5. Interview With Forbes.

Billina finished the meeting with the Parkers and went for an interview with Forbes.

She was wearing a black tux, looking ravishing rich.

After being greeted by the host, she got herself seated.

"So, Ms Billina Bernand. Why did you start your business?" asked the host, with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Well.. my grandfather started this business as BB Corporations back in 60's," she replied neutrally.

"What is the real story behind BB?" the host asked.

"Uhm.. there's no such story. My grandfather's name was Benjamin Bernand and he named the business BB as in the short form of his name. Then, he named his son-my father Brian. That was with a B too. Then my parents named me Billina. So all of our generations are taking after B." she replied with a light chuckle.

"I heard your business started with 5 employees by your granddad. What is it like to have thousands of people working for you?" the host asked, a bit astonished.

"Yea it's like really overwhelming for me to have so many workers working in my company. And even sometimes I feel ... it's unbelievable." Billina rubbed her chin and said.

"Was there a time you ever wanted to quit?" asked the host.

"Yep, last year my grandmother wasn't well and I took her all the way to Germany for her to get medicated by the best doctors. That was the time I wanted to give up. But then, again she encouraged me. And here I am." Billina said sneering.

"So, what's the dream?" the host asked.

"Just to make sure my grandmother lives a great life because she deserves it. And the dream is to expand the business in greater parts of the world like Germany, France and Russia," replied Billina.

''Little do I know your business is already in Brazil, Argentina, Australia and China. How do you manage all these countries? I mean flying in different regions of the world all the time?"

"I've hired the paid CEO's in each of my head offices and they report me. I don't have to travel much only if it's worth it otherwise I'm on Skype or face time with my people every time," replied Billina in a confident tone.

"Okay, so the last question. What is feels like to be the ruthless businesswoman or as the title of Forbes magazine 'Billina Bernand the billionaire beauty?" smiled the host, holding the Forbes magazine in her hand.

Billina chuckled lightly and replied, "I'm overwhelmed. I feel proud.. and loved. My friend made a slogan saying 'BB is for BB. Billionaire Beauty is for Billina Bernand.' And that was actually really weird."

After the interview, she attended a few business calls and then asked her grandmother about her health.

When she wasn't sure what her grandmother told her, she decided to visit the doctor herself.

Doctor Richard was examining a patient but when he saw Billina, he hands it over to his assistant and walked out of the room.

"Billina? Is everything alright?" he asked concerned.

"Uncle Richard, how's my grandmother?" she asked worriedly.

Richard was a family doctor and he knew Billina well.

"Let's talk inside?" he said as both of them walked in his cabin.

"She told me she was about to get fainted when coming here for a checkup," said Doctor Richard.

"What? Why?" Billina asked worriedly.

"Low blood pressure." said the doctor.

"Why? What's the reason?" Billina asked exasperated.

"Stress. She is stressed. She needs to stop overthinking ." replied doctor Richard, a little carefully.

"Did you gave any meds?" she asked rubbing her chin.

"Yes, Billina. I have." nodded the doctor.

Billina was sitting in her car and the words of doctor Richard were continuously running in her mind. She was seriously concerned for her grandmother.

Billina had faced tougher days in her life before but today she felt exhausted.

"Turn the car to the bar," she ordered the driver who nodded respectively and obeyed the instructions of the boss.

She reached the bar and walked at the bar counter. Billina waved a hand towards the bartender and he came to listen to her.

"A bourbon and tequila shots," she ordered. Billina sighed and stared at the drinks which the waiter just put in front of her.

It's been really long since she had bourbon and shots. In business dinners and meetings, even in family she just drinks champagne. Now that she's stressed, she wants to relax her mind.

Billina grabbed a glass of tequila shot and drank it all in a gulp, quickly.

She was calm as the alcohol swirled down in her system. Then, she took another small glass of tequila shot and was about to drink until she felt the presence of someone on her right side.

Billina turned around to see, a man, perfectly handsome in business attire, smiled at her.

She raised a brow and put the small tequila shot glass back to the bar counter.

Then with a slight push, she slides the glass towards the man. The small glass full of tequila slides at the bar counter and towards the man, he held it in his hand and raised the glass as if to cheer.

She took another tequila shot and raised it to him. Both of them gulped the shot together and smirked.

"Oh my... The Billionaire beauty is here.." the man with his usual breathtaking voice walked to her.

"Conor Ostin..." Billina gave a half-grin and nodded.

What is it like to drink in a poor club?" he asked winking at her.

Billina scoffed and held her bourbon in her hand.

Of course, she knew the man was kidding. The bar was popular and only rich and affordable people came here.

"I heard you were in Japan, Ostin." she took a sip of her drink and said.

"I heard you are all over the news, Bernand," he said in a mocking tone.

So, the man is clever. He has humour.

"Oh, yes." she pointed at the large Plasma TV on the left and the interview of her with Forbes was playing but the volume was mute so nobody could hear the voices.

"So, when are you inviting me to your house?" he asked smiling broadly.

"See, here's the thing Conor." she adjusted herself and said, "I am so not interested in you and your goddamn dinner with you. I just agreed because of my grandmother and since you didn't show up last time... don't think you'll get a second chance." she said unbiased.

"But don't you think a hot boy like me should get a second chance?" he sneered like a puppy.

Billina showed no emotion and took another sip of her drink saying, "You see, nobody is that lucky."

"Ouch! You hurt my feelings, Billina." he faked a sad face.

''Uhh..'' she rolled her eyes as if she knew his dramas.

"Okay, okay. Can we go to dinner someday for the sake of old days?" he asked a bit serious.

She came closer, eyes in eyes and whispered, "No!"

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