Check Mate

Check Mate

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"The game of chess is not just any old board game but it is also the game of life. You can be represented as the king, all the others are the people around you. Check mate means game over in the game but check mate in real life means your life has come to an end..." BORING! Chess is the worst board game on earth, if you're gonna play chess, I'll consider you as one of those who exist and don't live. Chess is the game plan. I play in the tournament my father forces me to participate in using the plan I'll be using during my next heist. If I win, I use it, if I lose, I change it. Chess is a boring old board game which is the key to my fortune. I am the Black Falcon, this is my life on the board and against the law...

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56 Chapters
"The game of chess is not just any old board game but it is also the game of life. You can be represented as the king, all the others are the people around you. Check mate means game over in the game but check mate in real life means your life has come to an end..."BORING! Chess is the worst board game on earth, if you gonna play chess I'll consider you as one of those who exist and don't live.My name is Jason Dutton, I am a 25 year old chess player and a criminal master mind. How? Well, let me let me tell a lil something about myself. Chess is the game plan. I play in tournament my father forces me to play in, using the plan I will be using during my next heist. If I win I use it, if I lose I change it.I am known as the Black Falcon to my arch-enemy, Robert Markham, chief of police. He vows to get me behind bars someday and find out who I really am. But I assure you, the only thing he will be putting behind ba
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Chapter 1
》》Jason Dutton《《 "Check mate." My opponent's eyes widened. She looked desperately across the board for a move to change my words. But when she found none she sighed and knocked over her king. I smiled in satisfaction at another effortless victory meaning another successful plan for tomorrow night. I gave her a handshake and rose from my seat as the man on stage announced, "Our district winner, Jason Dutton!" I walked to the man who stood at the entrance and gave him a handshake. "Congrats, do send my greetings to your father." "Will do," I promised with a smile. I walked away saying under my breath, "Will do when I see that man in hell." The game of chess is not just any old board game but it is also the game of life. You can be represented as the king, all the others are the people around you. Check mate means
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Chapter 2
》》Jason Dutton《《 "Cheers!" Our heist was a great success and since it's our anniversary tomorrow I allowed them to celebrate. I smiled I watched my crew... no, actually... my friends celebrate and enjoy themselves. They had music playing, dancing, drinking and all the other crazy stuff that would take place in a party. They deserved it. I went upstairs to the study as usual. I sat at my seat and put my feet up. I wasn't a party horse. I found no use in it. Yes, it was a way to relax with friends and have fun but what's the point if everything will go back to normal tomorrow? Why only have fun at a party and not just whenever you get the chance? Call me boring but it's who I am. I can't change it. Well, I once was a party horse but that was until the day pure hatred flowed throughout my veins for the first time. The first ti
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Chapter 3
》》Jason Dutton《《 It's been two weeks after my father was hospitalised and Roxy and I haven't been the best of siblings. We hardly see each other even though we live in the same apartment, she leaves early in the morning and returns late at night. Sometimes she doesn't return at all. When we see each other we argue, she didn't take part in her favourite heist, ATM bombing, and she doesn't talk to me or annoy me like before. I was in the kitchen making breakfast when Roxy walked in. "Good morning," I greeted. She ignored me and put her keys on the shelf. She took off her coat and sighed. "Where were you?" She ignored me again and was about to head for her room when I stood in her way. "I was out Jason," she said before trying to go past me. I stood in front of her again, "That ain'
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Chapter 4
》》Jason Dutton《《 I put the weight down and grabbed my towel. "You go to the gym to create this beautiful body but you don't even bother showing it off. What's wrong with you?" Roxy complemented. "I'm heading for a quick shower," I told her, ignoring her comment. After the shower Roxy and I headed home arguing on the way. "No! That's not how it works dumbass!" she exclaimed. "Ok, smartass you tell me how it works!" "Look, if want to make the perfect lasagne you should never overcook the lasagne sheets, you're not even supposed to cook it just soak it until it's soft. Simple." "And what if I do?" "Well, you just gonna have a mush!" I rolled my eyes as we made our way into the apartment building. I opened the door for her then followed inside. "So what time we leav
