Chasing Storm

Chasing Storm

By:  Keren Michael  Completed
Language: English
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Stormy Banks is an ordinary eighteen year old in college. all her life, she seemed perfectly normal until she meets Scott Bentley. Scott is a narcissistic boy with rude behaviours. He never lived a normal childhood and he wasn't planning on living the rest of his life normal, until he meets Stormy and she changes his upside down world into a beautiful chaos. But troubles and their past seemed to hunt their relationship as they move on, testing them at every turn.

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102 Chapters
~ Chapter 1 ~
The honking of the Taxi jerked me up at once. If I had know the ride from the airport to my new apartment would be this long, I would've bought tacos. I jumped out of the taxi, paid the fare and then greeted an elderly woman also entering the apartment building.  I made my way quickly for the front desk. A red head smiled unknowingly at me. She was the one behind desk. "How may I help you?" She asked. Somewhat grumpy. I traced the stain of ketchup on her shirt all the way, to her under table where a big burger sat. I was obviously disturbing her lunch. The tag on her shirt read. Judy. "Hi, Judy. I'm here to collect the keys to my apartment." Her brows rose up instantly. "And your name is?" 
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~ Chapter 2 ~
Rose taught me a lot on how to make caffeine. I also helped serve some customers since one of her staff was down. How cool is it that she owns the place. I returned back to the bar counter after serving an Americano to a very annoying teenage girl. My age though."How say, you work here Stormy" Rose patted my back. "Your really good at this kind of stuff""I'd love to but I have to focus on studies""I see. Where do you school?" Rose seemed really interested in me."Well, I got a scholarship into Cornell University" I grinned."Whoah. That's a big shot." Rose poured herself a galangal tea. I've noticed she takes that almost every second."Yeah I guess. Well I'm starting next week. I'm yet to sign in""You should do that quickly. Rich schools don't look at nobody. Where are you from anyway?""Canada" I took off my apron and hung it back on
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~ Chapter 3 ~
Scott POVValeria strolled into my room. Like always, she had on her usual smirk. She looked like an award winner dressed in a perfect golden dress and slipper."We're you off too?" I asked her. She sat on my bed and watched me as I stuffed some things into my bag."I'm having dinner with dad" she groaned."Happy for you""Really? I need you to save me from spending my day with boring old people talking business. " she scoffed. "You should be the one with him""Good luck Val" I said and got up. I zipped my bag and headed for the door but Val caught my hand."Please Scott take me with you""Your my elder sister Val. Stop sounding whiny" I grumbled, shoving her hand away. I took quick steps down the stairs and to the living room where mom was reading a fashion magazine."Is your sister all set?"
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~ Chapter 4 ~
Scott POVThe cool feeling on my face and the liquid drooping down my chest made my realise she actually spilled coffee on my face. She pulled out a white clothe I well recognise to be mine and handed it to me."Here. Clean yourself up" she said and walked off. I stared at the piece of clothing seating on the table and then at my soaked jacket. For once since I met her,which has only been twice now, I felt anger boil deep inside me. Not anger of the coffee on me but the anger that she had the nerve to do that. I stood up, walked back to the bar counter and grabbed her hand."Let go of me this instance!" She squealed. I nodded apologetically to the blonde and then pulled Stormy out with me. She kept trying to get away from my grip but in vain. We finally left the cafe before I let her go. She started for the cafe again but I grabbed her by her waist. She kicked and hit my chest."Would you
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~ Chapter 5 ~
If I didn't know better, I'd say, I have a headache. Last night when I got to the cafe, it was so much fun between I and Rose. Her surprises, she got me a recipe book and some flavours for icing doughnuts and cupcakes. It makes me want to jump right to the kitchen, but I have class. I shrugged out of bed careful not to trigger the ache anymore than its already triggered. I showered and got dressed in a simple shirt and black jean pants. The trip to my kitchen seemed like a long journey but I made it without a moment to waste. The timer on my coffee table went off. That's usually the time I go for a morning walk on weekends or days I was in high school. I turned it off and turned on the cooker. I made haste in making scrambled eggs and eating it with the bread I got last night. The bread was truly amazing and I ticked that off among the many things I want to learn.
