Bound by secrets

Bound by secrets

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Adrian Salvatore is a formidable figure in the city, known for his ruthless demeanor and his involvement in organized crime. As a Mafia don and drug lord, he holds significant power and influence within the criminal underworld. Many people fear him due to his reputation for violence and his ability to maintain control over his operations. However, behind his cold exterior lies a deep pain caused by the tragic loss of his wife. This devastating event has hardened his heart and intensified his dedication to his businesses, such as his pub and clubs. Adrian channels his grief and emotions into his work, using it as a driving force to expand his influence and maintain his position of power. While Adrian may not show compassion or concern for others, his focus on his businesses ensures that he remains a formidable force in the city. His wealth and connections allow him to maintain a tight grip on his criminal empire, ensuring that he is not easily challenged by rival organizations or law enforcement. Gianni Luciano is a determined and resilient young woman who faces immense challenges in her life. At the age of 23, she is a college medicine student who aspires to build a better future for herself and her younger sister. Unfortunately, she finds herself in a difficult financial situation after the tragic loss of her parents, which has left her orphaned and without any financial support.Struggling to make ends meet, Gianni takes on multiple jobs alongside her studies in order to pay her tuition fees and put food on the table. Gianni's path crosses with Adrian's during one of his operations where he sustains an injury. will Gianni help him despite his reputation? how will it affect their future?

