CEO's Precious Wife has Lots of Secrets

CEO's Precious Wife has Lots of Secrets

By:  Angelina Bhardawaj  Completed
Language: English
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The only thing that she wanted, was to be dearly loved by her family. But all she got was a package full of betrayal. All he wanted was to find the girl who saved him and provide her with anything that she would demand and lacked. When he came to know it was love, he not only provided her with his immense never-ending love but also a free baby that adored only her. In her teenage life, all she wanted was for one man to like her. However, when she grew up, she had an army of men, lining to make her theirs. Now, who she shall choose? How will he make her his?

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224 Chapters
Qingxi, the elder daughter of the Luo family, that has taken her mother, her younger sister, and her under their wings when the elder son of the Luo family, Luo Zengluo married her mother Luo Lin Che.Was her biological father dead? No.Qingxi's mother willingly left her dad because she didn't like the idea of his so-called mediocre living styles, or that was what everyone thought during the time of their divorce.Was Qingxi willing to follow her mother to the rich family? No! But then, she was not the most favored kid for her mother, either.Qingxi was the type of girl who was always liked and appreciated by everyone. The one that could make boys swoon over her and make elders want to marry her into their families and let her become their daughter-in-law. Gifted with several abilities like acting, singing, and dancing, she was bound to have found happiness right? However, things weren't really favorable and easy in her case. Her luck in her teenage life was far from good.Abandoned b
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Chapter - 1 Betrayal
The busiest city of the province was buzzing with life during the night. The moon was shining brightly in the sky, enchanting the people who had gathered near the beach to see the marvelous view of firecrackers. With stars twinkling above the sea, it was indeed a beautiful sight to see.If one was to look around, it was easier for someone to get lost, seeing the huge crowd that had gathered this time. It was a special day today. The day today marked the beginning of the new year according to province culture. Few reporters were clicking pictures of the huge crowd. These pictures will be shown on their channels the next day. Reporters who had come to click pictures were delighted to do their work while enjoying themselves with their families and friends.People around were laughing and eating with full content. Some couples had gathered to impress their loved ones or just to show off their love. Some were holding hands while some were hugging each other, smiling brightly with the
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Chapter - 2 Leaving to return
In one of the top restaurants of Imperial city which was exclusively open for elite members, a beautiful teenage girl and a 23 years old man were sitting talking secretively in the restaurant booth. They had to book a private booth, especially so that no one irritates the girl when she is busy with her business. She hates it most when someone interrupts her, and given how beautiful she was, people would usually come and ask her if she was some kind of actress. However, these people can't really be blamed for their behavior and stopping randomly to gaze at the doll look-alike girl wherever she goes. She was like a celestial beauty on Earth. One of a kind, that was too rare to appear and be found. Dressed in a simple top, jeans, and a jacket paired with her signature boots, she simply looked out of the place. Her slender french fingers that were ho
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Chapter - 3 Saving the Damsel
After two hours...  As Qingxi was driving her car towards the airport she saw a man in his early twenties running alongside the road as if his life depended on it. He was constantly looking behind him as if someone was chasing him. Spotting the park near the junction, he jumped in the bushes to hide as if trying to make it look like he was hiding inside the park and mislead them. One would have failed to notice it, but being a die-hard fan of action and thriller movies she was clearly able to make out that man was wounded. There was a wound on his abdomen that was bleeding profusely, making his stride uneven as he stumbled quite often while running.  Seeing the man in such a worrisome state she couldn't help but slow her car a bit so that she doesn't loo
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Chapter - 4 I am back
At the airport near Imperial city, five men dressed in black were walking behind a man who was walking arrogantly looking aloof and domineering.  If children saw this man right now then they would be running and hiding behind their mothers.  Even when he was oozing such scary vibes, he looked so charming that people around him couldn't help but pause what they are doing to take a look at him in admiration and aopreciation. The man who looked all charismatic and poised was already feeling irritated by the fact that they had to ride the public flight, rather than using their private jet, and the amount of attention he was getting currently was making him more agitated, now. Almost all the girls around him were acting coquettishly, trying to gain his attention. It was clear from the way he carried himself that he was some rich man, and his
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Chapter - 5 A part time job maybe?
Hongqui took Qingxi to her favorite restaurant, where they always use to dine five years back."You still like pork ribs the best right?" Hongqui asked as he opened the gate for her to enter the restaurant. "Obviously. Thank god! I'll finally be able to eat country food again, after so long. You know people practically live on pizzas and noodles there. They consume soo much junk food in comparison to healthy food." Qingxi exaggerated as she plopped down on the chair feeling exhausted. Having traveled for soo many hours she was feeling extremely tired and couldn't wait to have a nice refreshing sleep after feeding her tummy. As she was plopped tiredly on the chair massaging her knees lightly, two ladies from across few tables noticed her. "Hey i
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Chapter-6 Pay with himself
In the main building of Lu corporation, the top floor that belonged to Lu Jingzhe the CEO of the Corporation was in a mess. People were running from here to there to complete their tasks before the scheduled deadline.Deadlines to complete the work in Lu corporations were always tight, however, they were paid more than enough for their hard work, and thus, no one ever complained. This was nothing new to them. But, what irked the atmosphere was the scary aura of the devil boss itself.They were on their wit's end of thinking of ways for what had caused this sudden thunderstorm in the company. Inside the CEO's office or devil's den, two subordinates were standing feeling scared to death. "What is taking him soo long to complete the task an
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Chapter-7 You did what?
As Qingxi opened the door, she was surprised to see a man standing in a black suit with his goggles on. "Yes? How can I help you?" Qingxi asked while looking him up and down. "This...Our young master wants to talk with you. If you don't mind, can you please follow me? He is sitting in the car behind that tree." That man in the black suit said while pointing at a tree that was not far away from her apartment. Sure enough, when Qingxi peeked behind the man, she could see a car parked behind a far tree from the railing. "If he wants to talk with me then isn't it proper manners to come here, rather than sending someone to call me over?" Qingxi asked coldly. She bet this was another second-generati
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Chapter - 8 Late for the interview? Maybe not.
Early in the morning, Qingxi was woken abruptly, by her cell phone going off again and again.  'Ugh!! Who wants to die early in the morning? Can't they let their great sister sleep peacefully?' Qingxi thought before mindlessly throwing her hands on the nightstand to pick up her phone. It was a call from an unknown number. Qingxi frowned before picking up the call. "Hello?" "Am I talking to Miss Qingxi?" The speaker on the other side of the call said politely. "Yes?" "Well Ms. Qing, I am Samantha calling from the Star high. This is to inform you that we had looked into your portfolio, and our higher management wants to
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Chapter - 9 We meet again!
Qingxi looked up and was surprised to see the man from the airport standing in front of her. "You... Aren't you the man who I have accidentally bumped into at the airport?" Qingxi asked.  Qingxi was surprised with her own words. She was never the busybody type, and to say she was initiating such a useless conversation with some stranger was totally beyond her.  If her brothers happen to listen to her and see her like this, they would surely think that something was wrong with her head, and she was suffering from some disease. 'Maybe it's because this man is handsome and an eye-candy.' Qingxi reasoned with herself. "Looks like it." Lu Jingzhe muttered while removing his hands from aro
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