Casanova's Commitment

Casanova's Commitment

By:  Evil Queen  Completed
Language: English
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Francis is head over heels with his friend that works in the bar that he invested in. He never thought that he's into her until they did it. He offered her to be the adviser and to taste the wines that he made until they get drunk and one-night changes everything. Natalie is doomed. She's pregnant and Francis is the father. But she never regrets the mind-blowing sex she ever experiences in life with Francis. He's too perfect for her and she's just like a common girl. Suddenly, her life changes when he comes to her.

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Nia Sao
I enjoyed this one took me the day to read instead of waiting for updated chapters
2022-01-02 16:03:04
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Stallion Tv
I love the book so much Author, you are a fantastic writer. So good to have you here. I look forward to reading your stories
2021-07-11 19:57:13
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Stephanie Mercer
Absolutely love the book. Can't wait for more books in the future.
2021-07-04 12:56:37
user avatar
Having a hard time reading this bc the grammar, esp tenses are so bad. Because of the really bad grammar, these supposedly upper class, wealthy characters sound ignorant & not believable. Correcting the grammar as I'm reading the story is getting tiresome.
2021-07-31 02:08:05
30 Chapters
Beautiful Friend
Francis          The usual bar smell enters my nostrils. Different toxic perfumes smell of different alcohols from people's bodies and a wave of bodies dancing in the club-like music. I've been here multiple times. When I am off from work, no business trips somewhere, no overtime, and no weekend schedule, I always visit the woman who always caught my eyes.            Although I know that she isn’t into someone like me, my admiration toward her would never fade.           I slipped on the barstool, sat down, relaxed and drummed my fingers on the long counter table. She seemed busy preparing for the big show tonight. Her black hair is rolled into her usual tight bun. I wonder how it smelled and feels on my nose. But the woman is probably married. I peek on her fingers. Should I get
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FrancisShe did make her favorite cocktail. And sipped on it, since I'll pay for it. I nodded at Robb and he swiped my card again. She pushed the handkerchief to me, and I put it back in my pocket. "So, what's your play for today, Mr. Casanova?" She asked, probably starting a conversation. "I would like to take out this friend of mine who looked broken-hearted and I wanted to know what exactly happened so I could comfort her and help her punch this man that broke her heart." She laughed at what I said. She pushed herself up from the counter, climbed, and turned and I helped her get to the barstool.We are like best friends when it comes here to the bar. We talked a lot and told me a few women that looked my way. I don't care, other women, when I'm with her. We share a lot of secrets as well and let each other comfort us. But I never know her boyfriend. She just says a 'he'."Well," she sighed. "It was the day of our wedding and before our
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Wine and Heat
Francis I drove carefully since I got someone to accompany me. It's the shortest ride I had ever been in my life and I enjoy every millisecond of it. I can't believe that she's now hugging me from behind, holding on to me tight and I can feel her breathing to me and her chin is over my shoulder.It just felt so damn right. It was outside Global City and I'm glad that there's not much traffic. We got to my house and the gate was open by the night shift security guard. I park it just right in front of the main door. I offered my hand to her as she climbed down. I removed my helmet and kicked the stand of the motorbike. I took the helmet from her and just put it there."Wow, you got a very nice house." She mumbled."Yeah," I grinned. I just hoped that she liked the house. I could give it to her… when we get married. Wait! Why am I even thinking about marriage? It’s so dumb of me to feel so irrationa
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Planting Two Times
Natalie          My head was damn hurting. It's been a while since I got a hangover. What happened last night? I felt a smooth skin and warm-hard body that I am lying on. I opened my eyes and winced from the pins and needles on my head. I close it again and just listen to this someone's heartbeat.          My legs felt tangled to this man I am with and it felt so strong. I unconsciously hugged him since he felt so huggable. I process everything that happened last night. In the bar, I am with Francis, and we leave together, eat together in his kitchen and we taste wines and oh, fuck!          That just made me get up automatically. Found myself naked with a few red marks on my breasts. I pull the satin sheet and look down at him. Damn, he's so fucking beautiful. Like a very perfect sculpted Greek-God. He even got very tight big balls that are very proport
