Chapter 40

Chase's POV

I woke up alone.

The arms that held Lilly all night long were empty now.

It was cold again.

I rubbed at my eyes and looked around the room, at the sanctuary that kept us locked in, at the bed where I took her again and again, where I showed her how much I loved her and needed her.

I hoped she'd see it, that she'd change her mind.

But now, she is just gone. Again.

My eyes fell on the nightstand to notice a folded piece of paper laying there. My eyebrows pulled closer and when I edged forward to take it, I noticed the blue ribbon laying on top of it.

I fisted the ribbon in my hand, then took the paper and unfolded it. My heart clenched tight as my eyes started reading the words written:

'I know it sucks that I am doing this over a small piece of paper, and you can blame me for this later and call me all kind of colorful names, I give you the permission.

First, I am very sorry for making you wake up all alone after such an amazing night, but Chase, I can't do this. I can't.

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