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~ Chapter 6 ~
I blinked in disbelief as Scott apologised. He looked unsure and like he'd never said sorry in his entire lifetime. I sat upright and giggled. He cocked his brows looking at me confused. "What's so funny?"he asked. "Your way of apologising is awful" I grinned and he frowned the more. Maybe I could just have a little fun with this. "Where I come from, you apologise with a little peace offering" I said trying to look serious. He snorted and then nodded. "Fine! We'll have dinner" he said and it was my turn to frown. Who does he think he is. "I didn't hear a question" I said. "I thought you wanted a peace offering. Did I still have to ask?
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~ Chapter 7 ~
Scott was always asking a lot about myself but if I asked about him, he just seemed to avoid the questions. I finished up my glass of water. We were having dessert now. I must say, the food is good. I'd come here often but I can't afford it."So you just spend your free time studying recipes" Scott said. He was twirling his cup in his hand as if thinking."Yeah. I love to cook""Well how about tomorrow, you make something for me" he said. I stared at him long and hard."What?""I'm sure you'll love my kitchen" he grinned. He does speak of having all the ingredients I might need. But what's in this for him. I narrowed my eyes at him."Why would I cook for you?""Because you love cooking" he shrugged. He does have a point."I know but what's in it for you?""I get to eat your food" he smiled. "You must be a great cook"
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~ Chapter 8 ~
Religious class was the last class I had for the day. No yoga today. I dropped at the cafe looking around for David. I didn't spot him at class. We always seat together. I saw him seating at our usual corner and walked up to him."I didn't see you in class" I took the seat next to him."Yeah....I got stuck up at home" he said lowly. There was an off tone to his voice but I didn't want to push it. David always told me when something was wrong."Oh...alright. are you ok?"He nodded and then stared at me. "Have you seen Scott today?" He surprise me by asking. I blinked. "Sorry....I just thought you guys were close""We're..... friends" I told him. David nodded."I haven't seen him today" I answered truthfully. We were supposed to hang out this evening but he hasn't even showed up. I haven't seen him since that night he saw me and David together. And that's two days ago.
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~ Chapter 9 ~
Scott's idea of him not being a romantic person is hideous because I think he is. We're seating in his car trunk. It was too late to stop by anywhere for lunch so Rose helped package some stuffs from her show glass. Including Knishes. And Scott loved that very much. Even though he didn't say it."Where did you get candles from?" I asked as Scott lit the last candle with a lighter."I guess I always had it" he shrugged."Why? To light your car up in the night?" I chuckled making Scott roll his eyes."Very funny""Oh lighten up." I said and laughed at my own joke.He placed the last lighted candle on the little wood we got from Rose. He laid blankets in his trunk and we sat in while eating sugar coated junks and watching the moonlight."This is very nice" I said. "Romantic" I teased and Scott snorted."Lame" he said and i hit his sh
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~ Chapter 10 ~
Scott pulled me out of the water until we were back in his trunk again. I thought I blanked out. I literally swallowed a lot of water through my nose. Scott removed the blanket from the floor of the trunk."Take your shirt off" he said. I know this is not the time to argue so I pulled the wet material up and over my head. Scott's eyes blazed on my skin before he wrapped me up in the blanket. I touched my cheeks sure they were flushing red. I was putting on a cotton bra. Not so attractive. But Scott didn't call me out on it. I was expecting him to say something sarcastic or rude but he was too busy in trying to keep me warm.If I did know better, I'd say his eyes flickered over my body appreciatively."Why'd you jump into the water like that" Scott scolded."You tickled me. Your not that innocent yourself"He frowned "Don't start with me"I rolled my eyes at him. S
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