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Fai Davis spent his Friday night at a bar with his new brother, Damian Smith. Fai and Damian met in London and found their blood relations through Anastasia Bolton. Not so many people knew they’re brothers, including Olivia McKenzie. Olivia thought Fai was one of Damian’s friends. Olivia saw Fai and Damian at the bar and she planned to use Fai to get to her old love, Damian Smith. Will Olivia succeed with her plan? Or she will fall in love with Fai Davis instead? What happened when Fai found Olivia’s true intention? Find out more about the love-triangle story of Fai-Olivia-Damian

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this is it..very good ending..from the start till the end.. everything just so good...well done author for lovely story
2023-03-29 02:38:46
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it was good to see the original characters Anna and Brian have a significant story in the sequel. I love their pairing.
2022-05-07 12:22:16
30 Chapters
Chapter 1 FAI - Back to the Old Life
Arianna Berg……It feels like within seconds that name turned into Anastasia Bolton. Yes, she was my ex-girlfriend before, but before I could experience a new life, a better life with her, since I promised myself I would be a good guy when I started dating her, the universe let her meet her true love, Brian Bolton, my best friend. It was silly, for a woman who I just knew less than a month, I planned perfectly how I wanted to settle down, build a family, with her and her lovely son, Benjamin. Now, seeing her with Brian and living a happy life, all I can do is laugh. Fai… planned too far and look at you right now! Single and alone….I thought my decision to pursue her after Brian gave up on her will bring happiness to both of us. I, once again, thought about building a happy family with her and Ben. However, that night, when I wa
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Chapter 2 DAMIAN - Let Her Go….
15 years agoI went back home after I missed last year's summer break. I stepped in at my house in Sausalito and found a beautiful girl standing on the balcony. She smiled widely and greeted me. It was love at first sight. I froze there, admiring what I saw, but then my little brother shouted, “Damian, you’re home!” He walked downstairs and gave me a hug. That girl still smiling, walking toward me, she greeted me again, “Hello. I’m Anna. Chris tell me a lot about you, Damian” It hit me when later, I saw Chris kiss her on the balcony and she shily showed her affection toward him. They had been together for a year. Daniel, Chris’ friend, introduced her to him and my lucky little brother happily dating the dream girl of every guy alive. We spent time together, the f
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Chapter 3 OLIVIA - I Have my Eyes on Him
8 years ago I stepped into the office for the first time. My dad forced me to take over the company due to his health issues. I like New York more than London, to be honest. My career in New York was doing great but then as the only child, no one can take the responsibility out of me, I must go back to London and run the family business.  I entered my office and my PA, Isla, greeted me. She is the same age as mine, she was my dad's PA earlier and I decided to continue to use her since she knew the company better after working with my dad for more than 5 years. I can learn from her slowly.  “Good morning Ms McKenzie, here’s your today’s schedule,” She smiled at me  “Call me Olivia, Isla. After all, we're the same age. I hope we can work together well,”
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Chapter 4 FAI - Meeting Olivia McKenzie
I spent a couple months helping the company merge after Brian bought my company Davis Corporation and integrated it into his Bolton Enterprise because he wants to be in one office with his wife, Anna. Me and Damian agreed that no one could beat his love for Anna. Now, after all is set up, I finally stood up on my own. With his help, I built a new business, D&S Enterprise, based in London and has branches in Beijing, New York and San Francisco. Working on the financial service, Brian connected my company with his company and most of his business partners. Some of my old business partners reached out to me too and in a short period my company had a good start on the business. As the business started well, I can relax for a bit from work. I went to my favorite club in central London and it didn’t take long when I sat on the VIP table, a familiar figure walked toward my direction. 
