My billionaire with erectile dysfunction

My billionaire with erectile dysfunction

By:  Bindiha  Completed
Language: English
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She's a young Christian of 24yrs who tragically lost her father at 10yrs. She's ambitious that's why she immigrated to America. Her ambitiousness doesn't only push her to immigrated, it also made her work for Declan. She's brave, innocent, sensitive, ambitious and focus that's why when confronted with a choice between her siblings financial safety and her believes she's lost monumentally. He's perfect, sexy as hell, Richer than the word rich and arrogant than the devil himself, with all this perfection in appearance he still has some vacuum, he isn't perfect as he needs others to believe, Declan was diagnosticated with erectile dyfunctioning at a very young age. What will happen when two opposite individuals meet? can two site of a coin really meet? How will they survive without intercourse?

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I love it, every man should be attracted to only one woman like Declan.
2021-11-04 13:19:12
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nathan blas
100 percent good story
2021-10-22 09:02:18
21 Chapters
Chapter one
   Chapter : one           Since I'm 5 yrs, I always heard adults saying "nobody love walking alone, even problem don't visit people alone. They always move in group". Half of the world population don't understand the meaning of those words, I/4 can't write nor read, so only 1/4 understand. because if you've never experienced it, you would never understand.  For example, This month I've lost everything that really counted to me, I know it suck to be alone or be surrounded but feel lonely. I've ended my education due to fund, i lost my friends and family members and I am sick and tire being manipulated by those I trust. I thought I had friends, oncles and cousin. It was only my imagination, they were all against me. I don't know about you, but I love reading mangas. They transport me to a world were people reincarnate, where a second chance can be obtained, you can correct you mistake in your second life
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Chapter two
    Chapter : two   Declan pov; When I was young our doctor diagnosis me with an illness called erectile dysfunction.That is; I can't have an erection or even if I have one, I can't keep it long enough to have sex. When my parents asked if I could be treated. Their answer was no, my situation Is psychological, I'm the only one to over come it.My parents brought me to several other doctors and medical Expert, but their diagnostic was the same.He thereby search for the best doctor to help me psychologically.  I rapidly discovered that unlike my peers, I can't sustain an erection up to the point of having sexual intercourse.I was mortified, scandalized and disgusted of myself.How will react you if you realized That's you are a lesser man, you can't fullfil the simple duty of a man. Especially when you grew in a renown family like mine, THE GABRIEL. We may carry the name of an Angel but
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Chapter three
  Chapter three   Syntia pov: on  Monday, i was call in my boss office,' don’t ask me the reason because i don’t know. I’m so scare so i pray and went in. So  here i am in my boss office.“Good morning sir” “Good morning Miss fokou, i hate beating around the bush. So does any information about you, collected during your interview and registered in your file here need any update”“No sir, why?” i think this is the first time this stupid man sees my face, because it’s the first time he look at me when speaking.“i don’t have any explanation to give you. if you have any problem with my way of doing things, i think you know the solution” he such a dick and rude individual.“Yes sir” that’s the answer i gave him but in my head “you know were to put your job you foolish, stupid fool. asswhole"  “you’re excuse, you have a meeting with the big boss at 2pm. Be there in time."“Yes sir”<I so p
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Chapter four
  Chapter : four       Declan povI was present during all her discussion with my lawyer, she doesn't know me. When she said she wasn't interested, I was really hurt.But my lawyer told me not to freak, she will be present.I have been in this apartment for hours, she wasn't coming.This apartment is a gift, my dad gave it to me to receive my numerous cougar, bimbo and some wonderful women.It's a 3 piece apartment with every room with it's toilet. With everything in it always shining, king size beds in every fucking room.I was in the toilet when I heard movement in my apartment, I went to find what's making all this hoccups, and there she was my in one of the rooms in my apartment undressing slowly. I wanted to asked why she changed her mind, but I don't really cure.I stood there spying on her.When she finished to undressed, I took approximately 15 minutes to approach her. I let her relax and
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Chapter five
