Chapter 3

Two years later...

Lilly's POV

I officially have no friends anymore.

Nope. None. Nada.

The friend endearment shouldn't be used so loosely, because no matter what you do for them, the moment always comes and they stab you right in the back.

I sighed as I read again through the last message Sally has sent me.

She ditched me. That little back-stabber ditched me, her best friend for ten years, for some guy she only met a week ago.

I texted the other girls in our group, and they all had excuses. One just got her period, the other is fighting with her boyfriend over something, the third is staying at her boyfriend's place...and Sally is probably having sex by now.

Great. Just another one of the many disadvantages of being single at this age and time.

The bartender interrupted my self-pity session and pointed to my half-empty martini glass, "Can I get you another one?"

I shook my head, "Not yet, thanks," Because apparently, I will be heading home after this.

I internally groaned. All I wante
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