Bloody Rose

Bloody Rose

By:  Dchenemi  Completed
Language: English
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Alexander Guerriero: Being in the mafia promises a certain type of lifestyle, certain expectations. Along with the respect, the money, the women, also comes the darker side with the danger, the violence, the blood. But above all else, there are the Rules. As the Boss, I need to ensure my empire in the crime underworld remains in order. If not, it shows weakness, tempting the vultures circle and take my empire from me. Because there is no mercy. Ever. So, when I discover one of my soldiers has done me dirty, stealing my goods, I need to make an example of him. No one breaks my Rules! Yet, what happens when it is me who begins to break the Rules? As the Boss, am I above them? Or will my empire come crumbling down because she walked into my life. Rain Coleman: As a romance writer, going to Italy should have been fun. It should have been inspiring for my next best seller! I wish I could say it is why I went to Italy. My brother had basically ghosted me, worried me, for the last five years. So, when I discovered he was there, I packed my bags and went out to find him. Yet, when I do, I discover he’s a member of the mafia, and I’m suddenly dragged into that dark world. Especially, when the Boss has sent for my brother. The Boss, whose molten, dark eyes stir something deep inside me that I can’t deny. And with his confusing demand to keep me around in exchange for my brother’s life, I find myself breaking my promise that I made three years ago to protect my heart.

