My Forever One

My Forever One

By:  Lidya Ann  Completed
Language: English
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After Stephanie decided to choose to be Stephanie Clark, instead of Rei Miller, she moved on from Lucas Miller and built a happy family with Martin Clark, leaving Luke heartbroken. Cleo Stewart came to Luke’s life and when Luke was ready to build a new family with Cleo, Luke got one chance to be with Stephanie again. Which one Luke will choose? What happened to Martin and Stephanie relations? Jealousy, revenge, lies are testing Luke’s love story……..

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Stephanie Hyde
Great read author. Really captivating and leaving you wanting for more. Im happy they got their happy ending.
2023-04-05 20:24:56
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Anna Buyagan
a very nice story salute to the author. unlike other authors who make their stories very long and as a consequence, readers lost interest to continue reading.
2023-01-02 09:25:39
38 Chapters
Chapter 1 Two Years Later
Stephanie walked in the meeting room and started the meeting immediately. She wanted to end it in the afternoon before she and her twins headed to Iceland, meeting Martin there. Martin is having a week-long meeting in London, while she has a meeting in New York. The twins, Mia and Sophia, they’re missing their daddy so badly and Stephanie came up with a short holiday idea, which Martin agreed and decided to go to Iceland. He thinks it is good to bring them closer to nature and Iceland is located in the right place between London and New York.  In 2 and half hours, they stopped for lunch time. Liam was about to ask Luke to get lunch together but Luke's eyes stared at him, telling he had other things. Liam glanced at Stephanie and he suddenly understood. Luke smiled and as soon as his best friend left, he walked toward Stephanie, who just finished talking with Nathan. Stephanie smiled when Luke approac
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Chapter 2 Martin Headache
Martin’s eyes stared blankly at his private blue lagoon pool at The Retreat Hotel. He arrived at the hotel with Jacob hours ago and needed to wait for Stephanie and the twins which will arrive later. He flew to Reykjavik right after his business meeting ended in London. However, before he went to the airport, he stopped by at the hospital after previously he experienced a bad headache lately. Jacob succeeds in making him stop by at the hospital since Martin is stubborn enough and tends to ignore his headache. However, what the Doctor said later stated in his mind. ‘Mr Clark, you have serious brain damage. This usually occurs after experiencing a long coma from your previous accident. You need to be careful next time, one wrong accident again, it will bring worse consequences.’‘Can this be cured?’ Martin asked 
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Chapter 3 Lilian’s Wedding
“William!!!!” Lilian said out of loud, quickly hugged him“I miss you,” She added as she kissed him “I miss you too baby!” William replied her“Let’s go!” Lilian dragged his hand and they left the prison“I want to go to the cemetery first!” William said to Lilian“Sure! We can go there first then to the penthouse later,” Lilian replied quickly and they drove the car to the cemetery to see Willian’s dad who was laid down there last yearThey spent less than an hour there, Lilian stayed next to him, looking at William’s face. His face was cold and expressionless. She understood, he is sa
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Chapter 4 Martin and Yoan’s Meeting
2 months laterMartin sat in his office worrily, waiting for Jacob to get information about his treatment. It was around 10 minutes later, Jacob walked in and quickly spoked up. “Mr Clark, sorry for making you wait. I made a call to all the references and scheduled a meeting online with all of them. I believe Rochester could be the right place to go. We can drive from Chicago to make it less obvious,” Jacob explained“And the doctor?” “The best doctor in the states will handle this directly. He will travel back and forth from Boston and I got two other good doctors from Rochester too to help him to handle the treatment.” “All the facilities are completed and you supp
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Chapter 5 Cleo’s Obsession
New York It’s been months since Luke and Cleo were together. Their relations went slow, Luke slowly tried to open his heart to Cleo, while Cleo fell for him day by day. She is heavily in love with him, especially when Luke treats her sweetly. One night, Luke stood near the window in his bedroom. Cleo slowly moved from the bed and walked toward him, hugging him from behind. Minutes ago, they had sex and it really bother him, no matter how many times he have sex with her, he didn’t really feel something with her. It is so different from Patricia and Stephanie. ‘Maybe it takes time….’ He told himselfSeeing Luke staying silent, Cleo suddenly said, “We spent day by day together here, I wonder if you think it is better for me to move in?” 
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Chapter 6 Luke’s Past and Future
During her car ride back to her condo, Cleo was busy thinking about Luke and the woman. ‘Luke said she is his business partner, it means Lily knew about her. I’ll ask her!’ She thought As soon as she arrived at her condo, she went to her bedroom and put her belongings. She took her phone and made a call to Lilian. “Hi Lily,” “I wonder if you want to grab lunch with me tomorrow? There’s something I wanna talk about,” “Alright! I’ll see you at Nobu Downtown. Night!” Cleo went silent, she regretted not asking directly, why need to wait till tomorrow. She tried her luck by going to Google, typed ‘Lucas Miller business’. After going into one to another article, she retyped it
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Chapter 7 William’s Secrets
“How’s the meeting?” Lily quickly asked as soon as William opened their bedroom doorWilliam smiled, he walked to the bed where Lily laid on, he sat on the edge of the bed. “It went well! In a short period, I got many new contracts. Thanks to Luke for helping me with this!” “But, more importantly, thanks to you honey. You help my family. I am so grateful to have you!” William added as he landed a kiss on Lily’s forehead “I’m happy! This is good for us, hopefully your new business goes well, so we don’t need to depend on Luke anymore.”‘No way! I’ll make Luke pour, pour and pour all his wealth to you, to us! With that I’ll be back stronger and people won’t mock the
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Chapter 8 Am I Ready?
‘Luke, I’m pregnant!’ ‘Luke, I’m pregnant!’ ‘Luke, I’m pregnant!’ That’s words keep playing on Luke’s head. ‘How come she got pregnant?’ ‘She was on birth control. I always use condoms too. Except one night, the night that I don’t even remember clearly’‘Is she trying to trap me?’‘Oh no! What I’ve thought…..’ Luke quickly got rid of his thoughtsIt’s been weeks since he heard those words for the first time from Cleo. He was
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Chapter 9 Stay Strong!
‘Honey, I love you!’ Stephanie saw Martin’s message on the phone. It was sent half an hour ago. She was spending time with the twins in the garden and didn’t notice Martin sent a message. ‘Why did he send me a text like this?’ She was wondering She decided to press a call button and waited for Martin to answer her call. However, Martin didn’t pick up. She suddenly felt uneasy. She tried to call him again and he didn’t pick up. Then, she decided to call Jacob and strange, he also didn’t pick it up. ‘What happened?’She tried again to call them and still no answer, then she decided to call Nathan and ask for help to track them. Hours had passed and Stephanie became more worried. She was abo
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Chapter 10 Luke’s Suspicion
Yoan stood near the window. He stared deeply at the police report on the table. He recalled the time Martin made a call to him.‘Do you remember your promise to take care of Stephanie?’‘I might ask you to fulfil it sooner than I expect!’Yoan thoughts wandered, he was curious, Martin said that as if he knew something would happen to him. Again, Yoan remembered what Martin had said before, ‘Wild world, where we’re living on’ and somehow he thought maybe it isn’t just a normal car accident. ‘How if it is a murder attempt?’ ‘Should I investigate it more?’ ‘Should I tell Nathan and Rei abo
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