Carrying The Alpha's Heir

Carrying The Alpha's Heir

By:  Lami274  Updated just now
Language: English
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"How dare you keep my son away from me?!" "You rejected me and didn't want to do anything with me!" "I will reject you all over again to punish you for this!" "Jokes on you if you think I care about your rejection anymore." ___ Delilah was the contracted bride of Alpha Stephen Knight even after being his fated mate. Losing her parents at a young age was hard enough for her and getting brutally rejected by her mate was the last straw for her. She left with dignity and vowed to never turn back. But what happens when her past comes back to prove destiny once again? Stephen Knight never wanted anything to do with her but was that going to change when he sees her after years? She has changed but he hasn't. He is still the same heartless man. In the game of lies, revenge and pain, they will discover truths that's going to shatter their lives. Will Delilah find Stephen beside her or will he break her heart once again?

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Candle Jane
Interesting plot, different from other books I read, usually the updates are daily, few grammar errors but you can understand what is going on.
2023-12-02 09:34:09
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I am intrigued and waiting to see how it turns out I am hoping that they can get a second chance at love.
2023-10-18 04:55:12
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Mami Love
There are way too many grammatical errors. The book goes from one child to randomly saying kids. I gave 5 stars, so my Comme will be on top. This book is from the author POV. I accidentally gave it a gem!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME
2023-10-17 10:33:18
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Mary Byrd-Edwards
I’m really enjoying this novel. The author keeps you reading and anxious to know what’s happening next. This is a good novel. I recommend it highly.
2023-10-15 13:08:38
default avatar
Interesting story…waiting for more updates
2023-09-13 01:24:53
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Ej Eason
it is a good story. I wish we could read the original. there are mentions of twins, and the names change throughout.
2023-10-15 21:35:48
102 Chapters
1. Rejected and banished
"I can't believe Luna Delilah dared to push our alpha princess down the staircase.""Who would have thought that she was so vicious and evil?""Isn't it obvious that she was jealous? She was always interested in the alpha princess's mate. Luna Delilah must've thought that she can have alpha princess's mate by killing her!"Delilah was almost at the verge of losing her calm and shouting at them when the door of the emergency room opened and the nurse asked them to get inside. Delilah immediately got inside, following everyone else, including her mate, alpha Stephen. "Ashley? How are you feeling now?" Stephen asked in a worried tone as he sat down beside her. Ashley immediately threw her arms around him, holding him tightly and started weeping. Ashley has a bandage around her forehead. She fell down the stairs a few hours ago which gave her this severe head injury. Ashley was Stephen's sister whose mate was thrown out of the pack a month ago for cheating on Ashley. He had rumors of go
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2. The news
"Listen to me, little warrior! You deserve nothing but my rejection!""I can't believe that you manipulated my parents against me and forced me to marry you. And if that wasn't enough you are so cheap and pathetic you slept with me to tie me down forever! How fucking disgusting!" "Finally I am free from you!""I, Alpha Stephen, Alpha of Crystal Moon Mystery pack, reject you, a warrior, Delilah as my mate!" "You’ll be banished from the pack. And remember one thing. That I hate you. I hate you, Delilah!"…It's been five years and Delilah still couldn't help but ask the moon goddess what was her fault. Why did she have to go through such humiliation when she didn't do anything? She was always giving love and well wishes and never asked for anything in return but at the end she was thrown out of the pack she grew in. All these thoughts are always in her head. "Delilah? Delilah!" Someone gave her hand a small shake to bring her out of her thoughts."Huh? What happened…?" Delilah looked
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3. Saving her
TWO DAYS LATER "Alpha Kevin, please you have to help me. It's been two days already since my son has been missing. I can't take it anymore." Delilah's eyes welled up with tears as she stood before Kevin. Her heart is heavy with grief as all the bad thoughts keep on coming back to her, breaking her into pieces. Her four years old son, Nathan, has been kidnapped from their nursery school two days ago and there is still no trace of him. The nursery teacher is heavily injured, unable to provide any information other than that a few rogues took the child. Delilah has been going crazy since then. She has been looking for her son crazily along the pack's other members who are involved in the search operation. Even though she used to be a warrior once, she is useless now. But she wasn't giving up. Kevin placed a gentle hand on Delilah's shoulder, trying to console her. "I understand your pain, Delilah," he said, his voice steady and reassuring. "We are doing everything we can to find Nat
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4. The rogue's word
In a dimly lit room, the air hung heavy with tension. A lone figure stood in the centre, his eyes burning with fury. Stephen was tall and muscular, radiating an aura of strength and authority of the most powerful alpha which he was. His jaw clenched tightly, revealing his intense anger as he glared at the rogue who kidnapped Delilah's son standing before him.They were in his pack's dungeon. The flickering light from a single bulb cast eerie shadows on the cold, concrete walls, emphasising the gravity of the situation. The rogue already had a bad beating from his beta who went to get some information for him right now. "Why did you kidnap that child?" He seethed, his voice echoing off the walls as he landed the first punch, making the rogue cough out blood.As Stephen's voice boomed through the room, every word was laden with venomous rage. His voice quivered with the intensity of his emotions, but his tone remained firm and menacing.The man didn't cower a bit under Stephen's pierci