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Loved the story, definitely worth re-reading. Hope there is a sequel with Aldo, Enzo and Viola’s story!
2023-02-27 20:28:29
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Sarah Uchenwoke
Mind-blowing, suspence filled plot. Beautifully woven story. Intriguing characters. Amazing read.
2022-08-09 11:26:16
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Hey, shameless Author here giving a 5star review just to kick things off. I hope you enjoy this romance as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks so much for reading!
2022-07-26 17:18:26
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Madame Delacroix
doesnt make any sense, dont worth to spend on.
2023-04-28 04:56:01
125 Chapters
She felt the cold nuzzle of the gun against her forehead, she closed her eyes tightly and prepared for the worst. This was definitely not how she expected her second day in a foreign country to turn out. "One wrong move..." She felt his hot breath on her face, his baritone voice sent shivers down her spine. She didn't want to open her eyes because she couldn't meet his gaze again. "...and I'll blow up that pretty face of yours." Then the nuzzle went lower and lower till it was pressed against her neck and something warm hovered over her lips. "We wouldn't want that now, would we?" She blew out a shaky breath and opened her eyes to look at the man who towered over her small frame. Menacing eyes met hers and his thumb rested on her lips. Dark brown eyes stared back at her. "What's your answer going to be?" She couldn't stand on her own two feet, how was she to reply? " Yes... I'll do it!" As she fought back tears, she couldn't help but think about all that led her up to this
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Always Getting Into Trouble
The receptionist kept staring, it took him a while to figure out that he was still staring. His eyes widened and he cleared his throat awkwardly. “W…what can I help you with, Miss?” He said, his voice sounded gravely, like he wasn’t used to speaking or something like that.Rain was drenched from head to toe, she was beginning to feel the cold despite how much warmer the reception was. It was beginning to affect her mood as well but she tried her best to make sure it didn’t, she did not want to be rude to the young receptionist she had only just met. He looked to be at least twenty years old or maybe younger so it was safe to say that she was slightly older than him.“House number 108,” the polite smile still on her lips, “I need the directions to 108 please”The young man looked momentarily dazed and his gaze was directed at her lips rather than her eyes, she was used to such stares. Her mother had always told her that she had unique features, the type that would captivate any ma
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Empty Gun
“If I’m barking up the wrong tree then why do you look so fucking nervous?” Nicholas looked up at the man that had a menacing grin and towered over him like a giant, Nicholas was on his knees but his gaze was firm as he looked at the man. He was bald, he had dark green eyes that looked like being angry was it’s natural shape, he had a small scar running down from his top to bottom lip, his fists were clenched tightly and he looked like he could explode from anger at any given moment. “I didn’t steal anything from you, we’re business partners, I benefit from you just as much as you do from me so tell me Vlad, why in the world would I steal from you when I know the dangers that come with it?"Vlad’s anger seemed to get worse the more Nicholas spoke. Rain stood by the bedroom door, the empty gun clutched tightly in her fists that were beginning to shake out of fear for her brother’s life. Nicholas’ brown curls stick to face due to the sweat he was drenched in, his red and widened in
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First thing she could register in her mind was the dull ache at the back of her head that was slowly getting worse the more she regained her consciousness. Then, there was the scent of roses in the air, the scent was so strong that it felt like she was sitting in a field where roses grew and she was trapped there. Everything was still dark and Rain couldn’t move her body but she could feel the pain and she could feel the hotness on her skin. Was she being taken to an oven? Why was it so hot? As her mind wandered through the endless possibilities of where exactly she was and why she felt the way she did, the memories of what happened before she passed out came rushing back to her and her eyes snapped open. “F*ck!” she exclaimed. It was so bright! She couldn’t see anything! She closed her eyes again and raised her hands up so she could run her eyes that were suddenly in pain from the exposure to light. Her hands wouldn’t budge, they were right behind her and they wouldn’t move,
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Regretting Decisions
To say Rain was shocked or stunned by Alexander’s words would be an understatement. What was comforting was that she wasn’t the only one shocked by the man’s words. Both Romeo and Vlad voiced out their shocks and protests in Italian but Alexander didn’t act like he heard anything. His eyes were still on Rain, his cocked up eyebrow and silence made Rain realize that he wasn’t planning on repeating himself because everyone had heard him clearly. Nicholas was looking at his sister with widened eyes and then he looked back at Alexander like he was a mad man. “Xander—” “I wasn’t talking to you, Nicholas,” his voice dropped dangerously and his eyes narrowed. He suddenly turned his now impatient gaze back to Rain after successfully shutting Nicholas up. Rain fiddled with her fingers and tried her best to meet his gaze but who was she kidding? She was scared shitless and she wasn’t sure why and how she got into this position and why a man as dangerous as Alexander would suggest such a
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Crying Over Spilled Milk
“I am so sorry,” Nicholas held his sister’s hand but his eyes couldn’t meet hers. Rain wasn’t sure if it was because he was exhausted or just ashamed. Her eyes took in his features, she hadn’t seen him in five good years and she had a feeling that after everything that had happened, this was probably the last time in a long time she would see her brother again. “What’s done is done,” Rain replied, although she was mad at her brother for always making bad decisions, he was the only family she had and despite being scared shitless of what would come next, she was relieved that she didn’t have to deal with the haunting image of her brother lying lifeless on the ground. “You have to pay him back as soon as possible Nicky! This people are dangerous…I don’t know why you even got involved with them in the first place!” "When you get back to your place if you can, my bank cards are there...I have saved up a lot but I don't know if it'll cover much but just empty the accounts and start pay
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Someone Different
“I’m guessing you haven’t had breakfast yet,” he said sounding like he wasn’t the cause of it “How terrible of a host I’ve been,” He gave her a small smile and then stood up from his seat and walked towards the door. Rain got up as well, it would be weird if she were the only person left in his study. “Let’s head to the kitchen and see if we can get some food in your stomach,” Rain was hesitant but she followed him either ways. Something about the man and the way he was acting unnerved her, maybe it was because she expected to be man handled or held at gun point every step of the way but instead he was being nice or rather, he was acting nice. Rain knew better than to fall for that façade of his. From the moment she first set eyes on him, she knew he was dangerous and she’d be damned if she let her guard down just because of the most sexiest smile she had ever seen. The man was tall, she thought as she admired his back view. His ass looked good in those pants as well. If it were
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Rain couldn’t sleep a wink after Aldo left her in the cabin. When she’d first heard the word cabin, she half expected it to be a building deep inside of the woods but it was not. She saw what the outside of the mansion looked like for the first time and it just as magnificent as the interior, the building was ages old but didn’t lose its beauty, it was practically alive, an art…a piece of amazing architecture that she was sure had lasted decades if not longer. “It has been the Guerriero family home for as long as I can remember, generations were born here and great men were raised in this house,” Aldo had said along the way. He wasn’t nearly as quiet as she had expected him to be instead he acted like he knew her…he was the only person that seems normal in the mansion. There was acres and acres of land spread out in front and back of the mansion and it made Rain wonder if she even had a chance to escape. She didn’t really give him a reply. They passed by a few menacing looking men
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There was no way for Rain to tell what time it was but she knew that the time the door was finally opened next was very early in the morning. She half expected it to be Aldo and another part of her that she wished was wrong expected it to be Alexander. It was neither of them.It was a woman she had never seen before, she was petite, had a head full of grey hair, she looked to be in her late fifties or maybe early sixties but she looked energetic and she had a natural scowl on her lips like she was angry at Rain, or maybe the world?. She was dressed in a flower patterned dress but Rain could bet her ass that there was nothing flowery about the woman, judging from her expression.She walked into the cabin, dragging two bags behind her. One was hers, the one she had left and didn’t bother to unpack and the second was one she couldn’t recognize but it was bigger than her own luggage. Rain stood up as quickly as she could, already on high alert as she knew the woman was approaching h
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Rain smiled hearing the woman’s words.“I agree,” She said, Elisa gave her a strange look from the mirror before she put down the towel. Elisa then opened the other luggage she had brought and pulled out a hair dryer and a few other things she knew she’d need right after having a shower.She had been washing her hair with the rose scented soap that she’d found in the bathroom because there was no shampoo and she had no other choice.They weren’t her own skin or hair products but Rain was thankful for them as she saw them being placed down one by one on the foldable vanity table in front of her. She had decided while she was packing that she would go to a store first thing and buy all of her products about she wasn’t even given the chance to do that either.“This stays down,” Elisa pointed at the table. Of course, she bit her tongue and kept her mouth shut, she was so close to saying ‘yes ma’am’ again.Rain sat there for almost forty minutes if not more in complete silence a
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