Billionaire's Pregnant Runaway Wife

Billionaire's Pregnant Runaway Wife

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Rose looked at the reports in her hand and was in shock... The reports said that she was one month pregnant, however, how can she get pregnant when she didn't have any man in her life... "Was it because of that dream? Could I get pregnant because I have sex in my dream?" She thought... She didn't have any mental problems, however, except for this she can't able to think about anything... However, she still didn't get out of her surprise when she met the man in her dream... Kevin Davis looked at the reports in her hand and asked, "Is this child mine?" However, Rose didn't answer but asked... "Was that night not a dream?" Kevin was angry because it was his first time and she thinks it was a dream... Kevin forced her to marry him however, Rose didn't want it... She wanted to abort the child but he didn't let her... In the end... Rose agreed to marry him... She looked at Kevin's blue eyes and said, "I will marry you, however, I had two conditions..." "First, after marriage, you can't control my freedom, I still had the right to do whatever I want. Don't worry I won't harm the child." "Second, if I ever found out that you had cheated behind my back then I will leave with my child and you can't stop me..." Both of them got married... However, after she falls in love with him... She found there are hidden secrets in his past...

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Delinda Schumacher
403 chapters 2-7-24
2024-02-08 00:11:53
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Cherissa May Rios
very nice story
2023-09-02 02:48:51
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Marleen Lanzot
It’s now August this novel needs to be updated
2023-08-23 23:13:37
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Delinda Schumacher
160 chapters 6-6-23
2023-06-07 03:58:39
403 Chapters
Chapter 1 How can I be pregnant?
"Miss Reed, Congratulations! You are pregnant!" The doctor said and gives the test results report to the woman sitting in front of her."What?" Rose looked at the doctor in shock...She waved her hand in front of the doctor and said..."Doctor, I think there is some problem with the results! How..? How can I be pregnant? I am here because I am feeling a little weak these few days... I am not pregnant... How can I be pregnant?""Miss Reed, I am a doctor for 15 years and I didn't make any mistake in your test. You are indeed pregnant! You are feeling all this because you are pregnant for a month... It was pregnancy reactions..."Rose looked at the test results in her hand which show that she was one month pregnant in a daze.She can't believe that she was pregnant!How can I get pregnant? Was it because of that dream? Could one get pregnant after having sex in his dream? She thought...If anyone knows her thoughts, they would think that she had some mental problem, but it's not!The rea
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Chapter 2 Is that child mine?
"Rose! How's your report? What did the doctor say?"As they were talking, When a middle-aged woman walked out of the ward behind them and asked Rose.Her voice is filled with concern and loves toward her.That woman was Grace Reed, Rose's mother. From the past few days, she saw that Rose was not feeling well and her face also looked pale, so she asked her to have a check-up.She knows that her daughter was working very hard to support their family and to pay her father's medical expenses. Because of some failure in their business, her father had a heart problem and stayed in the hospital.She was also just a housewife, and don't have any work. So she can't help her. Seeing her working so hard, her heart aches for her daughter...Just now, she knows that she went for the check-up and she was waiting for Rose in the ward of her father. However, after waiting for so long, when she saw that she didn't come back, she come out to look for her.Rose saw her mother and she adjust the cold exp
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Chapter 3 I help you remember it
Kevin directly takes Rose into his car and put him inside. He also get inside the car and closed the door.Rose was locked up in such a small place with this man... She couldn't help but move behind... However, she only moved a little, when her back pressed against the car door...She wanted to open the door, but found that it was locked.Rose looked at the man in front of her and don't know what he was trying to do. Because of the aura around his body, she was a little afraid of him...However, she still tried her best to look calm and not to show her fear..."You... What do you want? What are you trying to do? Why did you take him there,? Opened the door... I have to go..." She said.However, the man sitting in front of her just looked at her. His deep blue eyes were fixed on her. His were so deep that you can't see through his thoughts. Rose don't know what he was thinking.However, Under his gaze, Stella felt very uncomfortable... She feels like he can see through her clothes..."
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Chapter 4 Did he think, he was a king
When Rose hear his words, her face also turned cold. She glared at Kevin.How can he be so overbearing? Did he think that he was some kind of King and everyone has to listen to him?Rose thought in her heart.She wanted to curse him loud because she don't like how he threatened her with her family...However, before she could open her mouth, her eyes fell on his clothes and watch. When she first saw him, she was shocked because of his face and didn't notice the details but now looking at them...The watch he was wearing looked quite expensive, she didn't know the brand, but from its looks, she can tell that it must be expensive. The clothes on his body also looked tailored made and branded...The car she was sitting in, is the black Roll Royce...These few things were enough for Rose to know that even though she doesn't know who is the man in front of her, however, he must be an ordinary person. He looks like some rich young master.No matter how angry she was but she was not a fool.
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Chapter 5 Why should I marry you?