  Chapter five Syntia pov When I went home I couldn't look Sharon in her eyes. I was afraid of what she could see in my eyes, because I know what it's to feel lust, shame and self devaluation. But I can't prevent myself to think about him and his body.i can’t remove those image from my brain and i have really try to forget, but i can’t. Declan had touched my sex last evening in the most sensual manner. I felt my cheeks heat and my body burn anew.It's an experience I've never had before, never thought I will have, especially if I was to married those purdiste men of my church. Without forgetting that many women in my locality don't know and have never had such experience before to explain it to us.Les tablet de chocolate, that sexy body, not to talk about those kisses, oh Jesus Christ on a bicycle, it so unjust. I’ve have a very hot and painful weekend. How can a single evening in his presence made me this clamsy and
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Chapter six
    Chapter six     Declan pov Since my cock was still steel and erect, I move to another apartment, I asked my brother to send women to my apartment. When the first one came in Puff that's how my hardly earn erection disappeared. They came and went but my cock remain unmoved. My frustrations was immensely due to that stupid virgin, let not forget Christian.I expressed my frustrations in drinking alcohol the night through and on Saturday I lost myself in my work. It seems life is laughing at me, given a taste of pleasure to take it away soon after. I don't hope, I accomplished. But I have to base my life on trivialities and luck. I hate being cynical but some times I can't prevent myself. I review my time with syntia. Those lips, how they went so well with mine, I could kiss that mouth every fucking day without problem.I couldn't help but smile at her reaction as I continue teasing
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Chapter seven
    Chapter : seven     Syntia pov I have a restless night that day, tomorrow I will marry Mr. Gabriel Declan, a stranger i don’t know. The  only good thing about in all this is the 10 million dollar i will gain without any effort tomorrow. Women’s always dream about their soon-to-be-husband the day before their marriage, that wasn’t my case. In my dream i was focalise on the 10 million, i will gain tomorrow. People can call me gold digger, parasite and many others name i don’t care, if you’ve never experience hunger and famine don’t judge others. This is a very fruitful business transaction. My wedding was a very rapid and a beneficial transaction to both of us. After the wedding  i went home to collect my thing since i was passing the night with my new husband the only problem was what will i tell my best friend.When i arrive home i was receive by my best friend “syntia why a
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Chapter eight
  Chapter:  eight     Declan pov I didn't inform any members of my family about my marriage, but it's today. It was very simple due to our condition.Soon after my new wife went to collect her things, she's moving with me. I'm still working, I can't let myself slack or I may lost all. You may want to ask how?Nothing is permanent, especially when you become lazy. But my wealth will continue growing in my hands. Somebody one said " instead of searching for a wife, you better start working for Money since with money come women. When I reach my residence and find my wife car park in the garage, I'm more than happy to end my sexlessness and celibacy. This guy little brother is ready to perform.I find her peacefully sleeping in the master bedroom while I was walking around with this hard on,I was asking myself if I should wake her up or wait. I've waited my entire life to experiment thi
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Chapter nine
  Chapter nine   Syntia povI was up at 10 am, when I wake up, it's was morning, I turned and look to my side, Declan wasn't in bed.    Even if I’m late i have to go to work today, i can’t lose my job. After an hour, here I am, on my way to work. As you have deduced i had problem working and exercising during the day and my workaholic of husband was already up and gone this morning.  After work i decide to visit my best friend Sharon but since i don’t kiss and tell we didn’t talk about my midnight exercises. She asks me if I’ve met any  of my in-law and the answer was no, i will have to ask my husband about it.  When we finish our discussion, we went shopping. Now we're rich and can afford to buy anything we want. I don't even have to use my 10 million dollars, he gave me a black card this morning. I even bought things to send to my si
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Chapter ten
    Chapter: Ten   Declan pov It's already late, I have forgotten to tell syntia about my parents visit and her phone isn't going through. She didn't even work today, she's not at home, were is she?My parents can't visit an empty house, so I have to go back to the mansion and received my visitors. But I told the maids if their mistress comes back, they should tell her, she's needed. I'm sure she'll know were to find me and my family.My parents take it upon their self to invite some friends. I was socializing with everyone of them while cursing my parents in my heart. Everybody was asking " Declan were is your wife" or " don't tell me the star of the occasion is absent"Those that new about my illness will ask" I've heard your distinction not to say dysfunction was cure, so were is your treatment "To everyone I answered " you know women" or " on her way" or " coming"If she doesn't
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