Vampire King's Little Killer - 6. Field Trip

Mafia: A hierarchically structured secret organization allegedly engaged in smuggling, racketeering, trafficking in narcotics, and other criminal activities in the U.S., Italy, and elsewhere. 


"You shouldn't challenge him," Chad reminded me.

"What? I would never, well, maybe I did...but the man was such a pussy." Chad was lecturing me about the importance of keeping peace in the workplace. I mean seriously, I was an assassin what do you expect? morning coffees and discuss their gold-digging wives? Honestly, I was not missing much with my co-workers, I was glad not to be on their boss's monthly payroll with daily obligations and stuff. Never been one of those who come to the office everyday types of people.

"You know better than to let the boss invite me here, I'm okay with you being my handler. I am satisfied with our communication via phone so I don't have to look at your ugly face. I love it, even more, when you texted." I smirked, knowing Chad was actually just like his name, a typical handsome white male big and buff just like your favorite hometown football quarterback. The man was in his prime probably in his mid-thirties, he must've started very young to have positioned himself in such a spot with the mob boss. Or, probably the fact that his half-sister was the mob doctor and I knew that she was fucking the big boss. Gotta say the girl got guts.

"Just play nice. Come on the boss is expecting you, you're late already."

I rolled my eyes but followed him regardless. I still hated that I needed to get up before nine and was expected to be punctual when my body was still half asleep.

"Ah, Tessa finally," The handsome mob boss greeted me, but I would never mistake his kindness for a true one. He didn't get to be the boss for being nice to the people he employed.

"Mr. Dovolani. My apology for being late."

"Yes, yes... I understand you had a last-minute job last night."

I nodded and told him that it was taken care of, and I had conveyed the necessary detail to Chad a.k.a the infamous pinky finger of my last night's victim. I didn't kill the guy as instructed, I was told to scare the guy and collect his pinky finger. My lovely handler, Chad, must have jars of them by now with the amount of work I've done for them.

"... I want you to follow my shipment," he opened a folder and showed a picture of a large size truck with their logistic company logo. "The truck will have GPS on it, details will be given to you later. you will follow it without being seen, not even by our people. Under no circumstances the truck should stop, I've instructed the driver but I understand people sometimes don't listen." He looked out the windows as if we were discussing the weather.

"Anyway, the truck will be carrying very precious cargo. I don't want any fucked up in the delivery. This is the route." He handed me a printout of paper, "Should they stop along the way, I don't want you to interfere unless they opened the truck."

"And if they opened the truck?" I asked, knowing the answer already. I was their best assassin and he knows it.

"Deal with them at that exact moment, kill them, dispose of their bodies. How you do it won't be of my concern, you will then drive the cargo yourself to the appointed destination, and obviously, check in with Chad."

I looked at the map and calculated the distance and the time needed after I asked when the delivery will take place.

"Tonight. Chad will fill you in regarding the time. He's the one who's going to wait for the truck at the other end."

I bit the inside of my cheek, thinking it'll be a long drive if they decided to mess with the cargo, and driving a truck has never been my past-time favorite. The big bad boss seemed to acknowledge my reluctance, not like I could choose my jobs with the mob. But still...

"Your payment will be double your usual."

There you go...

I grinned while he shook his head and let out a sexy chuckle. Damn, if only I let myself fuck my boss. But no, I didn't want to risk the possibility that one day he might get touchy-feely. I was not going to ruin the perfect arrangement I had for some dicking, no matter how good he might be. I like the money more, dicks can be searched somewhere else. Lots of willing men have adequate and well-functioning dicks.

It took another fifteen minutes before I was dismissed from his office. From there I decided to get back to my apartment, get my bike back and steal a car. My Suzuki won't be ideal for following a truck and my car was far from subtle. My friendly co-workers had seen it parked at the mansion too many times already, I didn't want to risk it being seen by the guys working on the job.

