Her Knight In Shining Suit

Her Knight In Shining Suit

By:  Senyorita  Completed
Language: English
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Abbigayle Jimenez is just a simple girl with big dreams. Her world started to change when she went to the city for the sake of her desired future. She met the rich and powerful Ethan Ledesma, her friend's older brother. She developed an unexplainable feeling towards him. However, things aren't exactly going her way as some secrets are about to be revealed. What happens when she found out the truth about her identity?

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1: Hello City Life
 Abbigayle's POVDid you ever go out of your comfort zone just to chase your dreams? Did you ever leave your family behind for you to pursue your desired future? Well, I did.Today is my first day of school as a college student.  I have dreamt of this moment for a long time. I moved from our home and rent an apartment near our school so I won’t have to travel for long hours every time I have a class. My parents supported me in this journey of my life and they wanted what’s best for me so they allowed me to chase my dreams even if it means being away from them. My father is an accountant and my mother is a public school teacher. I enrolled in a university here in the city because I was lucky to be accepted as one of their scholars. I chose to study hotel and restaurant management program since it has always been my dream to be able to own a hotel or even work in one. I don’t know what will happen to me in the next years but I promised
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Chapter 2: Should I be Worried?
Abbigayle's POVI was lucky that I met someone on my first day of school. Klaress and I have been hanging out every day at school and she even hangs by my apartment. We always do our research at the university’s library and she didn’t even complain even if she can do it at their home where there is an internet connection. She said that she likes hanging out with me since she wants to live a normal life.  I guess it’s tiring to be rich sometimes.We were doing our research in the library when she suddenly asked me something.“Hey Abby, what do you think about our Language professor?” Klaress asked.“Why? What about him?” I said.“I mean, isn’t he hot and handsome?” She said.“Well, yeah he is.” I said.“Do you have a boyfriend?” She asked.“Do you see someone around me?” I joked. “I don’t have one. Do you?”
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Chapter 3: Gold Digger
  Abbigayle's POVOur first week at school went by so fast that I haven’t notice that today is a Sunday. .Today is the day that Klaress invited me to their house. We’ve gotten closer after a week passed by and I appreciate her efforts of becoming friends with me. I’m just a bit nervous since today I will be meeting her parents and her brother as well. It’s ten in the morning already and I guess I have to prepare for our lunch. I took a shower and dressed up. She said it will just be an intimate lunch with her family so I chose a pair of white off shoulder top and skinny jeans together with my white sneakers. I looked at myself in the mirror at my room and was satisfied with my look. I was about to go out and find a cab when Klaress called.“Hey, are you ready?” she said.“Yes I am. I’m about to go out and find myself a cab.” I said as I sprayed on some perfume.“No, don’t bother. My dr
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Chapter 4: Flowers For You
Abbigayle's POVMonday came by and no matter how stressful yesterday was, I still have to face another day at school.I went to my class and saw that Klaress was already there.“You’re early,” I told her.“Hey Abby, I’m really sorry about yesterday.” She said.“I told you it's fine Klar. I’m okay.” I said.“Okay. I just want you to know that I don’t think of you that way. I really want us to be good friends Ab.” She said.“I know Klar and that’s not really what I’m up to. I’m not a gold digger or a social climber.” I said. “I want us to be really good friends too.” I smiled at her genuinely.“I know you’re not one of those. Thank you, Ab.” She said and she pulled me in for a hug.At around five in the afternoon, our last class is dismissed. Klaress and I were about to approach the school&rsq
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Chapter 5: Gayle
Abbigayle's POVI was outside my apartment and waiting for a cab to take me to school when a car stopped in front of me. I didn’t recognize this car. It’s not Klaress' and definitely not our neighbors'. It’s also impossible that the owner of this car lives here since it is obviously a place for the less privileged people. I was about to take my eyes off the car and called for the cab which was about to pass when I saw Ethan got out of the said car. I was about to say something when the front seat opened and Klaress went out of it.“Hey.” Ethan greeted me. He’s so fresh even when it’s just early in the morning. “Good morning.”“Good morning! What are you two doing here?” I said. I don't know why but I feel nervous whenever he's around. “We’re here to pick you up.” Klaress said.“Pick me up? Why?” I said.“We just want to,” Ethan s