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NatalieHis tongue wondered inside my mouth and even Bernie can't even do that to me. Just a kiss and makes my ovary drops and my pussy wet and my nipples hard as pebbles. His smell, so good, and the smell of sweet wines that we tasted.I couldn't even think straight that I had sex with this man who growled like an animal as I scream his name, who moves so beautifully and made me wonder about every trust he made and he didn't come until I haven't gotten my fifth orgasm? His long rough fingers, inside my pussy and his tongue on my clit and that fucking fingers are wonderful giving me orgasms as it thrust, it might be little orgasms that I had felt. But in the end, it was so wonderful and mind-blowing. His hot mouth on my nipples moaned as he fingers me down there and expertly rubbed the spot that I never felt I had before. Not even Bernie Caldron can locate it. This man is a God when it comes to sex and pleasuring women and when it comes to charming w
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Group of Casanovas
FrancisI didn't know what the fuck is wrong, but I let her be. I shouldn't. Last night was the greatest moment I ever had in my life. Including the noise that she is making, it kept on ringing in my head as Colt drove and it made me hard down there."Something wrong?" Colt asked."Nothing." Of course, he wouldn't want that answer. He wanted details as he moved his hand over my shoulder."What happened to you and Natalie?""We fuck. Both drunk. Both attracted to each other." I answered straightforwardly. "Holy shit! You finally bang her!""Yes, I did. I regret one-fourth of it." "Why?" he glanced at me and went back to driving."Because she's mad at me. I forget to use a condom." I answered. I scowled at him when he stopped the car and almost made us both squashed in front if it wasn't for the seatbelt. "Fuck, man! You almost killed us both." Good thing that this is a freeway and the car behind us is Travis’s car.
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Reaching Out
FrancisWhen I get back to my house and take a long bath. I tried to call her, but she wasn't answering. I keep calling and calling and texting her. Maybe she did forget what happened last night. Maybe I didn't make her satisfied last night. But she came a lot. More than three powerful orgasms. I finally jerk off in my bathroom as I watch her touch her clit while I'm pouncing on her.I eat a lot and recall what happened to us here in the kitchen. I call her again and her phone is off. Maybe she's at work. I should visit her. But I'm too tired. Still, I wanted to see her. I drove to the bar and found Robb there. Robb said that she got her day off. I drank only a shot and left.I went to her apartment and it was all close. The lights are off. I called her again, but she wasn't answering. I go back to my house and lay on my bed. It still smells like sex. It still smells like her. I hug the pillow that we use for pounding her and smell like her hair. Damn
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Pregnant with his Child
NatalieI started packing my stuff since my landlady told me so. I pay for this month and I don't have any money with me since it will be the end month today. I gave my money to my sister who needed it. They made me guilty for everything and I don't have anything left on me. Except for the money that I hid under my bed that has plasters.It's been three months and I never saw him. Francis Baron was such a dickhead. I'm carrying his child and double fuck it. He left the Philippines and I don't know when he will come back. It wasn't like I must run after him just to get money. I won't do that.I never flare again when my stomach gets bigger. I couldn't dance and I easily got tired. Robb only told me to sit on the bar and mix drinks. I told him what happened to me and Francis and he told me that Francis must be overseas for a few business matters. I just need to suck it all.I hate it when I smell different things and I almost puke in front of the c
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Responsible Playboy
NatalieI ignored him and started eating. He checked my empty fridge. I opened the soda can that is still cold and drank it. I keep eating while he is packing. What is he doing? I didn't say anything about moving in with him."I don't want to move in with you," I told him."I won't take no, Talie. You know me." Of course, I know him. I am fully attracted to him and I badly needed sex. When I left and he didn't even show up, I craved his big dick. I am craving for him, even now."Baron," I call his surname that he got from his mother since his father left them. I know that part of his story and he doesn't know what's mine. "I can do that.""No, just eat." After finishing a few boxes, he lay down on the bed. I am also done with eating. He patted the little space. "Let me see your belly." I climbed up to the bed and lay beside him. Maybe he wasn't bad at all. As I know Francis, he always takes responsibility for what he h
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Mood Swings
FrancisIt wasn't that hard to argue with her. She's cool and sometimes, damn, she's sexy. She wore one of her dresses since she complained about her jeans that started getting tight on her. While looking at her bump, the feeling was superb. I can't wait to be a real father. I just realized her attitude is far more than I expected. She’s very sweet, and moody which is normal. She doesn't want me to spend a lot of money and she only listed down things that she needed. I am ready to pamper the mother of my baby. We came to the mall and she put her cap on as I did. I hold her hand as we roam around. I kept dragging her to lady's wear and she told me not to buy anything. Since I'm stubborn and she gets easily peeve, I buy things that I think will look good at her. I bought her more dresses since her stomach is getting bigger. Then, we went to the Nike store and bought her a pair of workout shoes.I wanted to buy her everything that's wh
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