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5. Almost fight
Delilah slowly wakes up in the hospital room, the sterile smell of antiseptic filling her senses. Her body was in pain while her head was throbbing as confusion clouded her mind but she soon snapped out of it, she had to save her son!"… don't… don't... touch him… no… no...No!" Delilah sat up with a loud shriek but immediately bent over after feeling a killing pain on the stomach. She let out a small cry of pain as she clutched her stomach. "Oh, you are awake!" She jumped in a defensive mode and saw a nurse standing in front of her. But that doesn't mean she relaxed. She kept her guards up and looked at her with a deep frown. "Who are you?! Where am I? What happened to me?" She asked in an intimidating tone. That was one of her tricks of defence. Never come up as a softie in front of a new person."Please calm down and stop moving so much. You are going to open the wound." The nurse said in a soft tone, trying to calm her down. "Wounds?!" Delilah exclaimed in shock.Her ey
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6. Revelation
"I, Alpha of Crystal Moon Mystery pack, am going to take my destined MATE, Delilah, back to my pack." The whole room fell silent as soon as those words left his mouth. Shock filled gasps were heard around the room as everyone's curiosity of how Delilah knew alpha Stephen was finally answered. The tension in the room was palpable as Stephen and Delilah faced each other and everyone waited for Delilah's reply. Stephen and Delilah's emotions simmering just beneath the surface."I can't believe you have the audacity to suggest this," Delilah's voice was laced with anger, her eyes blazing as she glared at Stephen, shocking him more than the outlookers. He didn't expect her to go against him as he was not used to it. In the past Delilah never said a word against his decision and always agreed to what he said so it came as a huge shock as he looked at her in confusion.He sighed, his expression a mixture of frustration and concern. "Delilah, I'm only trying to keep you safe. The situation
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7. Going away from her
"Yo... you are my papa...?" The little boy asked in a hopeful yet confused tone as he looked at his mother for confirmation. Delilah's eyes filled with fear of the upcoming moment, waiting for Stephen's reaction.Stephen's face tightened, a mixture of surprise and uncertainty crossing his features. He exchanged a brief glance with Delilah, her tears glistening and the fear of guilt clear on her face and it angered him more. She hid it deliberately. A heavy silence hung in the air, broken only by the soft hum of the ceiling fan.After what felt like an eternity, Stephen's expression softened as he looked away from Delilah and he knelt down to the boy's level. "Yes, buddy," he said, his voice gentle yet strained. "I'm your papa."The little boy's face lit up with a radiant smile, a mix of joy and relief flooding his innocent features. Delilah's heart ached as she watched the interaction unfold, knowing that her carefully kept secret had finally come to light. Everything that happened
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8. Promising him
A FEW HOURS LATER "Nathan, just one morsel, honey and I promise I won't ask you to have one more. please." Jennifer, Damon's mate and Delilah's best friend, requested the little boy who hasn't stopped crying yet. Jennifer was trying to feed Nathan the food but he wasn't willing to have anything. He walked to the poolside in Stephen's lavish bedroom and sat on the chair there. Jennifer was trying to feed him for an hour. The whole day Nathan didn't eat anything. Everything happened just after a few hours of the kidnapping incident. He was already very stressed and weak and this isn't good for his health. He already has a temperature. The pack doctor suggested a few medicines for him and he needed to eat something to take the medicine.Stephen was out for a run to get his mind off everything after what happened today. He had been gone for hours to divert his attention from everything. He knew Jennifer and Damon were with Nathan. He knew Jennifer would take good care of him in his abs
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9. Returning back
BACK TO KEVIN'S PACK"What are you doing here, Alpha Stephen?" Kevin's cold and unwelcoming tone didn't bother Stephen as he looked into Kevin's eyes and asked in a cold tone. "Where is Delilah? I want to talk to her." He said, ignoring Kevin completely and it hurt Kevin's alpha ego but just when he was going to snap, Delilah entered the living room of the pack house and snapped at Stephen. "What are you doing here? What else is left for you to snatch from me?!" She shouted in anger and Stephen's eyes fell on her. His eyes clenched seeing her broken state. Her skin was pale and her hair was messy. She looks thinner than the last time. Seems like she stopped eating as well."I need to talk to you. In private." He said in a dark tone while glaring at Kevin who was glaring back at him. "Follow me." Delilah said in a blank tone and after giving an assuring look to Kevin, she walked toward her room, downstairs. He followed without a second word. They got inside her room which she shared
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10. Ashley's mate
Delilah gulped her tears as she heard what Kevin was saying. Both were truly emotional. Kevin hugged her from sideways and Stephen was breathing hard hearing all this and watching them. She was quite close to this guy and it was very clear enough by their acts and words. That bothered him more than anything in the world at that moment. "We are getting late, Delilah." Stephen deliberately said in a cold and loud tone to grab their attention and to break their moment. Delilah and Kevin looked at him and then Delilah took her steps again with her suitcase toward the same man who was responsible for her to go away from him. Without even looking behind, Delilah walked with Stephen and Damon toward the car to leave for the Crystal Moon Mystery pack. She knew if she looked behind, she wouldn't be able to stop herself from changing her decision. But no…she could not afford this now. She was going to Crystal Moon Mystery pack for the safety of her son. She trusts Kevin enough to find out th
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