Note: This is a present-day event, (continuation of odd-numbered time span: 1,3,5, etc.)

"Get that computer technician... uh Thomas..."

"Thompsen" Mr Steward corrects Doc Pat.

"Get Thompsen, that he's coming to see."

"But will he come out so late at night, Doc?" asked Mr Steward.

"He lives on Harrismith. He'll have to drive all the way -"

"That's what he's paid for, damn!" From his tone of voice, I can infer that Doc is now sitting nicely in the pinch. But for what? What's wrong with the computers? They were talking about the learners’ database. The answer came sooner than I expected.

"You're sure you looked right, Nic?" rumbled Doc.

Mr. Steward's voice is calm, but the distress nonetheless persists, "I'm telling you, Doc. There are no contacts on Gregory's records. Not even his parents' names. No address, no phone numbers. Nothing. Just his name: Gregory Stevens."

Again, alone in my dark dorm room and I can't sleep. It's like Gregory doesn't want to let me sleep. He's gone, but now
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