted an alliance that our Alpha had set up to be signed. I was learning what it was like to be a Beta female although my brother would take over eventually, honestly, I was secretly searching for my mate. I believe in true mates although it was rare, my dad was going to marry me off, and I could sense it if I didn't find my mate. The war lost a lot of men and she-wolves were taking every opportunity to be mated, whether with a wolf or other species. I watched the beautiful trees and flowers as we headed to the palace, it was so magical with all the different colors, fairies looked at us as we passed until we were by the front entrance. King Lucian came out to greet us and we were escorted to the main hall, I got this scent that made my wolf Joi perk up, it was minty with a touch of lime and musk, it was masculine and I wondered if my mate was here. I was worried about being mated to a different specie
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Chapter 4: Wedding & Mating
(Sexual Content) Ryker I had gotten an invitation to Drax's wedding and mating out of respect as my father had an alliance with King Aidan. My father was happy Drax was being mated off as I wouldn't be able to embarrass him and said, "We would be able to nip those rumors in the bud," and I looked at him saying, "What rumors?" My father smiled and said, "I never believed them so it does matter," and I just let it go knowing full well what he wanted to say. He asked that I go around and meet she-wolves to mate and I just said, "In time," many days passed and I had she-wolves in and out of my bed with the approval of my father and brother. My brother ended up mating Clara and she just recently found out she is with a pup, my father was happy and said, "You are next since you have proven yourself and will be Alpha." I smiled and said, "I am holding out for the special someone, maybe a true mate," and he nodded in approval. I went for a run heading towards the old hideout where I would s
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Chapter 5: The Ball
2 Weeks Later Drax It was time for Aidan's birthday ball, we have been back about two days now and we were getting things in place for the ball. All the maidens in the land were looking forward to meeting Aidan in hopes of becoming queen. Roman has been distant lately and I figured he was just stressed about finding his mate as he said that he was looking for her. I hope he does as it should help him clean up his act, so I decided to go to his office and find out where his head is at. I entered his office and he was busy looking at some documents, he covered them when I entered and smiled saying, "My dearest friend, how can I help you today? After all a mated man should be busy," and we both laughed. I sat in front of him and said, "I heard you plan on finding a mate at the ball," and he smiled, "Yes, I have a she-wolf in mind, but we shall see." "How are you holding up Roman? I know you have been distant lately," feeling concerned for one of my best friends. He said, "I was just goi
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Chapter 6: Building Allies
(Sexual Content) Ty I have been working in the town over the valley and the castle a lot lately, making sure most taxes were paid and everyone was able to eat especially those who were considered poor, we made sure there was more than enough food for everyone. There have been rogues attacking a lot more lately and we were also trying to get to the bottom of it. The last rogue that we found was looking for our future Queen when I mind-linked Aidan, he was furious and ended up killing him. Drax had increased security around Lily, while Lora worked with Lily most of the time, she protected Lily. There was also a rumor about Roman being too close to Lily but of course, we thought nothing of it, we all trusted each other and Lily was trying her best to be friendly with all of Aidan's friends as she would be our superior as well. I have been a lot grumpier lately and it was showing, I met my mate a few weeks ago and it was complicated, I rejected her because she of all people, is one of A
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Chapter 7: Their Deaths
The Coronation Drax Something was strange and the air felt different, Ty noticed it too and told his mom who wanted to stay home to be careful as Toffe was sick. We don't usually get sick but he was burning up and we figured that he would get his lycan soon, it was rare to have his lycan early but not unheard of. I was dressing in my finest clothes for the occasion and Lora was helping prepare Lily for her walk down the aisle with Aidan. Addy made sure we were ready with her potion which helped cut our nervousness and we were prepared, security was doubled at Romans's request since there were rogue sightings in the area these past few days and to avoid a battle for this special occasion, we added security. I realized that Ryker and Riley were in attendance but I didn't see his father though, Riley seems off but I heard that he will be a father soon, so he is probably worried and feeling uneasy about being away from her at this time. I dreamt of the day that I would be running around
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Chapter 8: Falling In Love
Lora I have been in Ryker's pack for about six months now and it’s been over a year since Drax has been gone. I missed him every day but watching my baby boys grow reminded me of him and this was what I needed to push forward and protect them. Ryker has been kind to me, he never once pushed me to have sex with him, he never even touched me inappropriately, he takes me out on little dates to spend time together and he makes me feel so welcome. The little gifts of appreciation like the flowers that he leaves in my room, touch me, Ryker is just amazing, he treats me like a Queen with all the jewelry and clothing, and my boys lack for nothing. I am falling in love with him, but I feel like I am betraying Drax somehow, I know that he would want me to move on, the butterflies that I feel when Ryker is near consume me, he is so handsome. Riley has been a gem, and his wife Clara became one of my good friends, their father has recovered from the loss of his mate. When Ryker told me that he wa
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Chapter 9: After the Awakening
(Sexual Content)700 Years Later Drax I have been back from the dead for about two months now and I'm currently in the gym working out, I have this anger in me after learning what Roman did to me and the others. Cayden, Michael, and Elijah have been our rock in getting us back on our feet, my vampire Vlad has been going through blood bags like a raging alcoholic. I felt Emerie walk in, she was shopping earlier as we are currently dating. I met her the night I came back and she was the distraction that I needed but then she started to grow on me, she is witty, attractive, smart and she speaks her mind. We have decided to date each other and everything is going great, she is not the first Fae I ever had sex with but the first to be in a relationship with and it's not so bad. I learned that Lora had married Ryker and had kids with him, I was shocked but not surprised, he betrayed me and then mated the woman that I loved more than anything. I can't wait to kill him and his entire bloodli
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