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9 Chapters
chapter 1
Gianni's POV"Table 4 needs some more extra chilly pepper and pork." Jason said while he passed me an empty plate."Table 4, your order is up" I passed the order to Jason to serve."I can't go and serve that room" Bella,one of the employees complained. "Bella, are you okay? What's wrong?" I asked out of pure concern for her."Gianni, I can't go and serve the private room" Bella complained to everyone again."Why is that?" I asked out of curiosity because I am new here."All the Godfathers are there having dinner." She said,The Godfathers? Have heard of them but never met any of them in silverbrook.I approached Bella, trying to gauge the seriousness of her distress. "Bella, is there a particular reason you can't serve in the private room?" I asked, hoping to understand the situation better.She sighed and glanced around before leaning closer to me as if she wanted to say what no other ear should hear. "Gianni, you're new here, so you might not know. The Godfathers are... Well, let'
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Chapter 2
Gianni's POVI finished paying for my things I bought at the supermarket. The black sedan was still outside so I hurriedly dialed Louis' phone number. Louis is my course mate, friend and next door neighbor."Why didn't you pick up on time?" I asked over the phone anxiously"Hey, young lady, I was quite busy you know but anyway what's up?" he complained over the phone, I could hear a female voice in the background."Louis, I need you to come and pick me up right away," I said, my voice filled with urgency.Louis sounded surprised at the urgency in my voice. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" he asked, concern evident in his tone."I think I'm being followed. There's a black sedan parked outside the supermarket, and I have a feeling it's tailing me," I explained, trying to keep my composure."For real, he was mad to follow a crazy girl" Louis laughed on the other side of the phone."Louis, listen, I'm serious, I am not joking," I explained calmly on the phone."You are serious for real? You
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chapter 3
Adrian's POVAs I watched my men restrain the captive, I felt a surge of frustration. The man before me is a potential threat to my operations, and I needed information. The refusal to cooperate only fueled my determination to get what I needed."Is he still refusing to talk?" I asked, my voice tight with tension."Yes, Don," Landon replied, his eyes avoiding direct contact with mine. "He keeps insisting he doesn't know anything." My mind raced with possibilities. I had built this empire on a foundation of trust and loyalty, but sometimes, extreme measures were necessary to maintain control. This was one of those times."Landon," I called, my voice carrying a mix of authority and underlying threat.Landon swallowed nervously, understanding the implications of the upcoming conversation. "Yes, Don," he replied, his voice barely above a whisper."Remove two of his fingers," I instructed, my tone firm and unwavering. I knew the severity of my command, but the stakes were too high to bac
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Chapter 4
Gianni's POVPsstt," I heard Louis calling from his seat.I turned to face him, a sense of weariness evident in my eyes. "What?" I whispered back, my voice barely audible in the hushed classroom."Let's grab lunch after Mrs. Scarlett's class," Louis suggested, his voice filled with a tinge of excitement.I paused for a moment, contemplating his offer. The thought of food seemed foreign to me, considering the grisly task we had just undertaken. Today, we were tasked with the dissection of dead bodies in our anatomy class,an experience that had left an indelible mark on my psyche."No thank you, Louis," I finally replied, my voice laden with exhaustion. "I won't be able to eat after this."The images of the dissected bodies lingered in my mind, their lifeless forms etched into my memory. It was a necessary part of our education, a rite of passage for aspiring medical professionals like ourselves. But that didn't make it any easier to stomach.As the class continued, I found it increas
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Chapter 5
Gianni's POVAs I walked into the bustling restaurant, the familiar sounds and aromas greeted me. Bella, one of my colleagues, immediately caught my attention with her curious expression."Damn, who is that?" she blurted out, her eyes fixed on someone across the room.I followed her gaze, trying to figure out who she was referring to. "Who?" I asked, my curiosity piqued."Bella, let the girl breathe, she just arrived," Jason said, polishing his nails with transparent nail polish.Bella couldn't contain her excitement. "The guy with the Lexus?" she clarified, her tone filled with curiosity.A smile tugged at the corners of my lips as I understood who she meant. "Oh, that's Louis," I replied, my voice filled with familiarity. "He's my friend and coursemate from college."Bella's eyes widened with surprise. "Damn, I didn't know you had such fine friends," she exclaimed, her admiration evident.Jason, another coworker, chimed in, playfully defensive. "Are you saying we ain't fine?" he ask
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Chapter 6
Gianni's POVI stood frozen behind the pillar, my eyes wide with disbelief as I witnessed Adrian, one of the Godfathers I had served earlier, fall to the ground after being shot. Panic and fear surged through me, but my instincts kicked in, urging me to act quickly and save him if there was any chance.With trembling hands and racing thoughts, I cautiously approached Adrian's motionless body. The adrenaline pumping through my veins masked the fear that threatened to consume me. I knelt down beside him, carefully assessing his condition. Miraculously, I realized that he was still alive, albeit in critical condition.Without wasting another moment, I knew I had to get Adrian to safety as a medical student. My mind raced, considering the options available to me.I dialed the first person number that came to my head at the moment, it rang, after sometime directed me to voicemail."Louis, please I need your help, it's very urgent," I said, my breath still shaking.As I awaited a response f
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chapter 7
Louis's POVI entered the house, feeling extremely tired. I got back late today from my father's house. All I wanted to do was relax all night but I had barely sat down on the sofa when the doorbell rang, wondering who it was. I dragged my tired and lazy self to see who was at the door.I opened the door, surprised to see Arabella, Gianni's younger sister, looking worried and scared for some reason. I was instantly alerted that something was amiss.Arabella, what are you doing here this late? Where are Gianni and Luna? What's wrong?" I asked, concern lacing my voice.Her presence at my doorstep, looking so worried and scared, immediately ignited my protective instincts. I gestured for her to come inside, creating a space where we could talk in privacy.She stepped into the house, her eyes darting around anxiously. It was clear that she was distressed, and I couldn't help but feel a knot form in my stomach, anticipating the gravity of the situation."Louis, it's Gianni" her voice tremb
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Chapter 8
Gianni's POVI was so happy Louis agreed to help him, I couldn't contain my excitement, I hugged Louis tightly without realizing it."Louis we don't have any equipment in my home" I said to Louis, my voice filled with worries."I want you to go to the nearest store and get these. '' I brought out a pen and paper to write down the list of things Louis needs."Sterile gloves and masks, Antiseptic solution, Sterile saline solution, Sterile gauze and dressing, Hemostatic agents, for Pain relief get acetaminophen if possible." Louis said, I was truly amazed."Would that be all?" I asked"Yes, Gianni, please send Luna to the pharmacy, so you can help me move him to my apartment." I nodded."Can't we do it in my apartment?" I asked, feeling confused."I have some medical equipment in my house such as a heart monitor, an oxygen machine and so many other things." Louis said, stating the obvious.We moved Adrian to Louis' apartment, where he was laid comfortably. Louis immediately attended to h
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Chapter 9
Louis's POV"The authorities are in our compound," Arabella whispered, her eyes widening with a mix of fear and anticipation.Our hearts raced as we exchanged uneasy glances.Police, why are they in our compound? It's better not because of that stranger in my house.Gianni ran to the window and saw they entered our unit."They are entering our unit," she announced, panicking."Gianni calm down, first of all everyone wash up and clean any blood stain," I said, she nodded her head but fear was still implanted in her mind.'Ding dong, ding dong' the doorbell rang and I opened it."Good evening inspector Dawson," I said, calling out the name written on the inspector badge."Good evening," the inspector greeted back."How may I help you?" I asked, looking directly at the inspector."Yes, we got a call from the lower unit, the Lady complained of a loud noise coming from here," The inspector said."Am sorry, I guess it's the music we were playing," I lied, my voice calm."It wasn't music I h
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