Chapter 66 - All Hail The Madonie Heirs Part Two

Delilah POV

The surgery itself took about an hour. Alexander was in scrubs, holding my hand the whole time. I was glad they had the curtain over my midsection so I didn’t witness them cutting me to retrieve the babies. Alexander’s attention bounced like a tennis ball between my face and the surgery. I started to cry each time Doctor Damiani announced one of the babies was out.

I know I’ve said I haven’t felt anything maternal for them, and I hold to that. But when I heard the first wail from baby A, I felt a tug in my heart. And it continued as each baby made their presence in the room known. They sounded healthy, at least.

“They’re perfect,” Alexander assured me as he kissed my forehead or tried to kiss it, but he had a surgical mask on, which was a little weird.

“Do you want to see them?” a nurse asked.

“No. The honor of meeting them first belongs to their parents. Bring them to Alpha André and Aleph Darren.” I shook my head.

I wanted to see them. I desperately wanted to see th

Welcome to the world and D'Amore/Delaney families: Prince Caspian Alec D'Amore, Prince Aragon Kevin D'Amore, Princess Amaryllis Deborah Delaney, and Princess Éowyn Delilah Delaney!!

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Comments (25)
goodnovel comment avatar
Jill Carroll Raber
loved the chapter but those are some unusual names
goodnovel comment avatar
that was so beautiful. I am crying happy tears for them and felt for Delilah.
goodnovel comment avatar
Emma Wardle
Such a beautiful chapter ...️ ... ... my heart hurts for Deliah

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