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*COMPLETED* Being bitten at 23 set Maggie's life on a very different course. Becoming a werewolf she had to learn to navigate a whole new world while still existing in her old one.Female wolves are rare and Maggie quickly realised that only a pack could offer her any real safety. Reluctant to become a full member of any pack, and to have to submit to all the rules and regulations, she instead accepts protection from the local Haven Falls pack, including the sexy beta Max. Not being a member of the pack doesn't mean relationships can't still be complicated.A lone unmated female always attracts attention, protected or not. When attention comes from the wrong place, Maggie must learn to trust and rely on her new allies even as she tries to maintain her independence and freedom.© All rights reserved 2019

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38 Chapters
Life is all about choices. As humans we absolutely depend on our right to choose how we live our lives. We are the masters of our own fate and no one has the right to take this away. Choices and rights, the things we are all obsessed with.
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Chapter 1
Death was standing in front of me. I had no doubt that this was the night I was going to die; in an empty park with freezing rain just starting to fall. My nothing-special life was going to end in a way I would never in a million years have seen coming. A nothing-special death sounded so much better right then.
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Chapter 2
5 years laterLocking up the diner was still a less than favourite job, not least because of the bad memory associations
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Chapter 3
"So Maggs, got any plans for tonight? Are you finally going to let me take you out on the town?" Cameron, one of the diner cooks, placed my order at the window and offered me a hopeful look.
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Chapter 4
"Hey a guy just asked to be seated in your section. I put him in the booth since it's quiet.""Thanks
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Chapter 5
"Guess who?" Large hands covered my eyes. My heart racing, I instinctively spun and hit my attacker square in the chest with all my strength. I was rewarded with a grunt of surprise as the person holding me flew backwards.
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Chapter 6
Tension was thick in the air. Breathing was proving to be a challenge and the urge to run and hide in the darkest corner of the house was strong. My white-knuckled hands gripped the arm-rests to try and stop me fleeing in fear.
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Chapter 7
Maggie: It was a disaster. Painful. Like stick a fork in my eye painful.Josie: Surely it can't have been so very bad?
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Chapter 8
It was the morning rush at the diner and all my body was begging me to do was to curl up and sleep for the next 24 hours. Running the night before had been fantastic but the day after always left me with a bone deep exhaustion. 
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Chapter 9
"What's up Maggie-May?" Nate's voice was cheerful as he answered my call."I need your help. It's urg
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