6. Tough Trainer.

Billina took one quick look at her wristwatch and said, "I must go. Suit yourself."

"Leaving so soon, Ms Bernand?" Conor asked with a ravishing smile on his face.

"Yes because getting wasted in a bar is not my style," she said proudly.

Conor raised both of his brows in astonishment. 

There was something about this girl... she never throws herself for a man. Her reputation precedes her. 

Such a sophisticated lady she is. 

To be honest, Conor thinks that formal wear looks good on her.

Another second and two girls- more like sluts in a knee-length dress threw themselves at Conor.

"I got company, Bernand. See ya!" he winked at Billina who just rolled her eyes and walked away.

Next morning all the newcomers reached BB Corporations by 9 and were told that a trainer is coming to give them a professional trainer. Ashton was there too.

Even if he knew that he was at risk here but he still wanted to try his luck. Maybe

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