Part Two

Five years later...

Lilly's POV

I can handle a lot of things in this life.

I can handle almost everything.

I can handle the truth.

It's the lies that kill me.

I think to myself as I raise the handbag, trying to squeeze it into the overhead compartment. I push harder, and harder but it doesn't slide inside.

I grit my teeth and just think.


So. Many. Fucking. Lies.

Dizziness swarms my vision as I put whatever energy I have left into pushing the stupid bag. I groan in annoyance and I just want to scream, every nerve in my body is crying out loud, in pain, in fatigue, and in betrayal.

"Here, ma'am, let me help you," The stewardess says and I let him take care of it as I slide into my seat. Sitting down doesn't do me any good either. The tightness inside my stomach only increases with every passing second, I just want to throw up.

I would've, but having not eaten anything for the past two days isn't helping at all.

I open the front camera of my phone and stare at my reflection. I almo
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