By:  Victor Mairo  Ongoing
Language: English
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It's the year 2018. Dean Olsen, normal boy, recluse too. With a best friend since forever, elementary school to be precise. Two new students in the class, and Dean's world turned upside down for good. Just a regular teenager, till one day. Everything changed. The world, friends, everything. And he's smack in the middle of it. The only hope for humanity, could be its downfall. There's only one choice, one way out, but tell me, what would he choose, when the stakes are at the highest?Humanity is at stake, time is running out...An adventure, of humanity and darkness,Wits against wills,Friendship and enemity,Love and sacrifice.Would the earth be saved after all?

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This book is so nice and well written. I love it.?
2020-07-23 05:20:44
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This book is so amazing and the MC is a vibe everyday!!!!! Please update reserve reeded!!!
2020-07-14 03:09:18
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Rach Elle
Amazing book. Good character development, amazing storyline. Everything is just so good. I can't wait for the second book ♥️
2020-07-12 20:28:09
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MarGic Mike
One of those books where the plot, characters and pacing are on point. Highly recommend.
2020-07-12 19:31:18
user avatar
samuel ebisemiju
Amazing book???
2020-07-12 19:24:31
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Dan Odin
This book is really interesting, the prologue drew me into this as someone who's a fan of the world coming to an end. This is my third time reading this.
2020-07-12 19:01:18
user avatar
Victor Mairo
This is a book about reality, I’d suggest it for everyone!
2020-07-12 18:40:12
53 Chapters
   I was fine, comfortable. My world wasn't going in circles. I was young, happy, carefree. I sat with my family, weird sister, Marilyn, mum, dad, and me, of course. Dean. It was a peaceful gathering, no hassle. Just relax and talk. As usual, I was teasing my sister about her deadbeat boyfriend, wonder what she sees in him anyways. He was just… There. Nothing special. Love or lust has blinded her, I suppose. Mum kept talking to dad in low whispers, and trust me, and I didn't try to eavesdrop. They had a bond I wanted for myself one day, maybe. I'm not too big on love at the moment, if ever. We were talking about random nonsense, how I failed my test w
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Eight months before...  First off, the school wasn't my vibe. Yes, I was brilliant, outstandingly so. I was just skeptical about the whole "school" fiasco. I had to keep my intelligence on a low, in order not to draw unwanted attention to myself. It worked, but I was a nobody for a while. My name is Dean Olsen, a second child, a family of four. 5'9 inches tall, and a mouth that never seems to shut up. 
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This might have been a mistake. Well, I thought so at least. Brianna was stoic and didn't look in my direction once. Figures.   "Uhmm, I know I might not be the best person to talk to, but really, I just.. Want to.. Y'know, talk," I said, fidgeting and sweating. Last time I was this close to a girl as pretty as this was
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     I walked by her side, thinking about what just happened. I was embarrassed but intrigued all the same. She just singlehandedly dealt with the biggest bully in the whole school, thereby saving the shreds of my dignity remaining.   "Why did you do it? Why did you save me?" I asked, in the calmest voice I could manage. Truthfully, the last time Cain pick
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 I read to escape the harshness of life. Reading becomes my reality, and I get lost in the world I created.  Victor Mairo  
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I do not fear death. I fear a life without meaning. Victor Mairo 
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Love, the most beautiful feeling in all the universe. But love, love will kill us all...Victor Mairo    The hardest choices are often the most difficult to make and going by my life at the moment, I'd just about had it with the twists and turns. Today, begins the first day of the rest of my life. Tyler and the twins, Brian and Brianna are surprisingly getting along well. It's been a week since Tyler's great revelation and I felt no different. Also, due to the embarrassment Cain McCarthy faced, he's no longe
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Once, I was a child, then one day, I grew. I put away childish things. Victor Mairo 
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Sometimes, it's okay to cry, it's okay to stop pretending and break down completely. That's what makes you human, that's what makes you real. Your humanity. Don't be ashamed of it, live it. Victor Mairo 
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   I don't deserve a friendshipThey always leaveIt's fine, I'll be fineAlways a loner
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