Breaking you

Breaking you

By:  North Mo  Completed
Language: English
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When her best friend,Ella is still hopeful for love after yet another heartbreak, twenty three year old Robyn teams up with her hot childhood friend Beau Marks to prove to Ella that Love and destiny are not real, just bedtime stories. This couldn't possibly be a recipe for disaster.How far will these three go to prove a point? Will friendship survive? Can Ella give up her idea of love? See who gets hurt the most......

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Such a sweet story! Nicely done author 😊
2021-06-12 00:04:01
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I'm enjoying the story and I can't wait for Robyn to fall in love. I know it will take a while but I want it now, I love love.
2020-10-04 01:44:36
61 Chapters
Chapter One
The golden arrows on the dark brown old clock in the cream colored office seemed to mock her. She had been staring at them for over ten minutes and it felt like they had not changed a bit. She started to look around the office for something else to distract her. The only none expensive thing in this office was the dark mahogany desk she had had shipped in six months ago after the old one had completely broken under weight of heavy files. She turned to the right and saw the blue crystal ball she had gotten him a long time ago. It made the room a little more lively.The boss was taking forever to read through the proposals from the catering companies who had submitted their tenders a week ago. She was trying so hard to keep her foot from fidgetting.  It was a Friday for heaven's sake! She wanted to let loose tonight. Her best friend  and roommate Ella would probably be out with her on and off boyfriend Brett. The pig nosed loud and annoying Brett. She dislik
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Chapter Two
Robyn woke up to a buzzing sound of her phone and realised she was not in her room. She quickly scanned her surroundings and saw that she was in Ella's room. She must have slept off while trying to comfort Ella.She picked up the phone without even bothering to check the caller ID. "Hello?'" Good morning to you. Are you guys getting ready for the parade yet?"  She heard Layla's chirpy voice on the other end."We'll be there....""You sound like I just woke you up.""Of course you did. What time is it?""Well right now it's almost after nine. And the parade starts at a half past ten""I forgot this one was for the children. We'll meet you there.""Is Beau going too?" She had forgotten about that part."Oh I don't know. I didn't ask him."Why would Layla need Beau to be there anyway. She was not going to ask him considering they may have clicked after she had witnessed their
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Chapter Three
Robyn was massaging her temple  feeling a migraine creeping its way in as she sat on the stool in the kitchen. Ella was standing beside her, facing her as she drummed her fingers on the counter which just seemed to make the rising migraine worse. Beau, Layla and Debbie were in the living room giving the two best  friends a little privacy."Will you stop that?""What the hell is wrong with you Robyn? Did you have to hit him? You probably broke his nose..""Are you seriously worried about Brett right now? When are you going to open your eyes?""Open my eyes to what?""That sucker does not love you Ella. He was with another girl for crying out loud. Was I hallucinating it?""They are just friends.""No they are not. Gosh Ella, what do I gotta do to make you see?""Well you do have three months to prove it to me.""Yeah. You got it."They sat there looking at each other and then burst
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Chapter Four
The rainbow lights swirling on the dancefloor at Neon were bouncing off perfectly on the cream colored dress Robyn was wearing. She was easily swaying to the music not far from the bar, keeping a safe distance from Tony and Ella. She had told him to just take it easy with her, no pressuring her. She told him not to bring up his hobby in collecting band T-shirts and  plant seeds.  Not that is was anything weird, some people collected teeth. From dead people! Creepy right?Tony was surprisingly doing fine carrying a conversation with Ella. She was giggling now and then and Robyn was a little proud of Tony for that. As they went on to the dancefloor, she was even more proud that he was not a terrible dancer. That would have been a disaster because Ella was a great dancer. They had both attended dance classes as adolescents at Ella's mother's studio. "You're so proud of how this is going aren't you? The smile on your face is so obvious."
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Chapter Five
Heading into work the next day, Robyn found Drew's smiling face by the entrance and instantly smiled too. It was unnerving how her cousin who liked being called her big brother and her real big brother brought different reactions to her.Whenever she saw August she wanted to run away and hug him at the same time.  When it came to Drew she just wanted to be around him. She did not blame August in any way. He was a good son and a good brother too.When he found out  his parents had kicked Robyn out of the house, he played the mediator. He tried to get their parents to reconsider but it fell on deaf years. "She just disgraced this family and ruined her future and you want her to go unpunished?" Their father had said."I can't believe she was sleeping around." Their mother chimed in."Ro is not careless. She must have an explanation. And who is the father anyway?"
