Chapter 4

His words spoke loud and clear. Even though I just met him, but he spoke the truth. I keep trying to suppress that part of me down. It seemed that part of me only existed wherever Chase was. That storm reveled in his calmness, because Chase could easily tame that part down, and without him, I feel that I would just get lost if I let go. I kept guarding and trying to take control but to what end?

Now, as those silver-blue eyes mischievously challenged me, I thought that it's maybe okay to let go and get lost again.

My gaze drifted down to my see-through shirt, "What am I gonna do about my shirt though?"

His eyes went there and he smiled, "I've got a jacket in my car, you can borrow it."

I didn't think, I just placed my hand in his, letting him take the lead. It was reckless and dangerous and at the moment, I so liked that. He pulled me outside to the street and paused by the side of what I suppose is his car. He opened it to get the jacket as I sucked into a deep gulp of air, inhaling
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