Can I Learn To Love Again?

Can I Learn To Love Again?

By:  Ezeihekaibee Ebubechi  Ongoing
Language: English
8 ratings
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"I couldn't be more broken when I found out that I've been fooled all this while... thinking that I was being loved by him... I know that this will teach me a lesson not to trust easily in this life...Ever."★One summer.So much drama.Will Ella learn to love again?

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This book is very intriguing. I can’t wait to find out if she would learn to love again.
2020-08-09 23:55:25
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Mofiyinfoluwa Osunbitan
Amazing book. keep it up.
2020-07-27 17:09:44
user avatar
An absolutely beautiful book! Looking forward to it <3
2020-07-17 02:14:55
default avatar
Interesting story! ?
2020-07-11 16:02:36
user avatar
Ulric Efukor
2 stars for the blurb and 3 for the awesome book. Looking forward to finishing it
2020-07-10 22:44:55
user avatar
Angela Lynn Carver
Interesting beginning. Can't wait to see what happens next.
2020-07-10 06:39:47
user avatar
Oni Kehinde
Beautiful piece ,I simply enjoyed it
2020-07-07 03:18:31
user avatar
Ezeihekaibee Ebubechi
Okay, I know this is my book and all that?, but the book is really nice❤️❤️
2020-07-04 01:46:21
32 Chapters
I couldn't be more broken when I found out that I've been fooled all this while, thinking that I was being loved by him. I know that this will teach me a lesson not to trust easily in this life. Ever. Don't be confused as to how angry I am right now because it's actually not my fault. Now you guys would want to know me, wouldn't you?Well my name is Nuella, I'm seventeen years old and I'm kind of someone you'll call popular.  I have everything. No I thought I had everything; a nice boyfriend now an ex-boyfriend actually, a best friend now an ex-best friend too, a lot of guys seeking my attention, nice, loving and wealthy parents, money and God. I hope you've probably gotten the gist of everything without me telling you. Yeah-yeah, we broke up because some dumb idiot was cheating on his girlfriend with her bestie. Okay enough of the ra
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Jade's P.O.V      Ella's like my best friend and sister to the extent that I sometimes forget that we are cousins and that's the more reason I should try to make her happy when she's sad because I know that she'll do the same for me.  Anyone who tries to make her unhappy will have it with me and trust me, you wouldn't want to have it with me because you'll hate your life if you do. Anyone who is on her bad side is definitely on my bad side too and anyone who tries to take what's hers (I laugh evilly) should get ready to face my wrath. And I'm gonna give you one warning don't try to think about joining my my  'EVIL - HUMAN - SOUL - LIST' and I guess I've got new members and two for that matter. I left Ella's room and headed for my own room to settle down and also let her settle down before we go down for dinner. Wait g
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After spending most of the day getting sun tanned at the beach we decided to go home.On our way home I replayed the events of the previous day in my head, the image of Linc and Sandra doing the gross stuff I saw them doing kept flashing. God how I wanted to get rid of that memory.I know, I know. I said I wasn't going to think of them this summer but come on, a relationship of almost three effing years and a best friend of like since foever, you just can't get rid of the memories that fast. Time they say is supposed to heal ya, so I'll let time do its job.My mind soon drifted to the events of today. It actually felt nice going to the beach today but I don't think I'll be leaving the house again so soon.Ivan Davids.The hot brown head with the muscles.On a different occasion I would've been looking forward to meeting him again but nah I'll pass.He's such a flirt.Obviously a play boy.The type that'll ruin a poor unsuspecting girl.He's so not what I want or like but seriously wh
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"Ella the cookies are ready, bring them from the kitchen and put them on my big old head" mum said. "Okay I'm coming" I answered. "Ella open the oven door, it's time" mum ordered me. "Open it up we have thirty minutes until the visitors come" mum said banging on the oven door.  Oven door??? What? Oven door; cookies on mum's big old head? "Ella open the door; in thirty minutes the visitors would be here...dress up"."Ella open the door, wake up sleepy bunny, I've asked you to stop locking your room door" Room door? Visitors?? Oh My God thirty freaking minutes?!  And I was busy dreaming of cookies, big-old-fat heads and oven doors. "It was only a dream Ella, only a dream" I assured myself aloud. 'Knock, knock'&nb
