Grand proposal.


CHAPTER.... 103..


Three weeks after the burial of Axel, and the mourning of Alfred, that really causes a huge effect on the whole palace, and also on Ace.

Ace Announced that Ryan will be made the chief of staff, and the head warrior, and he would be crowned in three days' time. Which called for a very huge celebration.

Since they all returned and settled from all the mini-attacks that had kept them from each other Ryan had not been able to spend much time with his lady, Amelia so he had asked to see her, for a proper date. Which she agreed to.

“My queen. Do you think I look beautiful?” she asked Amy who had been on her phone since.

Amy darted her gaze to her.

“You look extremely beautiful Amelia, do I need to say that for the umpteenth time before you believe me?” she requires, faking anger because of how much, she was being distracted from what she was going and Amelia to pout, causing Amy to sighs.

“You are doing extremely well,
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