Fight for the throne, Alfred.

Fight for the throne, Alfred.




"What is the feisty princess doing here? I thought you were supposed to be in your room?" I turn sharply to see the prince from earlier. Prince Axel. What is he doing here? Is he stalking me?

I held my gown with my palms, trying so hard to calm my nerves. I pray he doesn't suspect a thing, and what if he does? I finally brace myself, I mean do I give a fuck about it.

“And what is the plucky prince doing here? Isn't he supposed to be in his room?” I retorted as I tugged the strand of hair

that fell to my forehead, away to the back of my ear.

I watched as his expression changed and he soon held his both hands into a fist, it looks like he was hot-tempered, and the slightest thing could trigger him, but I'm less concerned.

He finally screwed the expression away from his face and chuckled dryly.

“Come on princess, it's not something to take seriously I was just___” he tries to explain himself but was soon cut off by a familiar deep voice.

My heart missed a beat as I heard the commanding voice of Alfred in the air, he was standing behind me.

My heart throbbed in fear, pain, and guilt gripped me, how do I stand him? How do I tell him that I didn't mean for all this to happen? Just how?

“What's going on here?” he inquires again and I turned to stare at him. His eyes were red and it looked to me like he has been crying.

My heart sinks at the sight that befalls me, my heart would definitely betray me, how can I ever leave this man, when I grew up to love him, how can I put an end to the ach in my heart?

“Greetings, prince Alfred,” prince Axel’s voice jolted me out of my pondering and I gulped down nothing, I felt my throat dry up and the place suddenly became so hot for me.

“Greetings, Prince Axel, I was wondering what you were doing out here with the future queen, are you perhaps troubling her?” his voice was terrible and I could tell that he had to summon a lot of courage just to call me the future queen when he is not the king.

“Who would dare trouble the future queen?” he responded with a bow and further smiled.

“Before any more words, I request to leave,” he asserted and bowed to Alfred, and I felt my body ghost up in fear.

It was going to be left with just me and Alfred, how do I explain to him, that I didn't wish for any of this to happen?

He nodded slightly and Axel took a turn away from us, he advanced toward the garden and in no time, he was out of sight.

My heart raised and I felt my breath hitch in my throat, my hands were proofing out sweat, my mouth dried, and my heart sober, I could feel his gaze on me, but I couldn't say a word because I didn't know what to say, I didn't want to upset him.

I thought I was brave enough when I came in search of him, but I've just realized how feeble my heart is. Maybe I shouldn't have come here.

The awkward silence was eating me up, and I couldn't help but shake in trepidation.

“Why did you do that?” He finally broke the awkward silence that almost sent me to death.

My stomach grumbled and I felt my heart chimes in my chest.

“How could you think of leaving me, did you ever love me?” he questioned, pain emanating in his voice, my heart sinks into my stomach and tears welled in my eyes.

“How could you Amy?” his voice betrayed him as it crack, pain clearly written in his eyes.

“I didn't do it, Alfred, I didn't. I was forced to!” I finally yelled and broke into tears. My heart shattered into pieces as I watch him hover steps away from me, and my heart twitched in pain, was he just going to leave me without hearing a word from me?

He scoffed awkwardly and sniffed back the tears that settled at the brim of his eyes.

“How could you even say that?” he questioned, with so much disbelief, and my heart sinks, why would he even think that I would leave him for that so-called crown prince?

“You're not going to believe me?” I inquired my heart twitching immensely.

And I continued.

“Do you think that I'm ever going to leave you? I will never do that Alfred, I will never trade two years of my life for nothing, I don't love him, Alfred, it's you I love, it's you I want to spend the rest of my life with, you are the only person that can ever make me feel the way I do Alfred, please believe me, I love you and if I will be a queen to anybody then I will be your queen” I suddenly found myself pouring my heart to him.

The look in his eyes gradually changed and I began to see him acknowledging every bit of my words.

He stares at me with so much pain in his eyes.

“How do I do that Amy? How do I make you my queen? How do I keep you by my side, how do I make you my queen and love you forever? He inquires with so much pain in his voice and I inhaled slightly.

“There is only a way out of this” I whispered under my breath and he arches his brows to me, his forehead formed into three horizontal lines and he finally directed the question to me.

“What way Amy?”

I inhaled slightly and held onto his two hands, stroking them slightly, before whispering to him.”

“Fight for the throne, become the king, and make me your queen?” I asserted and his both eyes widen in shock.

“Huh?”both eyes widen in shock, and it felt as though they were going to jump out of their socket.

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