The shop assistant didn't say anything and just went over to take out the dresses...Of course, Rose is also a woman and she can feel the jealousy in the shop assistant's eyes and frown...However, she didn't have time for all this...She looked at Kevin and said, "Why do you want me to try these dresses? I am not going to do it!"She doesn't know what kind of person he was or what kind of weird thoughts he has...She didn't even know him, and he dragged her here...Why did he suddenly take her here and asked her to try wedding gowns?Rose don't understand his thoughts or not she was in the mood to understand..."I don't have time to waste. Quickly go and try them. After that, we have to go to the civil affair office to get our marriage certificate."Kevin said in a calm tone.Rose hear his words and looked at him in shock...She rubbed her ear and said, "What did you say? I think I didn't hear properly?""I don't have a whole day!" Kevin said in a cold voice.Rose was dumbstruck.The
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Chapter 6 Miss Reed, you can't abort this child!
Rose know very well, if she wanted to leave this place then she had to think of something else. There is no point in talking with this man.Thus, she compromised and went with the shop assistant to try the wedding gowns...Inside the dressing room...With the help of the assistant, Rose changed into a white wedding gown. It was an off-shoulder wedding gown with a beautiful embroidered Rose on her waist, with gems...Rose was not very tall but she was also not short... She was about 1.68 meters tall. She has an oval face with two big black eyes. Her lips were red and thin... Rose was very beautiful, however, she didn't like to dress up much.Now when she was wearing a white wedding gown, it perfectly fit her body and exposed her figure. Her white shoulders and slender neck are visible. Her black hair is falling on her back...The shop assistant looked at her and said, "Madam, you looked very beautiful in this gown. It was like, this dress was only made for you..."At first, the shop as
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Chapter 7 Two conditions for getting married
Rose slowly lifted his eyelids and looked in the direction of the voice...She saw that Kevin was standing at the door and his two dark blue eyes staring at her. His eyes were so cold that, even he was standing so far... However, Rose can still feel coldness around her body.Kevin walked into the room. His leather shoes were stepping on the floor. He was walking towards her step by step...Rose doesn't know what's wrong with her. However, she didn't dare to move. It was like some unknown force stopping her from moving.Kevin walked over and stood in front of her. He looked at the doctor behind him and he understands and quickly left the room. The doctor was also so scared he felt his legs go soft...Kevin lowered his head and looked at the woman sitting on the hospital bed. His eyes were deep and dark and no one know, what he was thinking..."You have a lot of guts! Hmmm? Do you think before I was joking with you?" He said.His voice was filled with coldness.After his assistant infor
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Chapter 8 Happy marriage
Rose looked at the marriage certificate in her hands and she felt a little dizzy. All the way, until she was holding a marriage certificate in her hands... Everything went so fast that she felt like it was a dream...She had decided to get married to him, however, she was still feeling a little unbelievable... In the morning, if someone says to her that she would get married in the afternoon...She would never believe it... However, the reality was in her hands. She has now become a married woman. Rose looked at the marriage certificate in her hand and only then did she know that her husband's name was Kevin Davis."Why did his name sound so familiar? Where have I heard it before?"She thought for a while, then suddenly screamed, "Kev... Kevin Davis?"Could he be the chief of the four young masters of the C city? Was he the mysterious young master, who didn't like women at all, and was said that he had once placed an eel inside a woman's body, almost killing that beautiful starlet?He
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Chapter 9 This trash is not good enough for you
When Mrs. Reed heard that Rose was going to have dinner at Kevin's house, she wanted to prepare gifts for her. She didn't want her daughter to be bullied there...However, now her daughter was married, she just hope that she would be happy..."Rose, love can't be treated as livelihood! But it can be cultivated! A man who is willing to be responsible can't be bad! Now you have already married him, I hope you will be happy and he will treat you well. You have experienced so much recently, you should understand that in our society, women are always treated more harshly with less tolerance! But since you have gotten married, you should take marriage seriously. You can't make mistakes, do you understand? We don't have to be rich, just be safe!"With a sigh, Grace continued."Unfortunately, our family can no longer give you powerful support! But you two are destined to meet each other. If you really can't live with him, at least I will always wait for you. You are always welcomed by me!"Se
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Chapter 10 You will reap what you sow
When Rose come back out, the shop assistant brought coffee over, however, Kevin didn't even look at her and directly walked toward Rose. He stood in front of Rose and asked..."Do you like it?"At this moment, it doesn't matter if she liked it or not, because Rose didn't want to get it. She immediately shook her head."You are right! It's not that great!"The shop assistant who had been waiting for a long time with the cup in her hand was just about to put the coffee down, when she heard Kevin's voice, "Would you like some coffee?"Not waiting for Rose to answer she looked at the shop assistant and said, "Bring it over here!"The shop assistant was a little guilty. Now she was even more scared, and her hand wouldn't stop trembling. What's more, Kevin's extraordinary presence made her even more nervous! As she walked over, she didn't know how it's happened, however, the entire cup of coffee, slipped over Rose's dress. It scared her so much that dropped the cup on the spot."I am sorry.
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