Chapter 1


Alex's POV

I've tasted heartbreak before.

It's not a foreign feeling for me. Its bitterness is still embedded deep down in my mind. It's rooted in a very dark place, a one I've locked years and years ago.

It's just been long. So long since I last felt it ripping at my inside. It's been a long time since I felt like I could lose everything again.

Heartbreak was when they told me the plane crashed.

It was when Cara came back.

It was when Lilly looked at me and called another man dad.

It is now, at this exact moment as she stood right there and called me a killer.

It's ironic how I always felt that this moment would come one day. Our past was too complicated, too messed up to stay hidden and buried. I was a fool to think it wouldn't knock back on our doors again. The irony is that I tried to prepare myself for it, but now, as she looked at me like that, with so much blame, so much pain, and something akin to hate; I knew I am not ready. I was never ready.

She knows the
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