Intertwined Destinies: Fated To A Werewolf Alpha

Intertwined Destinies: Fated To A Werewolf Alpha

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When Saraphina, a powerful vampire, escapes her clan, she finds herself in the hands of Ethan, a fierce werewolf alpha who happens to be her mate. He is ruthless to her at first, but soon begins to fall in love with her. When deceit and betrayal strike, Saraphina must choose between her loyalty to her sister and her love for Ethan. Will their bond be strong enough to overcome the shadows of their past? Or will their love be weakened by the very darkness that surrounds them.

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20 Chapters
Chapter 1
Her once-tamed locks cascaded in disarray as she knelt upon the soiled dungeon floor, hands tightly ensnared by unforgiving chains that inflicted searing discomfort. The metallic clasp not only confined her physically, but resonated with audible sizzles, a symphony of torment echoing in the dim-lit confines. Biting down on her lower lip, her eyes transformed into a deep crimson hue. With each passing moment, her strength waned, yet she exercised restraint, knowing that struggling would only worsen her pain. The creaking resonance of the metal bar’s movement forced her to lift her head, fixing her gaze on the source of her pains. “Seraphina Ravenhood,” a woman called, a smile playing on her lips as she entered the cellar, holding a whip. “Vivienne Blackthorn,” Seraphina replied, accompanied by a muttered curse. Vivienne, with her light skin and curls of fiery red hair, boasted succulent lips. “Lightskinned” barely captured the paleness of their kind, but Vivienne surpassed
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Chapter 2
Seraphina began to panic as she wondered if leaving her clan was the right choice to make. She wondered if she should have listened to Vivienne and stayed to get married to her leader, than running into something much worse. She could still hear the low growls from the werewolves, and as she slowly stood up, one of the wolves attacked first. It launched at her, its paws ready to take a swipe, until she moved out of the way and punched it from the sides, sending it crashing into a tree. The wolf whimpered softly as it was wounded from the hit, and now, she could hear the growls of the other wolves get louder. Their eyes narrowed at her, and immediately, another ran towards her. Its strong jaws were open, ready to take a bite, when she decided to jump. Being a Vampire, she could easily leap high up, so high that she could reach the top of a three-story building in one jump. But tonight, she had been drained, and all the energy she had gotten from the blood was gone as well. Anothe
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Chapter 3
Seraphina woke up with a stir. Her eyelids fluttering before her eyes popped open in shock, and she stood up. She had been lying on the floor of a cellar, but unlike the one she had escaped from, she wasn’t bound in chains. Regardless, she felt it was disappointing to have escaped one cellar only to run into another.She examined herself for any wounds but found nothing on herself. She could smell the stench of wolf in the air, and her nose wrinkled in disgust. “Let me out!” she yelled as she held onto the bar and tried to pull, but it didn’t budge. “Is this how I get treated?!” she yelled again and began to kick the metal bar”, hoping something would work. Suddenly, she could perceive something in the air. It was different, and she could feel her body reacting to it in excitement. Soon, Ethan walked towards her with a bag of red liquid in his hands. He wore a tank top and a pair of black jeans. His hair was neatly combed, and his cologne was relaxing. However, both of them glared
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Chapter 4
Ethan stared at his bleeding finger in surprise before he lifted his head to stare right at her. He was beyond shocked to the fact that she had made a risky move, despite being at his mercy. Seraphina’s heart on the other hand, began to race against her chest as if it was trying to escape. Beads of sweat was breaking out on her forehead and she could tell why. She was getting weak as the realization to what she just done sent chills down her spine. Ethan wiped his bloodied finger with an handkerchief, looking up at her face. “My blood must be irresistible for you to have done what you just did and I must commend your boldness.” He said with a slight frown on his face.“Are you going to kill me?” Seraphina asked again, as soon as he walked towards her. “Do you have a death wish?” he asked and she gulped. “Exactly what I thought.” He added. With a strong pull from him, the chain links on her wrist broke and fell off her hands to the tiled floor.“What are you doing?” She asked as s
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Chapter 5
Seraphina followed closely behind the servant whom Ethan had ordered to allocate a room for her in the huge mansion. She wasn’t only mesmerized by the old concrete walls of the house, but also by the interiors that she didn’t think were in existence up until now. She was quiet as she followed, even though she desperately wanted to ask the servant questions about how the house was built and how many generations had lived in it. The servant took her through a very long hallway that had numerous doors on either side until they stopped at the sixth door by the right. Seraphina stared at her as she opened the room, and raised an eyebrow when she signaled to her with a tilt of her head to walk into the room. Without saying a single word, the petite girl whom Seraphina thought was too beautiful to be just a servant walked away from the hallway, taking her scent along with her.Seraphina blinked twice as she looked around the hallway, surprised at how quiet and empty it was. With slow steady