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Chapter 5 DAMIAN - Sandra Got Pregnant
Driving from the bar to Sandra's apartment takes more than half an hour. As I tried to get rid of my thoughts about Anna, I recalled my memory about how me and Sandra met for the first time. Back then, when I was an undergraduate, I met Sonia Johansson, who dated my roommate. We quickly became friends until we graduated, but I lost contact with her because she moved to Moscow and started to work there. In Moscow, Sonia met Sandra Illinov and became best friends. Sonia and Sandra were working in the same company, a big famous oil company in Russia as marketing staff. After spending years in Moscow, both of them resigned and got a job in one of the gas companies in the UK, and got stationed in London. One night, I went to the bar and there was a wom
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Chapter 6 OLIVIA - Keep my Eyes on Fai
I walked to the hotel with a big smile. It wasn’t hard to get close to Fai. I am happy and I can’t wait to execute my plan for Fai and Damian. Actually, about Fai, he is an easy going person, I think I can get along with him easily in the future. I can’t wait to tell Isla about my first meeting with Fai and discuss my plan for him and Damian. The next day, Fai and I met in the meeting and we spent the whole week on the same meetings. Well, don’t be shocked, it was actually on my plan. Since I accidentally saw him with Damian that night at the bar, I hired people to find out about Fai and I asked Isla to slip in Fai’s company profile on the list for the project and Mr Muller picked them as one of our partners. When he saw me, he was surprised and how silly Fai thought that this was a coincidence. During a week-long meeti
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Chapter 7 FAI - Going for Spring Picnic
“What are you doing?” Laura pulled me from Olivia and landed a hard slap on her right cheek“Olivia! Are you okay?” I asked since I saw her cheek became red instantly “Fai! Why are you on her side? You’re my boyfriend!” Laura went mad “Laura, behave! You’re overacting…..” I snapped her and turned to Olivia who kept silent “Olivia, I am sorry, she is…..” I hadn't finished speaking when she cut me and said, “You date someone like her? She behaves like a barbaric one! You deserve better!” “What did you say?” Laura said loudly and Olivia ignored her, she took a money from her purse and left us 
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Chapter 8 DAMIAN - Think Wisely!
I drove my car faster since I want to meet Anna, particularly because I want to talk with her about Sandra. I think she is the right person I should talk with since I can’t do it with Sonia who will be on Sandra’s side. I arrived around 9.15 am at Hyde Park. Soon, Anna and Ben arrived and we headed to the park, settled near the pond. “Ben, play here first! Mommy and uncle Damian will arrange the carpet,” Anna told her son“Okay, mommy!” We put the carpet on the grass and as we finished with it, I saw Fai came. It surprised me that he brought a woman with him and I knew who she was. “Hey, sorry I am late!” Fai greeted us
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Chapter 9 OLIVIA - Anna, I Hate You!
It surprised me that the woman and the boy who was previously with Fai in Harry's picture were there. Her name is Anna. She is more beautiful than in the picture, I admit. I previously thought she is Fai’s ex and Ben, her son, is his son but then I heard Ben called Fai ‘uncle’ so it means they’re just friends. Damian’s face when he saw me walk in with Fai, was priceless. I secretly happy seeing his surprised face and worse, I went further by pretending I didn’t know him. Actually, that’s not on the plan, but I want to test his reaction, especially after he saw me with Fai. I secretly hope he will get jealous but then what I got isn’t what I expected. Instead of Damian, I am the one who got jealous. The way he looked at Anna, somehow I feel he has feelings for her. I remembered, from the picture, the way Fai looked at Anna is similar to the way Damian lo
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Chapter 10 FAI - BE WITH ME!
Working on the same project with Olivia made it inevitable for not spending time more with her and I realized that I spent more time with her, both in the office and outside, just for coffee or drink at the bar. Unlike other girls with social status like her who are usually into expensive things and high maintenance, I consider her as an easy-going person who likes simplicity. She is different and I like that. I don’t know if I started to grow feelings toward her, after all I spent more time with her than with my girlfriend, Laura. But so far, we're friends, nothing more. This week, both of us need to fly to New York for the Annual Consortium Meeting. I offered to fly with me instead of using a separate jet and she agreed. Jack, Olivia, Isla and I departed from London on Friday. We will spend the weekend for leisure and attend the meeting on M
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