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The dinner was quite surprising, really" I told Jade over the phone. "How?"she asked. "Well guess the people that came over" I told her. "Mr and Mrs Humphrey and their annoying air brained daughter?" She said with a little bit of uncertainty in her voice. The Humphreys are a set of unnaturally annoying people. They think they're perfect, the richest–not that I care and above mistakes but the worst part is that they are so frigging far from perfect. They're the worst kind of family you can find in the US.  Their so called air brained daughter Miranda is just nothing to write home about, lucky for me she attends the other school in our town;  always competing with me for no just cause.  Well that's by the way. "Nope, you're wrong" I answered purposely keeping her in suspense. "Stop making me guess"
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“So where are we going” I asked Ivan who was nodding his head to some loud trap music that'll probably give me headache later in the day.  He said that the next place we were going to will be our last stop for the day since we've been going around town and I so hope this last stop of ours has something to do with food. “Benny's” he answered casually. “Shut the front door!” I exclaimed feeling thoroughly surprised.  Only locals who have stayed in this town for a very long town knows Benny's– a very small eatery– and Ivan hasn't been here for up to a month, and he knows it already. “Don't you like the place?” He asked sounding nervous.  Why the hell wouldn't I like the place and why in the whole wide world is he nervous? Before I could stop it, my buccal cavity vomit
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“Thank you for saving me back there” I told Ivan weakly once we were in the car.“No problem anytime, after all they deserved it, they don't deserve to be called humans because they don't have hearts” he said grinning, trying to lighten the mood so I had no other option but to return his grin with a forced smile.The drive home was silent, too silent that I didn't realise when we when we got to my house because I was wrapped in my own thoughts.Although the day started well, it's ending with a sore heart. A pain I hid so fast and so well has been dug up and now the pain is worse, I feel like my heart is in pieces. My heart feels like a shattered conical shaped organ.But as cliché as it sounds whenever I remember how Ivan saved me from embarrassment, my heart feels a lot more better. He knows nothing about my past or those people, yet he stood up for me. I don't even want to start thinking of when he called me his girl.“We're here” Ivan said bringing me back to the present.“Oh, thank
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“Is it weird that I'm catching feelings for Ivan when I just broke up with Linc?” I asked Jade who was ransacking my closet. It's been three days since she came back from Italy and she came over once I called her for fashion help, given that Ivan had asked me out… as a date. Okay don't crucify me yet. I don't know how I said yes to him, just that whenever he's around me all my reasoning and thoughts become so jumbled up; I think he knows this that's why he was all up in my space yesterday when he asked me prompting me to say yes without even knowing it. “Well since it's Ivan” she said stressing the Ivan. “I don't think it's weird. Just the sight of him can make a girl to break up with her boyfriend, talk less of a single girl—that being you—he's actually interested in” she continued, placing a flower patterned sun dress on my dresser stool and a nude coloured gladiator sanda
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Ivan's P.O.V.I arrived at Ella's house—sorry mansion; I feel like I'm insulting the mansion whenever I just call it house because it is so freaking large, like the structure, the fountain, the garden, the drive way, everything is just so large—about three minutes earlier than I was meant to and called her.“Hey, Nuts” I said once she received the call.“Hey, Ivan” she said with a strain in her voice like she was sort of unhappy.“I'm outside but if you aren't ready yet, take your time. I want you to look your best” I said smirking—like she was going to see me—trying my best to make her forget whatever was troubling her. I just hope it isn't those jerks we saw the other day, thinking of them makes me sick. I keep wondering the relationship she has with them, why were so mean to her—more like why was the girl so mean to her and why was the guy looking sad, tired and weary.One day I'll surely get the information from her; I could always get the information I need elsewhere but I want t
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Ella “Why don't you pick the call” I told Jade who has been ignoring a call on her phone. We were at a fare that Jade forced me to.  She was trying to get me to go on one of the rides with her but no way I was doing that. I have a great respect for my fear of heights and she knows it too. After all, all I wanted to do was sleep, is that so much to ask? To add to her failed attempt of getting me to have fun, she's been ignoring a call which comes literally every minute on her phone. “It's not important” she said dragging me to the cotton candy stand. Yeah right; it's not important. It's obvious she doesn't want to talk to the other person in my presence. I wonder why. “The person probably wants to tell you something important” I tried to mak
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