The End!


CHAPTER 106...


It's been five years since Ace and Amy got married.

They have been living their life to the very best, with not many obstacles tearing them apart.

Ace has been ruling the kingdom, his father's emperor, and his own personal work. The kingdom of blue crest had moved from developed to anything that could be used to define develop appropriately.

Amy had successfully given birth to two children, twin. A boy and a girl. Alex and Hazel.

And they have both been doing really great.

“The door to Amy’s room opened after several knocks without a response.

“Mummy, we've been knocking on your doors for some time now, and you haven't been answering us, what's up mum? Alex walks into the room while Hazel trails behind him.

Alex should be the true definition of loquacious. He is very much of an inquisitive person and Amy loves it so much.

Alex was like his mother, and Hazel was like his mum, so they had switched positions, loving
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