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(21+) How would it feel if you did everything for him to just be on the edge of a deep abyss ... that's how Diane felt, willing to make all the big sacrifices to always be by her husband's side, everything was so perfect, but everything changed when Diane gave up her first pregnancy for had an abortion in order to follow her husband. For Kurt it was not a sacrifice but an opportunity for Diane to ruin their relationship, since then Kurt hasn't known his wife anymore. Their problems are even more complicated when Diane is facing people from her past which attracts her sexual needs when Kurt starts to forgive her, all the secrets are slowly unraveled, even the true sacrifice of people who are in that deep abyss. Will Diane choose to fall into the abyss or stay on the edge for the sake of with her husband, or the other thought is to be on the side of another man that she will chooses to make things even more complicated. -...“What's wrong with my sexual desire…” she releasing a sighed muttered to herself -...Kurt sighed and smiled sarcastically, shaking his head. "I think I know. I’m pretty sure, Now I don't know. Back then when she had an abortion and even now. I feel less now her." -..."Apparently true, humans do not change easily…” He uttered his words, stare at her intently -For the first time she looks at his face with affection, Diane looks at his brown eyes, she finds the intrigue there that can catch her heart and soul, only him ..., can make her stirred like this. -... "I didn't sleep with him, !" Diane’s yelling while glaring at him, she looked angry mixed with restless.... ‘I can't stop me because I Love You’ CHAINS_OF_LOVE

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Wouldn’t to show it, even though the heart screams that fear is there. But verbally denied it. That night Kurt and William his partner at his law firm sat in a bar in Chicago, when their normal day was over at the court, helping, defending and listening to his clients at their law firm. “Well?” Will start not wanting to ask Kurt directly and let him say first
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Diane sat at a round table, a woman came, she was a reporter who was given the task to cover the event and she is Diane best friend, Diane stood up and hugged her with suppress smile. “Liz, you early today” Diane asked while sitting back on her chair and also pointing her best friend to sit  “Diane, You know me, I will not give up with a big piece of meat at an event” she show nasty grin and quirked eyebrow
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“Are you okay?” Carry worried about what David Lee say to her “Conclusions are always important. People must have a beautiful ending. See you in the studio” she said pushing her fingers through her blonde curls, left Cary alone and headed for the dressing room Diane enter dressing room, where there was Marisa who gave her clothes she will wear, she said she get the clothes from a different famous brand, but Diane refused and chose another clothes
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Completing today's broadcast and getting all the work done, she goes to home, drove her car, she was very tired, had no other destination and no one had to be invited to celebrate her victory today, Liz offered at first but suddenly there was an important business, so...this is her life, people see her perfect, have everything, but who knows only herself, that know life is not perfect
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Don't confuse love with admiration. It could be worst, just because you don't know what the meaning you create a different scenario. “Kurt, I get you to bed okay” she whined, uncross her arm, reached him, take his arm around her waist and get him not fight walking them to the bedroom, he hugging her closed to his side, leaning close to her hair, his breath hot again her “You smell good” he mumble
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“Our reporters are not just you, many can replace” Gavin replied just to make her eyes fierce “Who
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Diane just chuckle mocking him and looked back at him with a smug smile “you know what, that is so embarrassing to be played like you. I left and stopped according to my wishes” she muttered slowly, making David not open-mouthed and left him with her smirked on her face David mouth tightened with annoying feeling in his head, he destroyed the items on his desk while Diane smile plastered on her face, she approach Cary desk, she asked him to help and followed her into the record room to find information about Malcolm, On the other side of the office, Nancy just curious hear what happened in the room, and immediately followed Diane to record room When Dian
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The effort doesn’t necessarily turn out to be wrong. Put him above all else. But sometimes he is thinking differently “You know, maybe it’s good Kurt” Will suggest “maybe she wants to talk nicely, you want to start with her again, right?” he smiled while Kurt just stare at him, and catch someone familiar far behind Will, his expression changed to horror “what?” Will asked raising his eyebrows look at Kurt face and look behind his back searching for what Kurt look “Excuse me in minute Will” he muttered leaving Will with confused
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I know I regret it, but why can’t you understand, this is I do just for you. So I never regret it, even the consequences hurt me alot. She smile going wide “are you?” she stare at Will “I just here to see Kurt” Will reason make Diane stunned “Kurt…, he’s here?” she said avoiding Will gaze hide her shocked expression,
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                                                             -0-0-0- “It’s Kurt” he said, want his name brought up by her lips “I don’t like New York, but I work in this city” his answer make Diane chuckle, but not to rolled her eyes about his answered, she just can’t hide her smiled to him and feel something special grow “So…Kurt, if you don’t work here, ar
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