By six o'clock I had a power nap and a very late brunch. Before leaving, I bought a takeaway dinner and some snacks and drinks for the long field trip ahead. Oh...and also I stole a car, filled up the tank, and changed the plate numbers.

Nothing exciting happened for the past two hours, I was following the truck. Carefully distancing my stolen car from the truck and busying myself with chewing the takeout burrito. My head was entertaining ideas of what might be inside the truck that was considered highly important by the great Ardian Kreshnik Dovolani. Then by hour three, I was disappointed that I might not get any action since we were closing in on the final destination. And... I needed to pee after all the water and energy drinks I drank.

But the thought was quickly scratched and I perked instantly when the driver made an unauthorized stop at some shady junkyard, veering off course from their actual destination. They moved fast after they parked, I saw two men with crowbars about to force open the back of the truck. I smiled greedily, already feeling the excitement as I set aside my bladder urges and parked the stolen car before quickly getting out of the car.

Hiding behind the mound of old cars and keeping quiet were easily done, but knowing what was inside the truck was giving a new meaning to the word armory. I was salivating when I saw stacks of crates most likely filled with ammo, handguns, and riffles when rows of handheld missile launchers came into sight.

Damn, boss man knew his game. My heart thump faster as adrenaline pumped throughout my body. Very quietly, I grabbed one of the men, took him aside, and snapped his neck efficiently killing him in one motion. His buddy was too busy checking out the shipment and only noticed my presence when I was behind him with a knife on his back.

"Come on, take a selfie with me, it's for Chad. I'm going to tell him that his coffee buddies were being naughty." The man was surprised but stupidly looked at the camera for me, seconds before I insert my knife into his temple. Yep, quiet and bloodless, though I didn't get to fulfill my lust for their blood the horror on their faces when they realized they were going to die by my hands was satisfying enough. I really didn't want to deal with the mess, not when the authorities could be involved.

"Chad, I'll be driving to the destination. Your coffee buddy is joining us." My voice was a bit too cheerful because of the adrenaline rush, and he picked up on it instantly.

My handler who was waiting for the shipment was already at the destination with the buyers. He was silent for a couple of seconds before he told me to drop them off before meeting him. "Okay buddy, I'm doing you a favor here. See you in a bit." The man knew it should've been the two men that were supposed to meet him and he knew exactly what happened when I told him that I was going to drive the truck and meet him there.

I didn't like finding new places for the corpses, luckily I was in a junkyard and could easily hide the bodies and be back to dispose of them later. It was more work of going back and forth and I hated that, it was going to be one of those days. I could feel the tiredness crawling up my spine already. But I need to do what needed to be done, at least it was near the gator swamp. I was happy with the prospect of feeding the alligators that my steps were lighter as I moved the bodies and hid them in between the skeletons of old cars.

It took less time than expected, but I was finally in the truck and adjusting the seat. I was on my way to meet Chad within minutes. From afar I could see that the buyers looked tense, they were not happy that I was late with their cargo.

"Sorry boss, gotta take a quick stop at the ladies." I winked at Chad, startling him for a moment before he realized that I was playing my part to be blamed for causing the lateness of their cargo.

My jacket was back at the truck, I was intentionally appearing in only my black tank top, purposely lowering it down, showing off my black bra and cleavage, hoping to be slutty enough that they didn't mind me being late.

"Women," one of the men snickered but his eyes roamed my breasts and I let them think what they want of me. I just want to get it over and done with it, so I can take care of the dead bodies.

The transaction went well, they were happy with the merchandise while I stepped away from them and played with my phone, letting the buyer think that I was just some truck driver chick and not some contracted assassin. In my mind, I was already thinking about how to systematically wrap and transport the bodies to the alligators' swamp. Then get the car to a twenty-four hours car wash and get it clean inside out before I smoke in the car and messed up the car with more food wrappers, and empty beer cans making it appear as if it was stolen for some teenagers' joyride.

Everything will be endured because I know, when the day ends, there will be ice cream and wine waiting for me back at my apartment. The simple kind of life and I love it.

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