Note: This is a present-day event, (continuation of odd-numbered time-span: 1,3,5, etc.)

Isabella calls early Wednesday morning. I wish the whole time while ay was talking sat she would finish. I have other things to worry about now than the silly things that happen at her school. I must tell her what happened here. No. I still have to sort myself out.

"Izzy, I have to go now," I stopped her mid-sentence.

"Student Council meeting." Strange how the lies come so easily now.

I'm sitting in my room. Just look at the wall across from me like it holds the answer to the mess I've gotten myself into.

The police then found nothing in the stormwater pipes. Not that I know of. If there was anything, the story would already be circulating in the dorm corridors.

A knock at the door. Cedric.

"Cedrick, I can't right now."

"Just give me a moment." He is stuck in the door.

"Come in," I sighed.

"There are lots of rumours going around." He takes a deep breath. His face looks serious. "I don't know what
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