Chapter 8 - Sex Professor

Lilly's POV

Involuntarily, my fingers lingered over my lips and my eyelids glided down as I recalled back last night. The memory of his kiss imposing and enough to steal every breath of air from my lungs.

God, yesterday's kiss was something else. So different from before. Full with years of built-up hunger, need and desperation.

It was aggressive, hard, demanding and enough to bury itself deep down in my head making it impossible to ever shake it out.

I slept thinking about it and woke up with the same thought. A thrill buzzing through every one of my senses that I can't seem to concentrate on any simple task without him invading every thought there is in my brain. That boy is going to ruin me in the best way possible.

If it wasn't for mom barging in on us yesterday and accidentally interrupting our passionate moment, god knows where things would've led to because I was more than ready to rip off his clothes and have him do things to me I have only read about in books before.

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