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Chapter 5
》》Jason Dutton《《 I arrived at the mansion and walked inside. I went to the dining room where everyone was gathered. I dropped the jetpack on the floor asking, "How we doing?"  "Awesome! Check it!" Calvin exclaimed. He opened the two briefcases on the table to reveal stacks of cash inside.  I took out a stash and looked through the notes. "Nice work," I smiled. "So, how much you want?"  "Well, I just want enough to keep me surviving for the month not too much or..." I interrupted him handing him a large stash of money. "Don't mention it kid." He looked at me in astonishment.  "Remember, if you stick with me, I'll make you rich. I don't leave my brothers and sisters in the rubble, if I go up, you coming up with me." "Thanks boss," Calvin smiled.  "Enjoy yourself, life's short," I smiled. I closed the suitcase and took it up to the study.  I put the s
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Chapter 6
》》Jason Dutton《《 I opened the door for Roxy then followed her inside. Daniel had been discharged from hospital and Roxy dragged me along to visit him. She said before jumping to conclusions about him we had to hear both sides of the story. "Hi dad," Roxy greeted. Daniel turned around with a glass of whiskey in his hand. "Oh, hello princess," he greeted hugging his daughter. "I'm so glad you're alright," she sighed. Finally he noticed me. His facial expression changed as he whispered loudly enough for me to hear him. "What is he doing here?" "Dad, you two are never gonna be broken apart becuase the blood you two share will always hold you two together." He sighed. We sat down. "What brings the both of you here?" "Dad, we're here to make things right," Roxy stated.
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Chapter 7
》》Jason Dutton《《I moved my rook three blocks to the right, finalising my victory."Check mate."My opponent knocked over his king in disappointment and gave me a handshake. The disapproval was written all over his face as he got up and left but he knew there was no point in disapproving, my victory was final. There was no way he could change it. It wasn't his fault I was so good at winning. This is fun."We have our finalists! Jason Dutton and Adrian Markham! The final shall commence straight after the 20 minute break."I walked out the hall, rushing to the tuckshop. If there was one thing I loved more than my family, it was doughnuts. Glazed, sprinkled with cinnamon or those tiny multi-coloured ones we loved at children, frosted or cream filled, I loved them all.I bought two and sat by myself to eat and enjoy myself without having
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Chapter 8
》》Jason Dutton《《I walked back inside after relaxing in the balcony and just watching children run up and down the streets throwing snowballs at each other. I often found relaxation from watching children enjoy their childhood. Seeing as how mine was cut short, it's my little way of being a child again. Back when life was fun.I watched as a girl turned around to have a snowball thrown in her face. The culprit let out an evil laugh along with fellow neighbourhood friends. She ran after the culprit, hitting him on the back. This reminded me of the days I spent bullying my sister with all my pranks while Jack died laughingby my side. She was such a snitch though, she could never handle a joke. We were forever fighting though, our mother got so irritated with us.Good days...I had a date with Adrian tonight, I decided to go insode to start getting ready. I went inside
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Chapter 9
》》Jason Dutton《《 I woke up finding myself in the study with my feet up. I got on my feet with my lower back aching. I stretched with a groan. I went to my room to check on Adrian. I knocked on the door. I heard no answer so I knocked again. No answer once again. I walked inside to see her still fast asleep diagonally across my bed. I smiled and walked up to her. I picked up the clock and set an alarm for a minute from then. I put it down and waited. A moment later the alarm went off. She jolted up at the sound of the trumpet sound bursting throughout the room. I cracked into laughter seeing her reaction. She stopped it and jumped out of bed hitting my back. "What the hell?!" "I'm sorry, but that was hilarious," I laughed. She glanced at the time and gasped, "Oh shit. I have to go
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