Chapter 39

Chase's POV

She shivers at my tone, and instead of talking, she pushes herself even closer to me, her legs on each side of mine. I groan at the pressure; thanks to her skirt, the only thing separating us, is my jeans and the thin material of her underwear.

I swear she does these things to me on purpose.

My heart pounds in anticipation and she doesn't waste time as she flicks the clasp of her bra, letting it fall over her shoulder. And fuck me, she is a sight.

Lilly is a girl who is pretty much confident in her own skin, she knows she has it in her, she knows her effect, and she takes full pleasure seeing me lose all of my shit over her.

"You're fucking perfect," My voice comes out all thick and hoarse. Her smile is innocent, it shows how she liked my words, and reveled in how much I want her. Her cheeks turning pinker, a total contradiction to the wild want in her dangerous eyes.

Not wanting her to think more, I just let her feel, feel how much I wanted her, how much I craved her for
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