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Chapter Six
After house hunting at lunch with Drew, Robyn sat in the coffee room of the office with Tony. She was telling him more of what Ella liked or disliked. She was really going for the win."So Ella does not like classical music?""No. She does not.""Why not? She seems like she could.""She just does not okay.""Alright. Calm down." Tony said sighing. "By the way what I'm I wearing on the date tomorrow?""Clothes would be good.""Don't be sarcastic. Last time you helped me and your boy toy arranged  most things.""Did you just say boytoy?" Robyn laughed out loud. "We are just friends."Tony looked at her with disbelief tainting his face. "Are you sure? You looked pretty cozy the other...""Shut your cake hole Tony. We're friends nothing more and if you want to get Ella, you will stay in my good books and to do that you need to stop talking about such nonsense." She said huffing.
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Chapter Seven
Riding up the elevator at Planar industries office building with Peter, Robyn had a feeling she was about to have a really awkward meeting. For one thing her uncle disliked James and the feeling was mutual.They were directed to the conference room and as they walked in they saw three more people already in and one of them was Beau."Robyn? What are you doing here?""Could ask you the same thing.""He called me here." Beau said making horns with his fingers.Robyn knew for sure this was going to be more than awkward. James was Beau's stepfather and they did not get along very well. That was why Beau lived with his father and not his mother. He partially blamed James for his parents' divorce. His relationship with his mother Lea, had only gotten a little better when he turned twenty.As they asked each other why they were all here James walked in with a smug look flanked by his other son Colin&
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Chapter Eight
Staring at the cream and gold wallpaper in the kitchen as the kettle was being filled with tap water, Robyn wondered why she had chosen these colors in the first place. She had made a good choice because it all looked really good in the kitchen. Her tummy had started hurting again and she thought if she drank warm milk it would be better. She did not particularly like powdered milk, but that was all they had left since Ella had forgotten to buy fresh milk again.She switched it on and waited. She could not help think back to Beau. He seemed a little troubled with the breakup from Liz the girlfriend. Is that what loving someone meant?  Being sad when it goes wrong? She thought he should be relieved since there was no one holding him back.  She had experienced that before, a long time back before she almost lost her own life. Before she believed that certain people were meant to be together. Before she grew  and woke up. Maybe she was a
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Chapter Nine
The man sitting across from her oozed confidence and a high temperature of arrogance that she had only seen in her father. She wanted to rip that balloon of ego into tiny pieces and let them fly into the wind to be whisked away. Never to be found."Please don't do that Robyn.""Do what?""Look at me like that.""Sure. Tell me why you wanted to have this time with me.""You don't like me at all do you?""I don't dislike you. I just wish you and your father would stop messing with Beau.""I don't mess with my little brother.""Yeah right." Robyn scoffed.Colin clenched his jaw a different emotion clouding his eyes. "I will only tell you this once, I'm not my father.""If you say so.""If anything I envy Beau, even when we were little. You always had his back. You always worried about him. Never me. I was always the bad guy. He always had you."
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Chapter Ten
As they drove up the concrete road, Robyn stared out at the trees, still very green mighty and tall. This used to be a gravel road only they must have added the concrete recently. She saw the swing tree house she and August had played in with Drew and other friends.She became a little more nervous with every moment they got close to the house. She started shaking  more as they got closer. Drew held her closer and rubbed her back slowly. Peter and Vivian turned around to look at her, worry evident on their faces. She smiled reassuringly at them."We can turn around if you're not up for this my angel. Right Pete?" Her aunt said."In a heartbeat love.""No. It's okay. We're already here.""We're so proud of you Robyn."As they approached the house, she saw her parents outside holding hands while her mother seemed to shift nervously.  August had a smile etched on his face.
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