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Chapter 6
There was something about her. Ethan thought to himself as he relaxed on the chair, staring at her with keen eyes. From the moment he had caught a whiff of her scent in the woods, to the moment he brought her into his home, he knew there was definitely something about her. It definitely wasn’t just the mating bond that was making him feel that way, it was also the strong energy he felt anytime she was in his presence.He could swear on his father’s life that Seraphina wasn’t a typical vampire. This vampire was strong, fearless and from her eyes, he knew there were secrets lurking around her. He knew better than to trust a vampire, afterall, his pack had been attacked by them numerous times and both species have never lived in peace, but he was ready to believe whatever she tells him. Why was that? he had absolutely no idea, but maybe it was because she had a very sincere face and also because his wolf was keen on being attracted to her.Speaking of attraction, he allowed his gaze to s
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Chapter 7
There was total silence in the room as soon as the words left Seraphina’s mouth. Apart from the hollow sounds coming in from the window and the soft breaths escaping Ethan’s lips, the room was otherwise quiet. Ethan on one hand, stared at Seraphina as he tried to make sense of what she meant. Powers? What did she mean by powers? Was she a vampire witch? Did he just allow a witch into his household to threaten the lives of his pack members without realizing it?With a calculated move, he took one step towards her, trying all he could not to let her know he was very impatient and could snap her neck if she dared play games with him. His inner wolf was waiting patiently to see what he was going to do, but he knew Leon wouldn’t want him to hurt their mate. Hell, if he did that, they would fight eachother for a very long time. Tilting his head to the side, Ethan glared at Seraphina, finally able to get a glimpse of her face from the dark corner she stood.“What do you mean powers?” He aske
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Chapter 8
Ethan had his back against the wall in the far end of the dining room as he watched two of his warriors cover and move the corpse of the female servant away. He said nothing even when Ryan and Daphne placed their hands on their waists at the same time, asking with their eyes for an explanation to be given to them. He tried to think of Seraphina and the so-called power she claimed to have. If she was indeed going to be a risk in his pack, then wasn’t it better to send her away or better still get rid of her? he wondered. A part of him wanted to be rid of her, but another part, the stronger part that was controlled by his heart and his inner wolf, wanted him to keep her and find out what was locked up inside of her.“Ethan?” Ryan called, bringing him out of his thought process and he blinked, allowing his eyes to settle on his best friend. “What happened here?” Ryan asked for the third time again.Ethan watched him keenly, before darting his gaze towards his gamma, Daphne, who stood the
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Chapter 9
The immediate awareness that someone was inside the room, staring at her while she slept, had Seraphina jumping up from the bed only to see Ethan leaning on the wall, his eyes heavily on her. She quickly looked down at her body to make sure no part of it was exposed before looking up to meet his gaze again. There was a slight smirk on the corner of his lips that had her using her palms to cover her cleavage and the smirk immediately turned into a smile, one that she didn’t think she had seen on his face before.“You don’t have to cover anything.” He spoke, his gaze hovering over her body wickedly. “Our kind have seen more naked bodies than newborn babies.”Seraphina cleared her throat, not only angry that he seemed to be enjoying himself, but also because he had interrupted her dream, a dream where she had been able to rescue her sister after a fierce battle with her vampire friends.“I can see that.” She said, standing from the bed and dragging the sheets with her. When they stood to
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Chapter 10
Ethan was beyond confused at the situation surrounding him. Was Seraphina playing games with him? or did she not just know how to control the powers she claimed to have. Ryan, his beta continued to examine the bodies of the warriors while he in turn looked far across to Seraphina, who just stood like she had done nothing wrong.“They are dead, Ethan.” Ryan said, standing to his feet and placing both of his hands in the pockets of his pants. “They are both dead, what are you and that blood sucker doing?”Ethan ignored Ryan’s questions and snarled in anger; his eyes red with rage. Before Ryan could say another word to him, he hurried to Seraphina, grabbed her hands, and pulled her against the wall of his chest. She saw how red his eyes were and from the little growl she heard from his throat, knew there was a possibility that he would be changing into his wolf form if she wasn’t careful.“Are you playing with me, young woman?” He growled again, spitting at her face. “Do you think I brou
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