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Chapter 6: Does My Body Affect You?
Abbigayle's POVKlaress and I always make sure that we pass our papers on time. It has been a roller coaster ride since our first day of school up until now. Our exams are fast approaching and so we need to study really hard for it.“I really want us to study together Ab.” She said.“Well, we can study in the library right now.” I said.“That’s only two hours right before the library closes. We can’t finish studying in two hours. The exam’s coverage is just too long.” She said.“So? What do you suggest we do?” I said.“Well, we can study at our house. In that way, we can study for as long as we like.” She said. “Or if you like we can do it at your apartment.”“Let’s just do it at your house so you’ll be more comfortable.” I said.“Really? Are you sure? Or you just wanted to see my brother?” she said.
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Chapter 7: I Kissed Him
Abbigayle's POVIt has been four months since my first encounter with the Ledesma family. Since the day that Ethan invited me out for dinner, I felt that something has changed. I felt like I’ve been thinking about Ethan so often that I think it isn’t normal anymore. I know that Ethan is just like my older brother but I think I like him more than that. Months passed by and I’ve gotten closer to Klaress and her whole family which means including Ethan. I go to their house every Sunday to join their family lunch or dinner and it has been that way since I don’t know when. I just woke up one day and realized that I’ve got a family in them and I couldn’t be more thankful. Although I never texted Ethan and he never texted me again since that night either. We just talk sometimes when I'm at their house or when I'm having dinner with them, nothing beyond that. My phone rang and I answered it immediately.“Hello?” I sa
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Chapter 8: He Has A Girlfriend
Abbigayle's POVI haven’t talked to Ethan right after that night. It has been a month since that happened and I haven’t had the chance to talk to him. I continued studying and doing well in my classes even if sometimes I think about him and how come he didn’t contact me right after I kissed him. Was my kiss that bad? Oh, God!I saw Klaress entered the classroom and she sat beside me.“How are you? You’re early.” She said.“I’m fine. I just woke up early today.”“You seem weak. Are you sick?” She asked me.“No, I’m not,” I said. “Just couldn’t sleep properly last night.“Anyways, you know what? My brother went to the mall yesterday and he got us matching bags.” She said.“Really? Why? Why did he do that?” I asked this time I am so interested.“I don’t know but he was with someone when he boug
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Chapter 9: Internship and He's Back
Abbigayle's POVThis is it! Today is the day. I woke up early since today is the start of our internship. I took a bath earlier than usual. I was already wearing a towel and was heading towards my room when the penthouse’s door suddenly opened. I was shocked that someone came in without even knocking but what surprised me more was when I saw who entered. It was Ethan! Klaress’ older brother Ethan! I panicked at the thought that he saw me wearing only my towels with very wet hair.“Oh my GOOOOOD!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.“What are you doing here?!” We said at the same time.“What? What do you mean what am I doing here? I own this place.” He said smirking.I was caught off guard at what he just said. Yes, they do own this place what a dumbass Abby.“I mean, I thought you were not here. I thought you were abroad.” I said.“Yes, I was.” He said and I can&rsq
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Chapter 10: Bad timing
/Abbigayle's POVWhat the hell is wrong with him? Why would he remind me of that stupid kiss? This was what I’ve been thinking about after my internship today. If he remembered my kiss then he should’ve called me. Oh, I forgot. He has a girlfriend so he wouldn’t do that. Why am I even thinking of that asshole?“Are you alright?” Klaress asked me. We were watching the news on tv.“Yes, I’m fine. Just a bit tired from earlier.” I said.“Yeah, I feel the same.” She said. “How was your first day there?”“It was fine. I had fun with Ms. Sam. She is so kind and so approachable.” I said.“Well, that’s good to hear. Mine was fine too. It’s just like what you said very tiring.” She said.“Aren’t you sleepy?” I said.“I am. Actually, I’ll head to my room now.” She said. “Good night
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